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sprinkle or drip. mist. Micro-irrigation refers to low-pressure irrigation systems that spray.MICRO IRRIGATION ´MICROµ ² IRRIGATION. .

Innovate in Israel in mid 17th Century. Sprinkler y Irrigation. y Letter growth in Germany.HISTORY OF MICRO IRRIGATION Drip y irrigation. . Immergence is found in Mexico in 19th Century. y Further development is done in USA.

PRINCIPLES OF MICRO IRRIGATION? Water is applied directly to the root zone of the plants. Water is applied through a low-pressure pipe network comprising Mains. Submains. Laterals and Emitting Devices . Water is applied at frequent intervals at precise quantities based on Crop Water Requirements.

To extend the benefits of irrigated agriculture to more people with the available water. . Energy. To conserve scarce resources such as Water and Electricity. To improve use-efficiencies of Water. Nutrient and Human Effort in Agriculture.WHY MICRO IRRIGATION IS NECESSARY? To improve the productivity of irrigated land from the present low levels. To facilitate better crop management through Fertigation and Chemigation.

of hours of electricity availability Climatological variations Multiple cropping situations .MADE Micro Irrigation Systems need to be tailor made. any or all of the following are different in different fields): Field Size and Shape Field Undulations Crops and Planting Patterns Soil Types Crop rotations No.TAILOR. (Because.

either onto the soil surface or directly onto the root zone. tubing. is an irrigation method which saves water and fertilizer by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of plants. through a network of valves. also known as trickle irrigation or microirrigation. .DRIP IRRIGATION Drip irrigation. pipes. and emitters.


DEVICES FOR FERTIGATION. Pump . Ferti Tank Ventury Ferti.


SPRINKLER IRRIGATION A method of applying irrigation water which is similar to rainfall. .

Sprinkler irrigation divides in three types: Micro Sprinkler Irrigation Overhead sprinkler RAIN GUN SPRINKLER .


Finolex. KB Drips. . Plastro Plasan ‡ - .MICRO IRRIGATION INDUSTRY AN OVERVIEW Total Value is 625 crore Annual growth rate is 20% Growth Drivers 1) Uncertain Rainfall 2) Technological improvement 3) Export orientation 4) Transparent international Trade Present Dominant Players Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. Tulsi Extrusions. Netafim International.

ADVANTAGES OF MICRO IRRIGATION Crop Yield Enhancement. Saving in Irrigation Water. Reduced Labour Costs. Improved Pest & Disease Control. . Savings in Fertilizer consumption. Improves Soil Health. Saving in Energy in pumping. Suitable for inferior quality water. Suitable for Marginal lands. Quality Improvement of Produce. Reduced Weed Growth.

DISADVANTAGES OF MICRO IRRIGATION High initial capital cost. maintenance requirement. Economic Persistent . Application Salt accumulation near plant. and technical limitation. is affected by wind speed.




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