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The Company was incorporated in 1902 and it opened its first hotel, The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower, Mumbai, in 1903.

The Company then undertook major expansion of The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower,

Around 225 to 550 room capacity.

With the completion of its initial public offering in the early 1970s, the Company began a long term programme of geographic expansion and

development of new tourist destinations in India which led to its emergence as a leading hotel chain in India.

‡Taj has built a solid reputation in the hospitality industry. ‡With a tradition of commitment to excellence. ‡ There is a strong focus on exceeding customer expectations.‡ Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces is a worldwide chain of hotels and resorts. ‡A part of the Tata Group. spanning 52 destinations in 12 countries across 5 continents and employ over 13000 people ‡The Taj Group has a philosophy of service excellence . 7 palaces. . 6 private islands and 12 resorts and spas. personal attention and guest delight. Taj Hotels Resort and Palaces own and operate 76 hotels. the Taj brand succeeds in making guests feel completely at home. one of India's largest business conglomerates. reinventing service concepts and upgrading physical products.

. Š STARS was an initiative aimed at motivating employees to transcend their usual duties and responsibilities and have fun during work. This program also acknowledged and rewarded hard working employees who had done excellent work.Š In March 2001. the Taj Group launched an employee loyalty program called the 'Special Thanks and Recognition System' (STARS).

. Š In 2000. which resulted in repeat customers for many hotels in the group. right from their induction to the company till their superannuation. Š It boost the morale of its employees and improve service standards.Š The Taj Group had always believed that their employees were their greatest assets. to show its commitment to and belief in employees. which covered all the people practices of the group. Š TPP considered every aspect of employees organizational career planning. Š Š The STAR system also led to global recognition. the Taj Group developed the 'Taj People Philosophy' (TPP). Taj won Hermes award in 2002.

' covered all the aspects of an employee's career. The group aimed at making the HR function a critical business partner. The concept. from joining the group until his/her retirement Š Š Š .Š People-oriented culture. 'Taj People Philosophy' (TPP) covering all people practices of the group given by Bernard. rather than just a support function. originally planned to be called as 'The Womb to Tomb Approach.

front office management. Š The Taj family would always strive to attract. hospitality and service. The employees of the Taj Group were trained in varied fields like sales and marketing. food and beverages. Familiarized them with the business ethos of the group. . Š The Taj family would commit itself to formal communication channels. projects. HR and more. retain and reward the best talent in the industry. which would foster transparency. finance.Š Š Š All new employees were placed in an intensive two-year training program. Š Every employee of the Taj Group would be an important member in the Taj family.

Š Focus on enhancing both individual as well as enterprise performance. BSS measured the performance of employees across all hierarchical levels against a set of predefined targets and identified their variances.Š Linked individual performance with the group's overall strategy. Š .

According to this survey. . Š Taj carried out an organization wide employee satisfaction survey .Š The BSS included an Employee Satisfaction Tracking System (ESTS). which solved employees' problems on a quarterly basis. Š Š Taj also recognized and rewarded its best employees across all levels of the organization. Š Taj created a unique employee loyalty and reward program known as STARS. the reported satisfaction level was about 75 percent. The group aimed to increase this satisfaction level up to 90-95 %.

Contain a chain of 62 hotels and 15. recognize and reward those employees who excelled in their work.Š The system was developed in accordance with Taj's core philosophy that 'happy employees lead to happy customers.000 employees are from India. Š It aimed to identify. Š .

Many employees do that extra bit and go that extra mile .(360 degree method is applied) . Š True spirit arised . Š The recognition of the TAJ employees directly linked to customer satisfaction. Š Š It is recognition for the people. STARS was also used by the group as an appraisal system.Š After implementation of the STARS customer satisfaction level increased significantly. in addition to its regular appraisal system.out of the way to dazzle the customer satisfaction with employee recognition. of the people and by the people.

Š Repeated foot falls of customers were noticed after the implementation of STARS.Š Service standard at all TAJ hotels increased significantly because employees felt that their good work was being acknowledged and appreciated. .

Award system at Taj Š Š Š Š Š Š Š Depend on kindness and hospitality. Level 1: Silver grade on 120 points in three months Level 2: Gold grade on 130 points Level 3: Platinum on 250 points in six months Level 4: Part of chief operating officer club points should be more than 510 but less than 760 Level 5: MD club member for more than 760 points Its not on the basis of cash but on the basis of points .

Š Š Š Š Š Š Š Š Š Integrity Honesty and kindness Respect for customer Environmental awareness Teamwork with coordination Excellence in work New initiative Trustworthiness Courage and convincing power .

It compels judges to give fast result.Default point system An employee if don·t work properly can get 20 default points in one go. . If the feed back is not given in 2 days by committee an employee can even be thrown out.

It added points in employee record. He offered to cal a doctor but due to denial he brought warm water with honey and garlic.Š Š Š Š When a customer at Taj arrived late night and was suffering form cold was given special attention by bell boy . .He did his work out of job. It satisfied the customer so much that while going he left appreciation letter for him.

Š TAJ group won the Hermes award in 2002 for best innovation in HR and in the hospitality industry. The TAJ group of hotels was placed at the top of the list of the best of the hotels in the world after winning the Hermes Award. Š Š They also got offer to set up hotels in France. . Š The ³employee retention rate´ of the TAJ group was the highest in the hospitality industry because of its employee oriented initiatives.

Š 120 applications were received for the award for the year 2002.Š The µHermes Award¶ is decided by a 22 member Jury.among which five shortlisted for the final round. which from top includes hospitality representatives chains from all over the world . Š This is the only award given for the human resources in the hospitality industry and is also one of the most prestigious awards in the hospitality industry. .

.Š The TAJ group won the award for its innovative STAR programme. Association Berlin (PATWA) ± 2002 Lifetime contribution for promoting the Hospitality Industry. Š On the same year Taj got two other renowned prizes:  Selling Long Haul¶ Travel Awards 2002 ± Best Hotel Group in India  Pacific Asia Travel Writers ± ITB.

.Š STARS ±best HR initiative brought a lots of strategic benefits to the TAJ group. Š HR for any organization is a valuable asset which can lead to organization from womb to tomb. which placed to Taj group hotels in the top of hospitality industry. Š The entire credit for this goes to the HR team which initiated the Stars programme and kept it running. Š STARS.the Hermes award 2002 in the hospitality industry.