(Selected) History of Apple Inc


Best Known Products 

Hardware line: 

Macintosh line of personal computers iPod portable media players iPhone Mac OS X operating system iTunes media browser iLife iMovie, iTunes, iPhoto Final Cut Studio video editing

Software products: 

Had 8 KB of RAM. Decided to work with fellow hobbyist Steve Jobs to build their own computer On 4/1/1976 released the Apple I (for $666) and started Apple Computers.The start     1975 Steve Wozniak was working for Hewlett Packard (calculator manufacturers) by day and was a computer hobbyist by night. 3 . He realized that the prices of some computer parts had gotten so low he could buy them himself.

Apple I did not have a case the user was required to build a box for its components.1976 4 . (picture from Smithsonian) Apr 1.

.As we progress thru.. 5 .note trends in memory and price...

Quick Math Deviation    1 kilobyte = 1000 bytes 1 megabyte = 1 million bytes 1 gigabyte = 1 billion bytes Windows XP requires min 64 MB mem REALBasic requires min 512 MB mem Photoshop requires min 512 MB mem Vista requires min 512 MB mem 6     .

Apple II was released for $1298 Had color graphics a first for a personal computer Originally used an audio cassette drive for storage but later it was replaced by a floppy disk drive Had 64 KB of memory Supported the BASIC program 7 .Apple II      In 1977.

000) and limited software it could run 8  Apple Lisa    . Aimed at large businesses Commercial failure due to high price tag (almost $10.Other early endeavors  Apple III     Released May 1980 Had 128K of RAM Designed for businesses expensive!! > $4300!!! Had lots of problems didn t do well.. Released in 1983 Became the first personal computer sold to the public with a GUI.

The Lisa 9 .

The intro of the Macintosh  Apple introduced the Macintosh in 1984   Sales not initially as strong as desired Changed with the intro of  LaserWriter first reasonably priced laser printer  PageMaker early desktop publishing package (These capitalized on its advanced graphics capabilities)   128 KB memory Sold for $2495 10 Historical note: When the Mac was released. the company bought all 39 pages of advertisement space in the Nov/Dec version of Newsweek magazine! .

Early endeavors (con t)  Sustained growth of Apple during these early years was partly due to the education sector - Many schools introduced the concept of programming by using the LOGO programming language on the Apple II 11 .

000 Floppy Apple Lisa (for business) Macintosh $2495 Floppy 128 KB Recall: Win XP requires min 64 MB mem REALBasic requires min 512 MB mem 12 .Computer Comparison Product Apple I Apple II Apple III Cost $666 $1298 $4300 (for business) Storage --Floppy Floppy RAM 8 KB 64 KB 128 KB 1 MB (1000 KB) Year 1976 1977 1980 1983 1984 $10.Early Years -.

Early endeavors (con t)  Macintosh Plus    Released in 1986 4 MB of memory $2600 13 .

slow Weight: 15.Macintosh Portable        Apple s first attempt at a portable computer Released in 1989 8 MB RAM 40 MB Hard drive ** Clunky.8 lbs !!!!! $6500 14 .

.More portable efforts.  PowerBook 100     Released in 1991 40 MB hard drive 8 MB RAM $2500 15 .

Various other Apple efforts..  In 1987    2001 Macintosh (desktops) PowerBooks (laptops) Servers 16 .

  1997 Steve Jobs announced that Apple would join Microsoft to release new versions of Microsoft Office for the Mac 1997 Apple introduced the Apple Store 17 ..Other Major Apple Milestones.

Other Major Apple Milestones..       1998 Introduced a new all-in-one computer the iMac 2001 Mac OS X was released (a huge operating system overhaul like Windows XP compared to Windows 95 and Windows 98) 2001 first Apple retail store available 2001 iPod introduced 2003 iTunes Store introduced 2007 iPhone introduced 18 .

Desktop Evolution -The iMac        Released in 1998 All in one computer Designed with the internet in mind $1299 2 USB ports 4 GB hard drive 256 MB RAM 19 .

The eMac    Released in 2002 Originally available only for educational markets $1300 (Note: We used to have these in H210 just a few years ago) 20 .Desktop Evolution .

iMac G5     Released 2004 RAM 2 GB 160 GB hard drive $1499 21 .Desktop Evolution .

Desktop Evolution -The Mac-mini      Released in 2005 First real foray into the low-end consumer market. while continuing to use their existing monitor and USB peripherals. Note: Currently in use in H210!! 22 . Apple's first monitor-less consumer Mac in more than six years. just two inches tall and 6. The basic idea of the mini was: let current PC owners spend $500 to replace their PC.5 inches wide and deep.

Desktop Evolution .iMac      Released in 2007 RAM: 4 GB 320 GB hard drive Includes a new thin aluminum keyboard $1799 Here in H209: 2006 version (all white) student machines 2007 version teacher machine 23 .

Laptop Evolution     Macbook Air Weight: 3 lbs 2 GB memory 120 GB hard drive $1799 24 .

An Additional Computer Comparison Product Macintosh Mac Plus iMac Mac Portable (laptop) Cost Storage $2495 Floppy $2600 Floppy $1799 320 GB RAM 128 KB 4 MB 4GB Year 1984 1986 2007 1989 1991 2008 25 $6500 40MB hd 8 MB Powerbook 100 $2500 40MB hd 8 MB (laptop) Macbook Air (laptop) $1799 120GB hd 2GB .

2 10.6 Cheetah ( 01) Panther ( 04) Snow Leopard ( 09) 26 10.Evolution of OS s   Mac System 1.0 8.4 (1984-1987)  Distinguishable from other OSs from that era in that they used entirely graphical user interfaces  Could only run one application at a time Mac System 10.2. 6.5 Jaguar ( 03) Leopard ( 08) .0 10.3 10.2) (1999) improved support for wireless Mac OS X (1999 today) UNIX based OS 10.6) (1997) better file management Mac OS 9 (9. 7 (1987 mid 1990 s)  Could now run multiple applications    Mac OS 8 (8.4 Puma ( 02) Tiger ( 05) 10.0 9.

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