Future Planning

• Building Meaningful Career exploration into your guidance programs.

Part A: Theory
• Part B looks at specific programs

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org .internationalcounselor. A Whole New Mind www.•Agriculture Age (farmers) •Industrial Age (factory workers) •Information Age (knowledge workers) •Conceptual Age* (creators) *Murakami Teruyasu: “Age of Creation Intensification” Source: Dan Pink.

org .internationalcounselor.Disconnected • • • • • • AT home Can work Do Work Mom and dad working Connected Pragmatic • • • • • • Abroad Do not work Cannot work Only one works Disconnected Unrealistic www.

org .The Old Paradigm in Career Development and Planning From: A linear.internationalcounselor. Vice President National Life/Work Center www. destination-oriented model of: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Education/Training Birth Job Choice Education/Training Retirement Employment Source: Phil Jarvis.

org .internationalcounselor. Vice President National Life/Work Center www.Moving to a New Paradigm in Career Development and Planning Source: Phil Jarvis.

internationalcounselor. but what’s right! • what’s missing. but what’s there! • about a destination.A shift in paradigm Not • what’s wrong. but a journey! www.org .

internationalcounselor.org .WoW • Speiler • Limnologist • BellyBuilder www.

Dr. Testum and Mr. Tellum
• Prescriptive services rarely work • We are infinitely more complex than any one test could show • The Pace of CHANGE • Serendipity


Job titles of the future



www.org .internationalcounselor.

org .internationalcounselor.Media based career development www.

You could change your mind tomorrow.internationalcounselor. Go with what is on the top of your mind. They can be in any order. www.Your most important life events • List the five most important events in your life. you can list four or seven events rather than • 5 or as many you can quickly jot down. You do not have to share the list. you can change the list. • There are no right or wrong answers.org .

org .internationalcounselor.4C the future • • • • Contemplation-reflective seeing Creativity-imaginative seeing Connectedness—holistic seeing Collaboration-inclusive seeing • Welcome to the innernet revolution www.

What a Career is:
• The sum total of your experiences, paid and unpaid, formal and informal • You are already in career development

A Career is not

• A job • A straight line

•A prescription •A profession

Career development is not
• A one time thing… • The answer to a test… • One size fits all… • Quick…

org .internationalcounselor.What is Career Development? Self Hopes and Dreams Work Dynamic www.

Self • • • • • Talents Interests Personality Weaknesses Strengths www.internationalcounselor.org .

– – – – US Canada UK Australia • For planning purposes www.internationalcounselor.org .Work Dynamic • Global Labour Market information.

Hopes and Dreams • Develop a plan. but live a process www.internationalcounselor.org .

org .What is Career Development? Self Career! Hopes and Dreams Work Dynamic www.internationalcounselor.

internationalcounselor.What is Career Development? My World Career! The Ideal World The World www.org .

LMI Match? Talents PI www.org .internationalcounselor.

but commit to a process www.internationalcounselor.org .Keys to our program • Self-exploration • Keep doors open • Global yet kids able to target • Build a plan.

internationalcounselor.Every class and activity is • A chance to explore a career • An opportunity to develop transferable skills • Practice ground for developing positive attitudes www.org .

The High Five Change is constant www.org .internationalcounselor.

” —General Eric Shinseki. Chief of Staff. you’re going to like irrelevance even less.internationalcounselor.“If you don’t like change. Army www. S. U.org .

www.org . QuickTimeª and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture.Read these books QuickTimeª and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture. QuickTimeª and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture.internationalcounselor.

The World Is Flat. 2005 www.internationalcounselor.The World Is Flat Types of jobs that will be in demand for a long time to come: • the great corroborators • the great leveragers • the great synthesizers • the passionate personalizers • the great localizers • the “green ones” • the great explainers and • the great adapters. Thomas Friedman.org .

internationalcounselor. nor the most intelligent.“It is not the strongest of the species that survives.org . but the one most responsive to change.” —Charles Darwin www.

