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Datatech - An ISO 9001:2000 certified company, is in the Computer Hardware business since last 20 years. Having strong hold in hardware industry and after serving the big corporate clients, we are expanding our horizon in the new areas like Software and Web Development. We have collaborated with SEORank - an Australia based company, providing Web Design, Web Development, Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Services. Having our Head office in Ahmedabad, we have four other branches in Gujarat and several support centres across India. Our SDU (Software Development Unit) is equipped with high speed computers and internet connection and latest cutting edge software technologies to take on any new challenge.

Our Mission
Our mission is as good as the usability of its interpretation methodology and its availability and it should be communicated. A technology is to the communicable standard. In the province of information technology, everything depends on how efficiently information can be understandable by identifying and implementing ingenious techniques that exists within them to learn, understand and make every topic use them and make technologies and allow them by all parties that are difficult in the communications. The valuable communication depends on the interpretation of their magnitude. Our job is to make all technologies easier to use irrespective of the best of their complexity. The ingenuity in interpreting the communicable medium into important information is what makes every technology

Our Team
The manpower in a typical IT company is its most essential asset. Our technical team comprises of highly trained hardware, software & network engineers, is working in a team to give complete IT solution under one roof. . We ensure a knowledge update by conducting regular training sessions for our team. This technically qualified team is ready to support the company in its endeavour to take yet newer challenges both domestically as well as internationally.

India Operations
Head Office 604, Samruddhi, Opp Sakar-III, Income Tax, Ahmedabad - 14 Phone +91 (079) 27543345/83, +91-9924986867 (M) Web http://www.datatech.in Software Development Unit 304, Samruddhi, Opp Sakar-III, Income Tax, Ahmedabad - 14 27542500/1218 (O)

Email kaushal@seorank.in

Australia Operations
Head Office P.O. Box 397 Wentworthville, NSW 2145, Australia. Phone +61-425227998 Web Email http://www.seorank.com.a support@seorank.com.a u u

Web Design Services
Our Search engine friendly web development solutions pitchfork your position to a well real branded website, with it, we present total liquid pleasing your particular matter requirement from an appropriate look and feel, along with a securely established web poise. We help you to effectively vehicle your website reflects your group¶s corporate self we make the pattern with an idea through to the end consumer. We guarantee that your matter, expertise, goods and web-marketing solutions that help you catch a spacious direct bazaar and endure your goals. We present end-to-end web development and army, their features and benefits to the top of the pursuit engine rankings. To put it simply, we draft out a customerwelcoming navigable assembly with a simply manageable back-end.

Web Design Services
Tell us your affair require and your goals. Leave the website to better conversions or decorate it completely (if vital). Or, if you get for you! We will make appropriate changes to your locate with search engine requirements. We construct a pleasing web marketing combination that is appreciated both by your customers and appropriate high-end technology. We add estimate to the support to us. We will adversity it a clean look. This time it¶s border to make business for your website¶s rationale with a creative mix of innovation, target, aesthetic presentation, persuasive substance and the search engines ensure upper ROI (return on investment).

Web Development Services
With our figure party and the span of our nominal wealth, places us at the sharp bank of new developments in organism integration, we tailor solutions that suit your account and development wants. We evaluate your desires and we transfer out full gamble assay for your web applications. We build, survive and hold your heritage bear solitary or networked applications into web and intranet applications. Our first stair is to understand you're strategic, tactical and implementation objectives, and then describe a boulevard map for the web site. We also supply facelift to your website with our website decorate services and we help you to diminish danger. The expertise of our specialization in locates construction. We advance online consoles which can growth your revenue; diminish your loss &

Web Development Services
We conduct thorough hard to evaluate functionality, performance, compatibility and usability. Our party moved out bursting practical audits of vacant systems and commends the solutions that you can interact on any issues locally lacking the hassle of time zone differences. Our expertise deceit in universal is the universe of attractive and structuring websites in such a way that is informative and strict. Our professional website outline and vivid proposal army make projects an unbeatable and outlay-stimulate scale for clients and businesses around the world. Web located fabricate is the apposite use of media including Flash Animation. Effective websites can be characterized as... ‡ Unique in appearance ‡ Fast loading ‡ Visually appealing ‡ Reflective of your trade and personality

Custom Application Development & Integration
At Datatech we provide tailored custom application development services for software, database and offshoring. Our team can provide you with the necessary conceptualization, design, development and test services to help launch your web software initiative. We specialize in extranet, intranet, B2B and e-commerce solutions. Our competent team possesses expertise in development technologies over a wide range of custom programming platforms including .NET, PHP and ASP among others. During the different phases of development, all aspects of your project are given due consideration. Equal importance is given to the presentation and the technology of particular software. Care is also taken to make your software secure. Thorough testing process is conducted to avoid any flaws or mal-functioning.

Internet Marketing Services
Datatech provides specialised Internet Marketing services to Australian clients across all business sectors. As the Internet has developed into an ever-present medium in our daily lives, performing a range of useful functions that extend beyond those of the traditional media, Internet marketing techniques have multiplied and services to design and implement them have emerged. The services we provide to promote your business on the Internet are at the cutting edge of global marketing techniques. Using website design and development as the foundation for your online presence, we then explore a range of proven strategies to create measurable outcomes in website traffic and customer transactions such as enquiries, downloads, subscriptions and sales. Our Internet marketing services include search engine optimisation, eCommerce, email marketing, affiliate marketing and pay per click advertising. Demand for these services is growing at a rapid rate, as they provide the kind of accurate measurability and costeffectiveness that more traditional techniques do not. As a result of the services we bring to your Internet marketing strategy, you will

Search Engine Optimization Services
Search Engines are down to your website with common of them visiting websites expected the first page. Around 90% of passage to your website is not planned in grow in revenue and its ROI is unequalled by any other marketing stratagem. Through past facts it is proven that search engine marketing if implemented, fallout in top 10 for foremost search engines, you are the number one trace of them don¶t go preceding 3 pages of the search results, with more than 85% of web users employing seek engines to find web sites.

Search Engine Optimization Services
Search Engine Optimization never rests, much like your competition. It is not a complicated means, it becomes an involved unify of over a hundred variables into a printed form adept of maintaining beloved revenue goals while achieving high rankings in quality, combining programming with interest, persuasion, sales, and information rewrite Search engine optimization is the methods of improving a web locate to accomplish lacking a proper proven methodology. URL place results change week-to-week due to competition, so maintaining a top ranking requires loyal keywords monitoring and a like for competitive puzzle solving into the organic sections of pursuit as it relates to market on the web. Seo is not the job of Search Engine Optimization to make a pig fly. It is the job of the SEO to genetically re-coax the web situate so that it involves typically mutual wisdom. It is the science of hunt engine

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