Edwards Deming
1900 - 1993

Who was Edward Deming? 

Deming Prize Medal 

Father of the Japanese post-war industrial revival postLed Japan in the paradigm shift from producing cheap, shoddy imitations to producing innovative quality products regarded by many as the leading quality guru in the United States helped the United States to improve the quality of war materials during WWII Writer The New Economics and Out of Crisis [14 Points of Management] were the most well-known wellThe Deming System of Profound Knowledge Led by example - hard work, sincerity, decency, and personal responsibility Composer of liturgical pieces and rewrote the Star Spangle Banner to different music to reflect a more honoring composition rather than the pub style musical score Husband and Father

Beliefs  The Deming Cycle Plan/Do/Study/Act  Deming System of Profound Knowledge Transform the individual A view from the outside All Managers Must Have: Appreciation of the system  Knowledge of variation  Theory of knowledge  Knowledge of psychology  continued .Theories .

to develop better quality products .many of his ideas can be applied to effective leadership within the educational arena. This model for action is frequently used Plan-Do-Studywithin the educational system as a model to define problems/solve problems in a systemic way  Hold everyone accountable administration.Brief critique of the theory  Although Deming s theories initially related to the manufacturing industry . students. They need to promote a standard of trustworthiness within their schools.  to Plan-Do-Study-Act.  to model integrity and a higher standard of work ethic. support staff for supporting the vision and goals  To provide opportunities for improvement (PD) promote a climate of life-long learning life to think about how we can improve the quality of our products (students) . Leaders (and leadership teams) need  to have a vision and communicate that vision. All members of the team need to buy into the vision. teachers.

Substitute leadership methods for improvement. 10. learn the capabilities of processes. Alternatively. Adapt to the new philosophy of the day. focus on the system and morale. Strive to reduce intradepartmental conflicts.Deming s Fourteen Key Management Principles For Transforming Business Effectiveness 1. try a long-term relationship based on established longloyalty and trust. Drive out fear. 6. . instead. Build quality into a product throughout production. Eliminate exhortations for the work force. 3. 11. instead. Remove barriers that rob people of pride of workmanship Educate with self-improvement programs. End the practice of awarding business on the basis of price tag alone. 2. industries and economics are always changing. Avoid numerical goals. Create and communicate to all employees a statement of the aims and purposes of the company. create trust. on-theTeach and institute leadership to improve all job functions. (b) Eliminate MBO. selfInclude everyone in the company to accomplish the transformation. and how to improve them. 14. 13. 4. (a) Eliminate work standard quotas for production. Work to constantly improve quality and productivity. Institute on-the-job training. 12. 8. 5. 7. 9.

How Deming Principles is adopted by firms 1] Improve constantly and forever the system of production and service Improvement is not a one time process. To ensure whether a firm is improving or not ask following questions:  Is the firm doing better than a year ago?  Is marketing more effective?  Whether customer satisfaction has increased?  Whether pride and performance of employees has improved? .

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2] Drive out Fear  People are afraid of  Losing their raises and promotions  New assignments  Superior s threats  Admitting mistakes .

The General Manager who gets visibly angry every time one of his key subordinates submits a vacation request form.Examples Of drive out fear in firms   There s the manager that frequently and publicly drops hints in departmental meetings about the likelihood of layoffs and the expectation that he will have to let go 2 out of 10 on his team. According to one of his workers. . He clearly does not believe in vacations. and let s us know that it will hurt our future opportunities if we insist on take time off from work.

Dissenters have an interesting habit of either being fired or relegated to corporate Siberia working alone on or on projects that no one else would touch. . suggestions and improvements over existing systems. A colleague described the manager who expects 100% support of her ideas and policies. Therefore workers should feel secure so that they will come up with innovative ideas.

.3] Institute Leadership Leadership is the job of management. Leadership has to help people do their jobs better and has to take responsibility for their success and failure.

Organisational Leadership Report on increasing busineess productivity. These universal Shared Values which Lebow calls The Eight Principles of the Heroic Environment) are as follows: . Organisational Leadership change management book report/executive summary on increasing business productivity by creating a heroic work environment.

1. 8. 6. Take personal risks for the organisation's sake. 4. 3. Lavish trust on your associates. (Be honest and ethical in all matters). Treat others with uncompromising truth. 2. Do not touch dishonest dollars. regardless of their origin. Be receptive to new ideas. Put the interests of others before your own . 5. Give credit where it's due. 7. Mentor unselfishly (and be open to mentoring from anyone).

3] Adopt new philosophy Ask the customers to pay for their defects and delays .

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