” James Yorke.successful people are those who are good at plan B.org . mathematician. on chaos theory in The New Scientist www.internationalcounselor.

org .internationalcounselor.Significant Shift in Leadership • 90% of American businesses are family owned • ¾ family owned leaders will leave in 10 years • 40% will leave in 5 years www.

internationalcounselor.More Leadership Turnover • CEO vacancies highest ever in 2005 • 113% increase from 2004 to 2005 • Significant turnover occurring in other key leadership spots – Board Directors.org . Officers. Junior Executives www.

internationalcounselor.The “Itch” for Occupational Adventure • • • • • • • 45% feel satisfied 20% feel passionate 33% feel dead ended 21% very eager to change jobs. companies LT 15% feel energized 30% feel employer inspires the best in them 85% say definition of leader has changed www.org .

org .internationalcounselor.Important Trends to Notice • • • • • • Small biz = fastest growing Small firm employees more engaged Satisfaction valued more than $ Change is biz constant Professional women opting out Professional service firms on the rise www.

cheaper www.internationalcounselor.Trend Tracking Continued • Technology is a given • Automation is a result • Global outsourcing – same quality.org .

internationalcounselor.“80% of all white collar jobs as we know them today will either disappear entirely or be reconfigured…” Tom Peters. 2004 www.org .

org .Itch + Trends = The New Economy The Next Business Turning Point Is Here www.internationalcounselor.

org .The Big Three Drivers of Change Abundance Asia Automation Source: Dan Pink. A Whole New Mind www.internationalcounselor.

The prosperity it has unleashed has placed a premium on things that appeal to less rational.org . more R-Directed sensibilities—beauty.” —Dan Pink. emotion. spirituality.internationalcounselor. A Whole New Mind www.“But abundance has also produced an ironic result: The very triumph of LDirected Thinking has lessened its significance.

India 350. A Whole New Mind www.org .internationalcounselor.000 engineering grads per year >50% F500 outsource software work to India GE: 48% of software developed in India (Sign in GE India office: “Trespassers will be recruited”) Source: Dan Pink.

internationalcounselor.Software’s Enormous Inroads Docs Lawyers Accountants Source: Dan Pink. A Whole New Mind www.org .

org . A Whole New Mind www.Agriculture Age (farmers) Industrial Age (factory workers) Information Age (knowledge)workers) Conceptual Age (creators and empathizers) Source: Dan Pink.internationalcounselor.

” —Dan Pink.internationalcounselor.“The MFA is the new MBA.org . A Whole New Mind www.

A Whole New Mind www.internationalcounselor. the answer is straightforward. that answer is inadequate. What exactly are we supposed to do?” —Dan Pink.’ But on another level.“What does this mean for you and me? How can we prepare for the conceptual age? On one level. in a which LDirected Thinking remains necessary but no longer sufficient. we must become proficient in RDirected Thinking and master aptitudes that are ‘high concept’ and ‘high touch.org . In a world tossed by Abundance. Asia and Automation.

org .Design. Story. A Whole New Mind www. Source: Dan Pink. Empathy. Play. Symphony.internationalcounselor.

Not just seriousness.org . but also … PLAY. but also … DESIGN. Not just focus. but also … SYMPHONY. Not just argument. but also … EMPATHY. but also … STORY.internationalcounselor.Not just function. A Whole New Mind www. Source: Dan Pink. Not just logic.

org .www.internationalcounselor.

internationalcounselor.org .The High Five Follow your heart Change is constant www.

Kids have dreams www.org .internationalcounselor.

org .internationalcounselor.Kids have dreams www.

What is your north star? • “…if you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while. and they open doors to you. you begin to meet people who are in your field of bliss. I say. When you can see that.internationalcounselor. and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be. follow your bliss and don't be afraid.org .”—Joseph Cambell www. waiting for you.

org .internationalcounselor.Life Work • • • • • Mission Purpose Bliss Calling “Work worth doing” www.

not govern you • Treat goals as hypothesis www.Planned happenstance • Use goals to guide you.org .internationalcounselor.

Focus on the journey The High Five Follow your heart Change is constant www.org .internationalcounselor.

www.Career Serendipity Serendipity "the faculty of making happy and unexpected discoveries by accident".internationalcounselor.org .

internationalcounselor.Stay learning Focus on the journey The High Five Follow your heart Change is constant www.org .

org . • Half of what is known today was not known 10 years ago. • knowledge has doubled in the past 10 years • and is doubling every 18 months www.internationalcounselor.half-life of knowledge • the time span from when knowledge is gained to when it becomes obsolete.

