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Introduction  What is a smart card?  Better than magnetic stripe card.  Technology 

‡ What¶s in a card? ‡ Memory in Smart Cards ‡ Working Mechanism

Security Features  Applications  Smart Cards in India  Future of smart cards in India  Conclusion 

.SMART CARD can serve all purposes!!!! .... may it be magnetic stripe card or some other plastic cards...` Many cards we carry daily for different purposes.why carry too many cards if a single card..

pre-paid phone cards) can only undertake a pre-defined operation . while a memorychip card (for example. and otherwise manipulate information on the card. The microprocessor card can add.` A smart card is a card that is embedded with either a microprocessor and a memory chip or only a memory chip with non-programmable logic. delete.

ATM card. ‡ A single smart card can house multiple applications. Just one card can be used as your license. retailers etc. . This allows the card-transaction participants (card company. acquiring bank. ‡ Data on a smart card can be protected against unauthorized viewing. This means. ` ‡ Life of a smart card is longer. Passwords) can be stored on a smart card.) to store a lot of additional information on the card. passport. issuing bank. smart cards have many advantages: ‡ Smart cards can hold up to 32 KB of data while magnetic cards as seen earlier can hold only around 1000 bits. credit card.` Advantages of Smart Cards Compared to magnetic stripe cards. merchants do not have to go online every time to authenticate a transaction. ID Card etc. As a result of this confidential data (PIN. Data stored on magnetic stripe cards can be easily read and modified by someone with access to the right kind of equipment.

` ` What¶s in a Card? Memory in smart cards Typical Configuration ` ` ` Pin Configuration Working Mechanism Examples of Smart Card readers .


databus CPU ` test logic ROM ` databus: connection between elements of the chip 8 or 16 bits wide security logic serial i/o interface RAM ` EEPROM .

or can be modified only slowly or with difficulty. and is kept when power is lost ` RAM data stored in RAM is transient.` ROM Data stored in ROM cannot be modified. and is lost as soon as power is lost . ` EEPROM data stored in EEPROM is persistent. and unlikely to need frequent updates). so it is mainly used to distribute firmware (software that is very closely tied to specifichardware.


8KB to 32KB ROM. 8051 based designs are common. . 1KB to 32KB EEPROM.` ` ` ` ` 256 bytes to 4KB RAM. Crypto-coprocessors are optional. The price of a mid-level chip when produced in bulk is less than US$1. 8-bit to 16-bit CPU.

This is what makes the card smart. The card executes the command and sends back the reply. The terminal/PC cannot directly access memory of the card data in the card is protected from unauthorized access via some password or needs biometric verification.` ` ` The terminal/PC sends commands to the card (through the serial line). .

keypad. often also have biometric devices such as thumb print scanner. . printer. Computer based readers Connect through USB or COM (Serial) ports ` Dedicated terminals Usually with a small screen.

which can easily be tapped. the password is not sent over a communication line to a computer system for verification. The advantage smart cards have over magnetic stripe cards is that the smart card contains the computer chip which stores the password or PIN.` ` ` ` An important aspect to smart cards to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to information contained on the card. most important part of a smart card is the software that provide the applications .


. As driving licenses«... Access Control Metro Rail Cards DTH Cards ` ` ` ` ..` Smart Cards in India are used as identification cards.

If the current trends are anything to go by. the smart card market is set for exponential growth in the next few years.` Future of Smart Cards Given the advantages of smart cards over magnetic stripe cards. Future for smart cards depends mainly on the introduction of multi-application cards and overcoming the simplistic mindset that smart cards are just a method of making a payment. there can be no doubt that the future of smart cards is very bright. .

reliability. convenience and many other advantages. .` Hence smart cards can be used to increase security.

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