Baby Boomers

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I can live till 100 .

Metrics 75 Million Baby Boomers in US and Canada ( Internet Usage Are the Boomers tech savvy? What they want? .

2 30.4 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 0 13.2 11.Internet Users as percentage of population Numbers in millions AARP and e-marketers.2 10.6 10 20 40.6 30 40 50 50-64 .2 9.1 35.7 28.6 65+ 33.2 12.7 38.

Are the boomers Tech Savvy? 97% 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 0% 58% 61% Gen X Boomers 77% 70% 61% 75% 69% 97% 84% 1 % ¢ ¢ ¢     ¡ 20% % Boomers E-Mail Information Gat ereing Online S opping Healt and Medical look up Personal Finance or Banking Gen X .

To meet their needs Simple and easy access to t ings of everyday life Time saving and energy saving Better deal Socialize wit t eir own community One stop s op to meet t eir requirements .

What's our Product??? It s a networking site Hig contrast and large fonts It is as simple as snow It targets t e baby boomers specifically It aims to simplify t e internet cobweb Links t em to various arenas of common life .

Customizable according to t e users Features Available Networking Online Weat er reports Pursuing a obby Online s opping Healt and medical support Travel Online jobs Financial Info Pay Bills .Market Relevance USP It targets t e baby boomers specifically Optimize digital experiences to support Boomers more transactional use of t e Web & digital tec nology High contrast text/background and larger fonts are comfortable.

.Marketing dvertising Hoardings Television ads E.ds Pamp lets (Direct Marketing) Newspaper Publicity will be t e major form of Marketing.

Everyt ing under one umbrella. Networking trend Our website is very very simple to use. Revenue streams Revenue from ads Rebates received from ot er services launc ed . T e website designed to be comfortable wit baby boomers Customizable according to t e users profile. Hig revenue generated wit very low cost involved.W y will I be successful? Cause my target market is expecting me.

400 P.400 P.Finance Website Exp  Site Developing $10. .400 .000  Maintenance $2.000 Total Initial Investment $168.ds $3600  Print ads $50. .000 Television ds $100. Server C arges $2. dvertisement Exp  E.

Break Even Point Break even Is expected only by t e end of Q1FY12 Main Reason for t e late break even is cause of t e ig cost involved in advertisements Profits are forecasted to only increase from Q2FY12 .

We are open for queries!! .

. even we can do it.If Orkut Büyükkökten or Mark Zuckerberg can do it.

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