Smart Cars
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Where and when was the first smart car made?
The first Smart, then called the smart Micro Compact Car City Coupe, came off the assembly line at the "Smartville" plant in Hambach, France, in 1998.

1.Smart 1.Smart is short for Swatch Mercedes ART. 2.Smart car is a vehicle equipped withwithMultimedia digital systems, such as sensors, in-car navigation insystems, Global Positioning Systems, small radars to make driving safe and fast, so it·s versatile.

3.It a application of artificial intelligent in vehicles.

4.It plays a important role in Intelligent Transport Systems ITS.

Features of smart cars?
1.They 1.They can see, hear, feel, smell, talk and act. 2.They can eliminate most car accidents. 3.They can alert the police and provide precise location if stolen.

4.They can monitor one·s driving and the driving condition nearby. 5.They can alert the driver who feels drowsy. 6.They can locate your car precisely and warn of traffic jams.

Now, let·s show you a famous brand of smart cars, ZAP.
ZAP is proud to be the first U.S. distributor to offer one of the most fuel-efficient, gas-powered cars on the planet. This new car has been designed as the car of the future with many "smart" features that address today's crowded urban traffic and rising energy prices.

Features of smart car ZAP
1.Smart Vitals
Performance Handling Spacious Interior for two exchangeable body panels Smart-Safe Construction

Automatic Transmission

2.Standard Features
Anti-Lock Braking Rack and pinion Steering Exchangeable Body Panels Power Windows Power door locks

3. Performance
60 hp, 3-cylinder, rear-mounted turbo engine Sequential 6-speed transmission Automatic or manual mode selectable Tank Capacity: 8.7 gallons

Why is the Smart car so safe?
The tridion safety cell forms the core element of the body of each smart car. It is manufactured exclusively from hightensile steel and creates a cage-like safety structure for the occupants. The tridion safety cell makes the smart citycoupe one of the safest of small cars with regard to its crash safety characteristics. This has been confirmed by numerous crash tests conducted in Europe.

*To enhance the

*The traffic problems may became more and more serious, such as occupation of lanes. *It may cause park shortage.

roadroad-safety *To diminishing fuel consumption and contamination *To improve the efficiency and save time

‡ Development of the intelligent vehicle industry will become a global trend. ‡ There are markets for individual intelligent vehicle components that increase safety, comfort, or convenience. ‡ Human intelligence can give smart car more practical features, such as a heads up display and voice-operated voicecontrolcontrol-systems.

Remaining challenges
Stimulative policy is the most powerful promotion. So many people don·t convert their conceptions to accept smart cars. Because of the challenges of combining intelligent highways with the existing highway system, fully automated vehicle operation is still some years away.

Artificial intelligence
Smart car is a kind of artificial intelligence. Nowadays, it has applied in every aspect. Human beings work with assistance of robot to save time.

We can also make use of artificial intelligence to provide entertainment and allow the car's occupants to conduct business and monitor activities at home and in the office. office.

Human intelligence can make the features of smart cars more functional. Intelligent vehicles bring so many advantages indeed. There is no doubt that in-vehicles will take the inplace of normal cars before long. However, we must be aware of the shortcomings simultaneously.

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