General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) -A new Dimension to Wireless

Presented by, Zeeshan abdul malik- ECE-III-B Sneha. C. motwani- ECE-III-B

CONTENTS OF PRESENTATION  Switching technique used in GPRS  Working of GPRS  Implementing GPRS  GPRS handset classes  GPRS mobile devices  Features of GPRS  Applications & limitations of GPRS .

GSM) .INTRODUCTION  Built upon GSM technology on packet switching  Based  Supports the existing mobile technologies (CDMA.

 Advantages of packet switching over circuit switching . Jigsaw puzzle.It eliminates the need to establish a switching- connection before transmission can begin. The information to be sent is broken down into packets (of fixed size) and sent on to the network one after the other.  Packet switching. Eg.Circuit switching and packet switching  circuit switching.Data transmission begins only after switchingthe sender has verified that a dedicated connection to the receiver exists.

.WORKING OF GPRS  Why GPRS???  Modulation scheme. Each slot of duration 4.MSK-shifting of scheme.615ns.MSKcarrier 180 in phase  Spectrum divided into 200Khz carrier frequencies using FDMA  Each carrier is divided into 8 time slots.


IMPLEMENTING GPRS  Introduces a new class of nodes.GSN (gprs nodessupport nodes) GSN is divided into SGSN and GGSN (serving GPRS support node and gateway GPRS support node) Connectivity between SGSN and GGSN.   .

Responsible for delivering packets to & from mobile devices. GGSN Interface between GPRS network and packet switching network.     .GPRS support nodes(GSN) SGSN Takes care of tasks like routing. handover and IP address assignment. Responsible for necessary conversion of transport of data.


send and receive data or voice Bbut not at the same  Class C.take the call and receive data at the same time.  Class B.allows only one means of Cconnectivity.GPRS handset classes  Class AA. .

GPRS mobile devices  Key issues involved in GPRS. to connect??? data cards.  How  GPRS .

FEATURES USER FEATURES    NETWORK FEATURES   Always on Speed Higher bandwidth Packet switching SPECTRUM .

GPRS IN INDIA BPL Mobile Bharti Cellular VODAFONE Essar Idea Cellular .

APPLICATIONS OF GPRS     Chat Textual and visual information Still images Internet and e-mail e-     Vehicle positioning Moving images Web browsing Home automation .

much lower in reality.LIMITATIONS OF GPRS  Limited  Speed  Transit  No cell capacity for all users. store and forward. . delays.

. step towards 3G. than PC connected to landline.CONCLUSION  Better  Next data transfer rate.  Faster  GPRS has the potential to move beyond cell phones and move into the PC world. And so on .REFERENCES www.


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