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KMS 3103 Final Year Project 1 Title: Factors That Influence Training Effectiveness

Supervisor:Abang Ekhsan Abang Othman Name: Wan Mohd Farhan Firdaus Wan Mokhtar Matric Number: 15478

the significance of the study. conceptual framework . . definitions of the term being used in this study and the limitations of the study.Chapter 1 Introduction Investigate the effect of several elements to the effectiveness of training program This chapter consists of these elements: Background of the study. research questions. research objectives. problem statement.

it is necessary to organization to plan training program for their employees These factors can influence effectiveness of training program and directly affect organization performance. . In order to ensure that effectiveness of training is existed.Background of Study According to Ibrahim Mamat (1996) in his publication quotes that human capital can give big consequences to the organization performance.trainee need to apply back their new knowledge into their workplace.Thus.

accident. .Faridawati and Mohamad Basri . this up to date and skilled employees could improves organization outcomes. improve motivation and services and reduce waste of sources. Organization need to focus to the training program as a way to improve performance and productivity of the employees (Pershing & Pershing . and discharge of employees.quality .Problem Statement Training program been implemented to improve employees skill and also equip employees with current demand.mantaining performance. Training is a process to improve skill to fulfill current demand that can contribute to organization goals and objectives (Aini Hayati.2001) Training also bring many benefit to the organization and reduce some risk and losses to the organization Brookes (1995) stated that the benefit of training program are increase outcomes.2002) Training program are very important in order to improve performance and productivity.Thus .

To investigate the relationship between motivation level of trainee and the effectiveness of the training. . To investigate the relationship between training environment and the effectiveness of the training.Objective of the Study General Objective The main objectives of this studies is to investigate the factors that can affect the effectiveness of the training Specific Objective To investigate the relationship between top management support and the effectiveness of the training To investigate the relationship between training content and the effectiveness of the training.

Research Hypothesis H1: There is significance relationship between top management supports and effectiveness of training There is significance relationship between training content and effectiveness of training There is significance relationship between motivation level of trainee and effectiveness of training There is significance relationship between training environment and effectiveness of training H2: H3: H4: .

Maltineau 1997. Tracey 2001) .Conceptual Framework Dependent Variables Independent Variables  Top support management Effectiveness of training   Training content Motivation trainee level of  Training environment Adapted : (Guerrero & Sire 2001.

Significance of Study Organization will more concern with their training program because it is an long term investment to them. employees and society in identifying their responsibility in order to improve training effectiveness The elements that could influences training program will be improve more in order to increase the effectiveness of training program . This study has practical implication on employer.

. Training Environment ‡In this study. skill and knowledge for better performance.Those training program also have improved their productivity and student at that school will get better services.Definition of Terms Training ‡ In this study.location and current instrument during the training program and also human capital that needed in order to bring success any training program. Top management support ‡ behavior and action from management level at SMK Kota Samarahan to any training program been implement and their support either in form of finance or non-finance.reward. Support in this context also refers to budget . trainee environment refers to the place that trainee been lectured. place they stayed during the training program been implement and facilities for them used along the training program. training is an element that make employee learn something new and get improved in attituted. Effectiveness of training ‡ effectiveness of training is the reaction of teacher at SMK Kota Samarahan which positive with the training and the positive behavior of work after get the training.

Motivation of trainee ‡ In this study.It also cover all the aspect that been used to make the training program success. material and instrument also time provided for that training.Training Content ‡ training content contained of objectives of training learning plan. motivation of trainee refers to an effort of a trainee to apply his knowledge and skills that been learned from training program. learning activity.In other words. motivation that teachers at SMK Kota Samarahan will make them more focus and dedicated in teaching their students . Information category. implementation.

Limitation of Study The research is mainly focused in one organization and that will make the data to be restricted only to the selected employees in that particular organization. .  the variables are limited to four and that will make that study to be more specific but chance to develop other knowledge is lesser here.

1997) .skill and behavior that can improve individual effectiveness in their job (Mirable. The changes mean knowledge .Chapter 2 Literature Review Training Besley and Caple (1993) define training as a planning and effort with systematic ways to improve and upgrade knowledge .skill and abilities through learning from experience to get better performance in a program or activity Effectiveness of Training Program The effectiveness of training program refers to the degree of behavioral and attitudes changes of employees after under the training program.

2000.Literature Review (Cont¶) 1. Driscoll.1993) 3.Environment also can reflect work s performance and effectiveness of training program Top Management Support Top management play very important role as supporter and motivator to the employees to them involve actively in training issue (Harrison. 1997) 4. (Comb & Falletta . Motivation of Trainee In a training program motivation influences the willingness of an employees to attend training in the first place (Maurer & Tarulli . 1998). 2. Content of the Training ccording to study been made one of the factor that influence the effectiveness of training program is the quality of the content of training program.2001.Either the quality of content of training program are fulfill the training program objectives or not. Green . Trainee environment According to Smith & Kearny (1994) environment could influence individual abilities to think and completing their task. 1994 : Noe & Wilk . .

Learning are existed when both of the component are there (Ibrahim Mamat 1996).  . Humanistic This theory suggest that instructor need to improve their relationship with the trainee.2004) 2.Literature Review (Cont¶) Related Theory With Effectiveness of Training Program 1.  Behavior This theory stated that when training been held.By doing this.This situation will generate effectiveness in training program. stimulation and feedback are involved. the changes of attitude between trainee will be more simple when get interact with trainer (M.Galotti .

3. trainer need to ensure that trainee make same interpretation to a such things. ‡Content of training need to be arrange by proper arrangement in process adapting of innovation or process changes of trainee attitudes.This situation will generate motivated trainee.Trainee must have their own freedom to learn by themselves. Cognitive Learning Theory ‡beliefs that perception and thought will influence learning process. ‡Effectiveness existed when trainee can used back what were they learned during training program(Ibrahim Mamat 1996) .So. ‡Trainer also need to encourage learning by understanding and finding way.

Chapter 3 Methodology Research Design This research will be based on mix method Apart from questionnaires surveys. in-depth interview also going to be conducted Population and Sample The population that will be selected is SMK Kota Samarahan Determining the sample for the research will using Simple Random Sampling method ‡This is where the minimum sample size is determined ‡A total of 120 questionnaires will be distributed to the organization ‡Desired targeted respondents is 100 Research Instrument Sets of questionnaire where haves 3 sections The of scale of measurement is using Five-point Likert Scale .

and others. research reviews and reports. A letter will be issued by the faculty for the desired organization.Methodology (Cont¶) Data Collection Permission must be obtained first before the research begins. 120 sets of questionnaires will be distributed The major method that will be used is by primary data :questionnaires Secondary Data also will be used in this research such as empirical journals. Analysis of Data The data collected will be analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS): ‡Descriptive statistic and Inferential statistics ‡Correlation Test (Pearson Test) .

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