A small Tutorial On

ASP (Active Server Pages)
Objective: To expose the students with need and use of web programming
Presented by – Bikram Shrestha Kantipur City College

Scope of tutorial
The Server Tier: Web Server Concept, Web Programming Concepts based on ASP, Setting a platform to execute ASP, Architecting Web Application, Creating Dynamic content, Typical Usage and Examples of ASP.
Have you wondered….. Why bother with ASP at all, when HTML can serve your needs? What if you want to display information that changes? What if you want to process data entered by users on web forms?

Active Server Pages (ASPs) are Web pages that contain serverside scripts in addition to the usual mixture of text and HTML tags. Server-side scripts are special commands you put in Web pages that are processed before the pages are sent from the server to the web-browser of someone who's visiting your website.
ASP, Active Server Pages – a pick of a day, my man of matches

Web – yes, definitely World Wide Web
History – no history at all i.e.in 1990, Tim Berners-Lee developed www. WWW allows users to locate and view multimedia-based documents (through internet). Architectural approach – client/server A client – A web browser A server – A web server

In a typical Web Application - A top-tier,client, directly interacts with user. - A bottom-tier is the database - A middle tier consists all the logic (powered by server)

Web Server
A black box, a magic box, a processor ???? -manages access to files via the platform-neutral HTTP Handles permissions, execute programs, keep track of directories and files and communicate with client computers. A three cheers to IIS (Internet Information services) and Apache (A patchy server - indeed).

Server-side Scripting
Scope of execution of scripts – so far away. -resides on the server and provides flexibility – especially with database access. -Unlike client-side scripts they are not viewable. -Thinking to avoid client side scripting?? – don’t be that mean. (validation, interactivity, Dynamic HTML require it.) IS ASP a only Super Hero? -definitely not… PHP, Coldfusion, JSP, CGI …..

Setting up a Platform or ASP..
-a web server -Asp support -Few step on configuring server … IIS Installing and Configuring…..

Active Server Pages
“VBScript has become the de facto standard for writing server-side Active Server Pages” Server side scripts can reside along with client side scripts and HTML in a same single page. An asp file has an extension as .asp. At server asp.dll parses the ASP file. Enclose ASP scripts within “<%” and “%>” Use @Language statement for clarity. Use option explicit for avoiding logical errors due to misspelled variables.


Does the code look scary ?? It should not. All Control, Loop structures and functions are borrowed from your well familiar language i.e., Visual Basic. So if you are familiar with Visual Basic you are half way done with ASP. There are only few ASP intrinsic Objects for core functionality; -Response Object -Request Object -Session Object -AspError Object

Some Examples and Disscusion. …..