‡ Established in 1955 ‡ Mission of promoting. supported by a team of over 500 professionals spread across the country ‡ The schemes comprise of facilitating± marketing support ± credit support ± technology support and other support services . aiding and fostering the growth of small scale industries and industry related small scale services/business enterprises in the country ‡ More than 120 offices.

Entrepreneurship Development ‡ Lets the Investors decide on their project themselves and then provides the hardware and software support ‡ NSIC believes that formal training not as effective as informal training.achievement motivation ‡ NSIC does not see profit making as the primary target .

‡ Motivates first generation industrialists to take up assignments as entrepreneurs responsible for introduction of innovation and new ideas in their units ‡ Promotes first generation entrepreneurs (85%) ‡ Motivates women entrepreneurs. assistance to rural artisans and backward classes to promote entrepreneurship .

MARKETING Consortia and Tender Marketing: ‡ Small Enterprises face problems to procure & execute large orders. . ‡ Testing facilities are also provided to enable units to improve and maintain the quality of their products conforming to the standard specifications. thereby easing out marketing problems of SSIs. ‡ NSIC forms a consortia of units manufacturing the same products. which inhibit and restrict their growth.

exemption from payment of Earnest Money Deposit etc.Single point Registration for Government Purchase: ‡ registered SSI units get purchase preference in Government purchase programme. Exhibitions and Technology Fairs: ‡ International and National Exhibitions and Trade Fairs every year ‡ facilitates the participation of the small enterprises by providing concessions in rental .

quality standards. . ‡ These programmes are aimed at vendor development from SSI units for the bulk manufacturers.Buyer-Seller meets: ‡ Bulk and departmental buyers such as the Railways. etc required by the buyer. Defence. Communication departments and large companies are invited to participate in buyer-seller meets to enrich SSI unit's knowledge regarding terms and conditions.

The major areas of operation are: ± Export of products such as handicrafts. builders hardware etc. . pipes/fittings. leather items. hand tools.Export of Products and Projects: ‡ NSIC is a recognized Export House and exporting products and projects of small industries of India to other countries. ± Supply of Small Industry projects on turnkey basis.

‡ NSIC facilitates import of scares raw materials. ‡ NSIC takes care of all the procedures.CREDIT SUPPORT Financing for procurement of Raw Material (Short term) ‡ Financial Assistance for procurement of Raw Materials upto 90 days. ‡ Bulk purchase of basic raw materials at competitive rates. documentation & issue of letter of credit in case of imports .

Finance through syndication with Banks ‡ NSIC is entering into strategic alliances with commercial banks to facilitate long term / working capital financing of the small enterprises ‡ The arrangement envisages forwarding of loan applications of the interested small enterprises by NSIC to the banks and sharing the processing fee.Financing for Marketing Activities (Short term) ‡ NSIC facilitates financing for marketing actives such as Internal Marketing. Exports and Bill Discounting. .

‡ Small enterprise has the liberty to choose among any of the rating agencies empanelled with NSIC. FITCH. ONICRA. . CRISIL.Performance and Credit Rating Scheme for small industries ‡ NSIC operates the Credit Rating Scheme through empanelled agencies like ICRA. CARE and SMERA. Duns & Bradstreet(D&B).

TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT ‡ Advising on application of new techniques ‡ Material testing facilities through accredited laboratories ‡ Product design including CAD ‡ Common facility support in machining. etc. ‡ Energy and environment services at selected centres ‡ Classroom and practical training for skill upgadation . EDM. CNC.

and also exhibit the core competence of Indian SMEs. ‡ support in terms of the requisite infrastructure to the SSI units to start business operations with a minimum lead time. .Infomediary Services ‡ one-stop. technology and finance. one-window bouquet of aids that will provide information on business. Software Technology Parks ‡ facilitate small industries in setting up 100% export-oriented units for software exports.

Technology Business Incubators ‡ working projects depicting appropriate technology for small enterprises are displayed in working conditions. Small Enterprise Establishment Programme (SEEP) ‡ creating self-employment opportunities for the unemployed persons ‡ providing integrated services in the areas of training for entrepreneurial skill development. preparation of project profiles/reports. identification and sourcing of plant. machinery and equipments . selection of small projects.

International Consultancy Services ‡ Capacity Building ‡ Policy & Institutional Framework ‡ Entrepreneurship Development ‡ Business Development Services Insurance of Export Credit for Micro and Small Enterprises ‡ insure small enterprise export credits by entering into strategic alliance with Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Limited (ECGC) .