00 20.internationalcounselor.00 2nd 25.00 Knowledge Knowledge now 100.00 70.org .00 90.00 30.00 1st 50.00 10.00 0.50 www.00 3rd 12.00 40.00 50.00 60.00 80.Half life of knowledge 100.

internationalcounselor.Half life of… 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 now 6 mos 18 mos 60 mos Engingeering Marketing programing www.org .

internationalcounselor.org .1000 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 now programing Marketing Engingeering 6 mos 18 mos 60 mos www.

org .internationalcounselor.And college? • Welcome to the 40 year degree • Just in time learning www.

I have become a nomadic learner.org . no formal structure other than the tools I use to connect to the people and sources that point me to what I need to know and learn. I find what I need when I need it. I graze on knowledge. There is no linear curriculum to my learning.internationalcounselor.Changing Face of Learners “In this new interactive Web world. the same tools I use to then give back what I have discovered. “ www.

internationalcounselor.Stay learning Focus on the journey The High Five Be an Ally Follow your heart Change is constant www.org .

Already connected • Web • Six degrees of … • Who are your allies www.internationalcounselor.org .

internationalcounselor.Stay learning Focus on the journey The High Five Be an Ally Follow your heart Change is constant www.org .

Be aware & wary of what you know 3. Be realistic & optimistic about what you believe 4.internationalcounselor. Be practical & magical about what you do www.org . Be focused & flexible about what you want 2.Four paradoxical principles 1.

“You do not merely want to be the best of the best.internationalcounselor. You want to be considered the only ones who do what you do.” —Jerry Garcia www.org .

org .And parent should? www.internationalcounselor.

org .And parent should? www.internationalcounselor.

…and parent should? • Listen and encourage kids dreams and passions • Push for possibilities • Provide opportunities • Be the yin for the yang (paradoxical parenting) • Share their own stories www.org .internationalcounselor.

robotics. computer graphics. biotechnology.org . and lasers.internationalcounselor.The future? • • • • • • health care. infotech. www.

internationalcounselor.org .The future? • • • • • • Counseling Nursing Designers Entertainment Meaning makers Consultants www.

no matter how hard you apply yourself you won’t get noticed.“If there is nothing very special about your work.internationalcounselor.” www. and that increasingly means you won’t get paid much either.org .

org .internationalcounselor.Dan Pink’s take • Can someone overseas do it cheaper? • Can a computer do it faster? • Am I offering something that satisfies the non-material. transcendent desires of an abundant age? www.

Dan Pink’s take • • • • • • Design Story Symphony Empathy Play Meaning www.org .internationalcounselor.

org .internationalcounselor.Design • Shape our environment beyond functionality • Now more accessible • Means of differentiation in business www.

think about how to improve the poorly designed item.Two Minute Drill .internationalcounselor. www.DESIGN • Choose something at work that annoys you • In two minutes.org .

internationalcounselor.org . most effective way to connect people to vision • Organizational storytelling • Supplements analysis www.Story • In Information Age. red headed stepchild • Facts now widespread & accessible • Places facts in context with emotional impact • Today.

internationalcounselor. www.STORY • In two minutes.Two Minute Drill . write the first sentence of a mini saga about your life and/or work.org .

” Alan Kay. hungry for a wise person to tell us stories. Xerox Hewlett-Packard Executive www.org .Why Stories? “Scratch the surface in a typical boardroom and we’re all just cavemen with briefcases.internationalcounselor. co-founder.

A Whole New Mind www. still… why stories? “Today facts are ubiquitous. each one becomes less valuable. nearly free. What begins to matter more is the ability to place these facts in context and to deliver them with emotional impact. and available at the speed of light… so. And that is the essence of the aptitude of Story – context enriched by emotion.But.org .internationalcounselor.” Daniel Pink Author.

Who else is doing this? • 3M executives get storytelling lessons • NASA uses storytelling in its knowledge management • XEROX created Eureka (a story data bank estimated worth $100 million) • Columbia U teaching narrative medicine to ALL 2nd year medical students www.org .internationalcounselor.

org .Symphony • Ability to put together the pieces • Seeing relationships the rest of us never notice • Derivative thinking – conceptual blending www.internationalcounselor.

