The recipe for Coke has been a secret for a century. he spent $ 12. After John Pemberton died. It was invented in 1886 by a chemist called John Perberton. Since the WordWar II. a man called Asa Candler bought the recipe for Pemberton's medicine. Coca leaves+Kola nuts= Coca-Cola For the first time they tried to sell CocaCola as medicine. . Coke has been famous everywhere.000 on advertising it.How it started? y Coka-Cola have more than a hundred years y y y y y y y old. In 1892.in1888.

y Robinson came up with the name and chose the logo's distinctive cursive script.Logo design y The famous Coca-Cola logo was created by Frank Mason Robinson in 1885. .

. a person could tell at a glance what it was. was created in 1915 by bottle designer Earl R. y In 1915 the Root Glass Company of Terre Haute took on the challenge of designing. "a bottle which a person could recognize even if they felt it in the dark. Dean.. and so shaped that.The Evolution of the Coca-Cola Contour Bottle y The equally famous Coca-Cola bottle. even if broken. called the "contour bottle" within the company." .

Vision: ´Get ready for tomorrow today. µ .

.. . y To create value and make a difference...Mission: y To refresh the world. y To inspire moments of optimism and happiness.

Values : y Leadership:The courage to shape a better future y Collaboration: Leverage collective genius y Integrity: Be real y Accountability: If it is to be. it's up to me y Passion: Committed in heart and mind y Diversity: As inclusive as our brands y Quality: What we do. we do well .

observe and learn Possess a world view Focus on execution in the marketplace every day Be insatiably curious . customers and franchise y y y y partners Get out into the market and listen.Focus on the Market : y Focus on needs of our consumers.

Enjoy.Open Happiness y 2010 . y 2000 . y 2006 . y 2005 .Live on the Coke Side of Life (also used in the UK) y 2009 .Make It Real. (also used in the UK) y 2003 .Twist The Cap To Refreshment .Coca-Cola slogans y 1993 .Life tastes good.The Coke Side of Life (used also in the UK) y 2007 .Real.Always Coca-Cola. y 2001 .

Going Global Coce Pumps Quality Promises Coca Hookha Marketing Strategy Targeting young Mind Coca Cads Change of bottle designs Fun Island Cocateria .


. y The marketing strategy of Coca Cola is working for them and the product is gaining popularity among youth day by day.Conclusion y Coca-Cola on of the most popular soft drink.

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