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JavaFX is the technology devloped by the Sun Microsystems. The vision of the JavaFX product family is to deliver the ability to create interactive content, applications and services from desktop to mobile devices to the living room.

javaFX consists of two technologies: JavaFX Script and JavaFX Mobile. JavaFX Script is a language that is targeted at content authors. JavaFX is a fully object oriented language. Using simple, declarative scripts, content authors can create very rich user interfaces. JavaFX Mobile is essentially a layered software system for mobile devices on which programs developed in JavaFX Script can execute

Problems With Previous Technologies
‡ UIs generally require quite large nested data structures: trees of elements. ‡ Graphics code tends to rely heavily on concurrency processes running in parallel.

Structure of Java FX

''There are parts of the world where a person's desktop computer is their cell phone, and that's the kind of end point that we're going to get to Desktop,Web,Mobile,TV It is intended to develop for developing the RIA applications. JavaFX Script, is an innovative DSL for creating visually rich UIs. In case of desktop it is replacement of swing components, in case of web it is replacement of applet

Comparison with others
‡ Adobe AIR and Flex ‡ Google Web Toolkit ‡ Microsoft Silverlight

Common Profile Drag To Install Integrating graphics created with thirdparty tools. Full integration into Webpages.

More Loading Time Not all the promised platform are supported yet Weak Performance Dependancy on JVM

‡ It is a multiplatform language ‡ It is DSL for GUI ‡ It is far better than its predecessor and current technologies fir UI ‡ It makes the task easier ‡ Break the application development in to two parts. ‡ Easy to learn and use.

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