Match the words with their synonyms:

1- supply 2- export 3- import 4- illegally 5- secluded 6- confront 7- taunt 8- destroy 9- reply 10- resolve 11- trial 12- justice 13- aim 14- follower

a- separate, isolated b- face c- sell goods to another country d- supporter, proponent e- provide, give f- reach and point a weapon g- bring a product from one country into another h- tease, make fun of i- lawlessly j- demolish, ruin k- fairness, justness l- answer, respond m- figure out, solve n- lawsuit

Match the pictures with the words:

slave trigger cricket nun timber logging

Complete the sentences with the right words: 1. The teacher should try to _________the possibility that the eliminate child has a hearing defect. settled 2. Many Jewish people _________ in the Lower East Side. 3. We're having difficulty _________ enough qualified staff. recruiting ranchers 4. In the Amazon region, there are a lot of cattle _________ working on large farm lands. previous 5. The _________ owner of the house had built an extension on the back. speculator 6. The _________ is a person who buys goods, property, money, etc. in the hope of selling them at a profit. entire 7. It was the worst day in my _________ life because I have never felt so ashamed of myself before. falling apart 8. My poor old boots are _____________ after years of wearing them continuously. 9. First editions of these books are now almost impossible to _________. obtain 10.We wereencouraged to learn foreign languages at school. _________ 11.The church was destroyed in the bombing but the altar intact survived _________.

settled ranchers speculator entire encouraged obtain previous falling apart intact eliminate recruiting

Find the right word for the underlined word given in the sentences

1. The soldiers resisted (the enemy attacks) for two days. a) stop, fight against b) try hard c) withdraw 2. He shouts a lot but I don't think he's ever been physically violent towards her. a) Rude b) inconsiderate c) wild, fierce 3. Incredibly, no one was hurt in the accident. a) fortunately b) unbelievably c) luckily 4. There's a lot of competition between computer companies. a) rivalry b) communication c) hostility 5. He was there and saw what happened, so his is the only authentic account. a) fake b) real c) loyal 6. Malnutrition in the region is widespread - affecting up to 78% of children under five years old a) common b) well-known c) prestigious 7. It is questionable whether this goal can be achieved. a) doubtful b) reliable c) unknown 8. There were violent clashes between the police and demonstrators in the city centre. a) discussions b) disputes c) fights, arguments

Match the words with their synonyms:

1. prosecute 2. fraud 3. undertake 4. devastate 5. advocate 6. sustainable 7. deforestation 8. respect 9. property 10.exaggerated 11.enormous 12.feasible 13.coincide

a. possible, usable b. deception, trickery c. cutting down of trees d. take to court e. take the responsibility for f. synchronize g. destroy, ruin h. huge, immense i. support, uphold j. overstated, overdone k. maintainable, supportable l. belongings m. honor, appreciate

Complete the sentences with the right words: laws 1. The __________ governing the possession of firearms are being reviewed. 2. He supplements (= adds to) his income by working in a __________ bar in the evening. Clear-cutting 3. __________, or clearfelling, is a controversial logging practice in which most or all trees in a harvest area are cut down. take into consideration 4. We will __________ your recent illness __________ when marking your exams. restrict 5. You may need to __________ access to certain files (=limit the number of people who can read them). 6. Governments make laws and the police ____enforce___ __________ them. permitted 7. As a punishment, she was not __________ to attend any school activities. ignore 8. How can the government __________ the wishes of the majority? adjacent 9. They lived in a house __________ to the railway.

1. take into consideration 2. clear-cutting 3. permitted 4. laws 5. restrict 6. enforce 7. ignore 8. adjacent 9. supplements

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