Keyhole Gardening

A Low Tech Approach to the Modern Victory Garden

Victory Gardens?
During both World Wars, the United States government asked its citizens to plant gardens in order to support the war effort, with emphasis placed on making gardening a family or community effort -- not a drudgery, but a pastime, and a national duty.

Americans planted over 20 million Victory Gardens.Victory Gardens! In 1943. and the harvest accounted for nearly a third of all the vegetables consumed in the country that year. .

Victory Gardens in Suburban Landscapes More and more Americans live in suburban neighborhoods with greatly diminishing space in which to plant a productive garden. .

chiefly. leafy vegetables high in many nutrients. . and the high carriers of Vitamin C tomatoes and cabbage. the yellow vegetables high in pro-Vitamin A.Limited Space Gardening The smaller the garden the greater should be the space allotted to the green.

skyrocketing transportation costs. and a growing need to produce more food in less space.With climactic changes occurring around us. is there anywhere we can turn to for advice? .

.Lesotho Lesotho is a land-locked country near the southern tip of the African continent.

720 square miles.Lesotho Covers 11.300 ft in elevation. . entirely above 3.

The arable land area is about 12% of the total area. however. . this land is vulnerable due to severe soil erosion. It is estimated that 40 million tons of soil per year is lost through erosion .

Compounded Problems Lesotho is a small country where 18. Crippling poverty combined with AIDS in Lesotho has caused average life expectancy to drop to 44 years for women and 39 for men.000 AIDS orphans. and more than 20% of the population are HIV positive.000 people died from AIDS in 2007. . The country is also struggling to cope with 110.

food production potential is decreased. .With almost an entire generation dead or dying. A technique for sustainable farming for schoolchildren was developed by a British not for profit organization called Send a Cow.

these can be sold or used as meat. .Send a Cow The cow is symbolic of the community becoming self sufficient. If the cow has calves. We too can become self sufficient once again. For example the cow produces milk for the farmers. the manure becomes fertilizer to grow vegetables.

the Keyhole Gardens apply the most to the average American lifestyle .Send a Cow s Contribution Of the various techniques implemented by Send a Cow in Lesotho. .

This gives full access to all plants in the garden. with a small wedge cut out of one side.What is a Keyhole Garden? Keyhole gardens are small. raised vegetable beds with a circular structure about waist high. .

with one section left out to allow gardeners easy access to all plants. leaving an opening where gardeners can throw any kitchen scraps and other compost. raised bed garden (about 3 1/2 feet high). The central shaft of the garden is essentially a compost pile and can be constructed with straw or long grass.Keyhole Garden Construction The basic concept of their keyhole garden is a round. .


Also. earthworms are a necessity for a healthy soil. The use of manure (nitrogen). rusty cans (iron). . wood ash (potassium).Keyhole Garden Maintenance The central basket operates as the central watering source as well as composting the nutrient sources (garden waste). and straw or shredded newspaper (carbon)to fill the garden negate the need for fertilizer even with long term use.

due to the large amount of rock or brick required to build. . Your garden is only limited to your imagination.Keyhole gardens may not be appropriate for all environments.

. The best ideas seem to be the simplest. are healthier.Send a Cow is teaching people how they can sustainably grow their own vegetables in less hospitable climates than our own. The children now eat regular meals. and so are able to attend schools. well thought out. but brilliant none the less.

Online Garden Tools Sites like GardenRegistry. however they could easily be recreated locally. .org aren t available in all areas.

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