What do you now see? www.org .Two Minute Drill SYMPHONY • For two minutes. train your eye to find things in the negative space of the Hershey kiss picture.internationalcounselor.

intuition.org .internationalcounselor.Empathy • Ability to imagine yourself in another’s position and to intuit what that person is feeling • Universal language that connects us • Essential to life with meaning • Involves active listening. willingness to deviate from rules www.

imagine what it would be like to be the owner of this purse.internationalcounselor.Two Minute Drill .org .EMPATHY • In two minutes. www.

exultant.Play • To “act out” and be willful.org .internationalcounselor. committed as if one is assured of one’s prospects • Emerging from work shadow • Games – recruiting whole brained workers • Humor – accurate marker for leadership effectiveness • Joyfulness – more productive. more fulfilled www.

org . doing and creating value • Cohesive force in organizations • Cannot be replicated by computer • Portal for creativity www.internationalcounselor.More Play • Will be dominant way of knowing.

internationalcounselor.PLAY • In two minutes.org .Two Minute Drill . write down your own caption for the New Yorker cartoon. www.

internationalcounselor.org .Name that cartoon… www.

www.org .internationalcounselor.Name that cartoon….

org .Meaning • Know your signature strengths • Using them in the service of something bigger than you • Spirituality – basic desire to find purpose & meaning • Take happiness seriously • Assists in goal attainment www.internationalcounselor.

internationalcounselor. I call this “raging appreciation.” www.org .MEANING • In two minutes.Two Minute Drill . write down at least ten things that you are grateful for in your life.

but success is far more dangerous. It is so. If you’re successful at the wrong thing.org .” www. the mix of praise and money and opportunity can lock you in forever. so much harder to leave a good thing.internationalcounselor.“Failure’s hard.

empathy. A Whole New Mind www. meaning—will govern.internationalcounselor.org .” —Dan Pink.“The era of ‘left brain’ dominance —and the Information Age it engendered—Is giving way to a new world in which ‘right brain’ qualities—inventiveness.

designers. pattern recognizers and meaning makers. caregivers. consolers. The future belongs to a very different kind of person with a very different kind of mind—creators and empathizers. storytellers. inventors.internationalcounselor. MBAs who could crunch numbers. A Whole New Mind www.org . lawyers who could craft contracts. big picture thinkers—will now reap society’s richest rewards and share its greatest joys. These people—artists.” —Dan Pink.“The past few decades have belonged to a certain kind of person with a certain kind of mind—computer programmers who could crank code. But the keys to the kingdom are changing hands.

synthetic Source: Dan Pink/A Whole New Mind www. literal. functional.internationalcounselor. contextual. textual. metaphorical.org .L-Directed Thinking: sequential. aesthetic. analytic to R-Directed Thinking: simultaneous.

Now R-Directed Thinking is suddenly grabbing the wheel. and determining where we’re going and how we’re going to get there. and right-brain style thinking the passenger.internationalcounselor. A Whole New Mind www.“Left-brain style thinking used to be the driver. But they’re no longer sufficient.org . LDirected aptitudes—the kind measured by the SAT and employed by CPAs—are still necessary. stepping on the gas.” —Dan Pink.

Generations at Work Retiring from the work force 63-84 years old Middle to end work force 46-62 years old Beginning to mid work force 26-45 years old In K-16 education system 6-25 years old Veterans or Traditionalists 1922-1943 Baby Boomers 1944-1960 Gen Xers 1961-1980 Nexters or Millennials 1981-2000 www.org .internationalcounselor.

internationalcounselor.org .” www. hard work. stable. patience Assets: Liabilities: Motivational Messages: Loyal. detail-oriented Uncomfortable with conflict. and perseverance will be rewarded. duty. dedication and sacrifice. inept with ambiguity and change “Your experience is valued.Veterans or Traditionalists Core Values: Conformity.

internationalcounselor. personal gratification Assets: Liabilities: Motivational Messages: Service-oriented.” www.Baby Boomers Core Values: Optimism. overly sensitive to feedback “Your contribution is unique and important. driven.org . team orientation. team player Reluctant to go against peers. work involvement.

independent. fun. technoliteracy. cynical.org . Do it your way.” www. poor people skills. creative Impatient. informality Assets: Liabilities: Motivational Messages: Adaptable. inexperienced “There are not a lot of rules here.internationalcounselor.Gen Xers Core Values: Diversity. thinking globally.

tenacity Need for supervision and structure “You’ll be working with other bright. achievement. confidence. morality Assets: Liabilities: Motivational Messages: Tenacity.internationalcounselor. creative people. multi-tasking. sociability.Nexters or Millennials Core Values: Civic duty.org .” www.

internationalcounselor. www.QuickTimeª and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture.org .

org .internationalcounselor.Go to part B www.