E Marketing E Newsletter and E-Surveys

Are They For You???

What is E Marketing 
The Use of Email To:

Market your club to others Communicate with your members Promote your events Determine your policies

Why Should You Be Using It?  

Saves money on postage Keeps your name and purpose in front of members and potential members Provides a quick and easy to use information platform Lets you customize your message to a targeted audience  

especially among the younger generation    . Ability to obtain almost instantaneous feedback It can be very effective Low time and man hours expenditure Emails are an accepted way of communication.

Two Methods Do It Yourself  Requires time. expertise and training  May save you money  May or may not look professional  Limitations on monitoring success of email delivery .

.Requirements  Need to find a person to do the job  Need to create an ³organization´ template (your logo. your look)  Need familiarity with importing graphics and information and successfully sending them to others  Dependence on a person with expertise and. or finding a person with expertise.

Subscriber Service  Advantages Requires less expertise More monitoring features Ease of use allows multiple people to learn system Often looks more professional .

Subscriber Services Ability to continually reproduce your exact organization image  Disadvantages It costs money Some limitations on ability to customize .

font size and font style that your group uses and to your club logo .What Should You Look For?  Your Style Ability to use or pick from a variety of templates with some customizing features  You may want organization colors.

Easy Content Addition and Manipulation  Move. delete or change layout easily (point . add. drag and drop)  Be able to ³block items´  Ability to add pictures(May cost more)  Ability to modify template with your own HTML email design to further customize and realize your organization look .

Contents of Email List  Needs to have list importation features (from spread sheet or from current outlook express or other email groupings)  Should have ability to integrate with your web site using a ³join my list´ visitor sign up box on web site  Have a ³forward to a friend´ link on each email sent .

Additional Contents  Ability to have several email groups Ex.) . ect. address info. Members VS Non Members  Ability to easily to add or delete from those groups  Ability to store other information besides just email addresses (phone numbers.

. Ability to safely subscribe or unsubscribe for those receiving your Enews.  Email lists must be safe and not for sale  Ability to find which emails ³bounced´ or failed to be delivered so that you can clean up your list.

Delivery Monitoring Format testing (to make sure everything including the graphics makes it through as sent)  Help in dealing with other internet providers if problems do occur  A company that stays up to date with email sending laws  .

Tracking and Reporting Very Important See who opened your email and what items they clicked on  Helps you develop interesting and member relevant content  Find how many people opted out of your email service  .

 Archives can be accessible from web page  .Tracking & Reporting Continued How many people forwarded the information to another person  The ability to archive old ENews send outs so that people can access them.

On Line Surveys Value Determine how your members feel about an issue  Instill a feeling of member contribution and participation  Get feed back on how to improve services and events  .

What To Look For      Pre made templates with: Ability to easily: Change questions Monitor results Use of graphs to show results Export results to other formats .

Also«  Analyze your information using your own filters  Ability to rank information numerically (on a scale of one to ten how do you feel)  Single answers or multiple answers  Ability to skip a question .

better monitoring)  How many Enews can I send per month? . more graphics.What¶s This Going To Cost Me? Things to look for  What does the basic package include?  What do add ons Cost me? (Ex.

$$  How many people can I send Enews to? (the larger your list the higher your monthly fee)  Will add on or forward features increase your list size and perhaps exceed your budget? .

$$  Look for ³packaged´ items for reduced cost (Enews plus survey for discount)  Discounts for Non Profits and prepayment  How good is the support? .

001-10.00 $75.Its Cheap! Your Email List Size Your Low Monthly Fee Email Marketing* Survey** 0-500 $15 $15 $30 501-2.000 $150 $150 $300 25.00 Standard Prepay 20% Discount 30% Discountu .50 $45.500 $30 $30 2.000+ Call for Special Pricing Prepay Options*** Nonprofit/Education 6 Month Prepay 10% Discount 12 Month Prepay 15% Discount Bundle** $22.000 $75 $75 $150 10.001-25.000 $50 $50 $100 5.501-5.00 $112.50 $225.

Ethics and Email Lists  Develop a policy on Enews lists and the monitoring of your Enews  Sale or sharing of lists  What you will monitor and what you will do with that information  How far you go in finding out what an individual opens or answers .

 How often do you send Enews?  How often you do surveys? The Goal is to keep your name in front of your members while providing quality information and interaction. They will only open it if it is something of value Don¶t over due it .

 Your risk losing non computer literate members if you rely too much on E news.´ .  Remember that not everyone uses email.Pitfalls  E News will not replace a ³hold in your hand´ newsletter.  People like a ³hold in your hand newsletter.

. Member Vs Non Member Enews and Content If you give Non Members too much information they will have no reason to pay dues to join your organization. You should decide how much and what information you put in Enews.

Summary  Great communication tool  Inexpensive and easy to use  Makes you look professional  Can boost membership. attendance and membership retention  Can save you money  Can make you money .

Example of Arizona Bowhunters E-news .

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