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Communication Skills

What is there for the day«
We¶ll share knowledge We¶ll have Fun We¶ll Play Roles We¶ll learn
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Communication Skills LET¶S DISCOVER THE POWER OF COMMUNICATION« Aksh Optifibre Limited 3 .

Communication Skills WHAT DO WE UNDERSTAND BY A ³SKILL´? Aksh Optifibre Limited 4 .

Communication Skills At the end of the workshop we will learn«  what is Good and what is Bad Communication  some basic skills to become a Good Communicator Aksh Optifibre Limited 5 .

Communication Skills « and also  to recognize & overcome barriers  advantages of listening  to speak confidently  to communicate effectively Aksh Optifibre Limited 6 .

communication is« 55% body language 7% words 38% style Aksh Optifibre Limited 7 .Communication Skills Research shows.

Communication Skills Why Communication« ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ to express our emotions achieve joint understanding to get things done pass on and obtain information reach decisions develop relationships Aksh Optifibre Limited 8 .

Communication Skills Home Truths about Communication« ‡ Good Communication can·t exist without honest listening We do not try HARD to get our message across We do not take advantage of various media available to us We all could improve our communication skills It cannot be perfected Aksh Optifibre Limited 9 ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ .

Less Accurate but responsive Aksh Optifibre Limited 10 . More Accurate but less responsive Informal More Flexible.Communication Skills Ways & effects of Communication Formal Less Flexible.

Communication Skills What is Communication« ‡ art of getting your message across effectively through: ‡Spoken words ² first & simplest way ‡Body Language ² can make or mar ‡Written words ² reflects importance ‡Visuals ² leaves greatest impact Aksh Optifibre Limited 11 .

Film« Multimedia Television. Newspaper. Actions. Videos. Phone Calls. Internet« Aksh Optifibre Limited 12 . Reports« Conversations. Interviews. Paintings.Communication Skills Types & Methods Written Spoken Letters. Silence. Voice Tone. Memos. Requests« Gestures Facial expressions. Magazines. Stance« Visuals Photographs.

Communication Skills Communication : The Flow Channel Formulating Message Delivery Sender Feedback Response Understanding Aksh Optifibre Limited Receiver Perception 13 .

Communication Skills Effective Communication« ² Is scarcer than quality water ² Is measured by results or actions ² Does not need to be very complex ² Is aimed at informing others ² Is complete and clear Aksh Optifibre Limited 14 .

polite. etc. shy. pitch.Communication Skills Barriers to Effective Communication«  Personal Barriers ‡ Your style and character (rude.) ‡ Lack of credibility ‡ Timing Aksh Optifibre Limited 15 . outspoken) ‡ Preparation & presentation ‡ Lack of clarity (pronunciation.

Communication Skills Barriers to Effective Communication« Proper Pronunciation Communication Buffalo Colonel Rendezvous Prakash Help Career Buffet Bulb Pradeep Aksh Optifibre Limited Pen Guest Bouquet Fax Chandrajeet 16 .

Communication Skills Barriers to Effective Communication«  Organisational Barriers ‡ Culture ‡ Environment ‡ Size & structure ‡ Pace of activity Aksh Optifibre Limited 17 .

Communication Skills Barriers to Effective Communication«  Process Barriers ‡ Channel/Medium ‡ Irrelevant Information loading ‡ Lack of Response or Feedback ‡ Inappropriate Questions Aksh Optifibre Limited 18 .

´I will get Responseµ  Come up with a topic for discussion everyday  Start improving upon pronunciation  Develop habit of reading ² start with the English newspaper / Comics  Understand first.Communication Skills Overcoming the Barriers«  Say to yourself. then communicate  Don·t be afraid of asking questions Aksh Optifibre Limited 19 .

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