Principle of HVDC system .


Types of DC Link The dc link may be classified in to:a) Monopolar link b) bipolar link c) homopolar link .

No skin effect. Lesser corona loss and radio interference. Use as asynchronous link between two systems. Higher operating voltages.ADVANTAGES         Cheaper in cost. Surge impedance loading. Voltage regulation. . Lower transmission losses.

HVDC Line .

The amount of power that can be sent over a transmission line is limited. since the phase angle is not material to their operation.   HVDC links are sometimes used to stabilize against control problems with the AC electricity flow. . High-voltage direct current lines are restricted only by thermal and voltage drop limits.

Applications for classical HVDC      Long undersea cable links (> 50 km) Long overhead lines (> 600 km) Interconnection of different grids or networks Where control of transmitted power is of importance Combinations of the above .

D. current.c. the delay angle a and for an inverter.c. current and voltage is Precisely controlled to effect the desired power transfer. its extinction angle   .c.CONTROL AND PROTECTION  HVDC transmission systems must transport very large amounts of electric power which can only be accomplished under tightly controlled conditions. its d. It is necessary therefore to continuously and precisely measure system quantities which include at each converter bridge. side voltage. the d.

the potential changes in and limits on land use under and near overhead transmission lines. the land alienation . High voltage is used for transmission to reduce the energy lost in the resistance of the wires. The HVDC-specific characteristics have to be taken into account in the process of choosing transmission line routings and in planning of a transmission line project . the potential fast corrosion of metal installations . audio noise.CONCLUSION    These characteristics include impacts from electrical and magnetic fields. radio interference.

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