Effective Communication

Deepmalaa Shrestha, Lecturer, MBA 2nd Tri, Nov 29th

What is the communication ?... 
Communication. ± An interpersonal process of sending and

receiving symbols with messages attached to them.  Key elements of the communication process: ± Sender. ± Message. ± Communication channel. ± Receiver. ± Interpreted meaning. ± Feedback.
Deepmalaa Shrestha, Lecturer, MBA 2nd Tri, Nov 29th

Functions of Communication. MBA 2nd Tri. Lecturer.. Nov 29th .. Control Motivation Emotional Expression Information Deepmalaa Shrestha.

. MBA 2nd Tri. Lecturer. Nov 29th .The Communication Process. Source Encodin g Channe l Feedback Decoding Receive r Deepmalaa Shrestha..

MBA 2nd Tri. Deepmalaa Shrestha. ± Status effects. ± Physical distractions. Nov 29th . Lecturer. ± Poor written or oral expression. ± Failure to recognize nonverbal signals.What is the communication process?  Sources of noise in communication: ± Poor choice of channels.

‡ Require extensive dissemination quickly. climate. even inspirational. ‡ Convey formal policy or authoritative directives. ± Written channels work for messages that: ‡ Are simple and easy to convey. MBA 2nd Tri. ‡ Attempt to create a supportive. Nov 29th . ± Spoken channels work best for messages that: ‡ Are complex or difficult to convey where immediate feedback is needed.What is the communication process?  Poor choice of channels. Lecturer. ± Choose the channel that works best. Deepmalaa Shrestha.

. Sequence points.Communication Process Conti. Set the right tone. Don¶t bet on the Internet. Deepmalaa Shrestha.  Guidelines for making oral presentations: ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± Be prepared. Be professional.. Lecturer. Check your technology.. Nov 29th . Add the right amount of polish. MBA 2nd Tri. Accent the presentation. Support your points.

Deepmalaa Shrestha. facial expressions. Failure to recognize nonverbal signals. eye contact. and use of interpersonal space. Nov 29th . ± The growing use of communication technologies causes important nonverbal communication to be lost. MBA 2nd Tri. body posture. Lecturer. ± Nonverbal communication takes place through gestures. ± Mixed messages occur when a person¶s words and nonverbal signals communicate different things.

± Can interfere with the effectiveness of a communication attempt. etc. MBA 2nd Tri. ± Include interruptions from telephone calls. ± Can be avoided or at least minimized through proper planning.What is the communication process?  Physical distractions. drop-in visitors. Nov 29th . Lecturer. a lack of privacy. Deepmalaa Shrestha.

´ Deepmalaa Shrestha. ‡ Subordinates acting as ³yes men. ± Occur when an organization¶s hierarchy of authority creates a barrier to effective communication. Status effects. Lecturer. MBA 2nd Tri. Nov 29th . ± Status effects include: ‡ Filtering ² the intentional distortion of information to make it appear favorable to the recipient.

± Give it in small doses. Lecturer. Nov 29th . or about the situation in general. ± Make it specific. ± Give it when the receiver is willing/able to accept it. MBA 2nd Tri. ± The process of telling others how you feel about something they did or said. Feedback.  Constructive feedback guidelines: ± Give it directly. Deepmalaa Shrestha. ± Make sure it is valid.

Nov 29th Deepmalaa Shrestha. verbal and nonverbal. nd .. Lecturer.. ± Note all cues.How can communication be improved?.. MBA 2 Tri. ± Respond to feelings. ± Listen for message content. ± The process of taking action to help someone say exactly what he or she really means...  Rules for active listening. ± Listen for feelings.  Active listening.. ± Paraphrase and restate.

. ± Show that you want to listen. ± Don¶t get mad. Deepmalaa Shrestha. ± Empathize with the other person.. MBA 2nd Tri. ± Ask questions. ± Remove any potential distractions. ± Stop talking. ± Don¶t respond too quickly. Lecturer. Nov 29th . be patient. hold your temper. ± Put the other person at ease. Ten steps for good listening. ± Go easy on argument and criticism.

Lecturer. and fast. Nov 29th . ‡ High channel richness is personal. and slow. one-way. ± Managers need to choose a channel with the appropriate richness for the communication. MBA 2nd Tri.How can communication be improved?  Use of communication channels. two-way. ± Channel richness is the capacity of a communication channel to carry information in an effective manner. Deepmalaa Shrestha. ‡ Low channel richness is impersonal.

± Management by wandering around (MBWA). Ways to keep communication channels open through interactive management. ± Open office hours. ± Computer-mediated meetings and video conferences. ± 360-degree feedback. ± Regular employee group meetings. Deepmalaa Shrestha. Nov 29th . ± Employee advisory councils. ± Communication consultants. MBA 2nd Tri. Lecturer.

Don't you care? . Nov 29th and say nothing. I don't care. I married you. MBA 2nd Tri. SANDRA: What do you feel like doing this weekend? LARRY. What do you want to do? SANDRA: Do you want to invite our friends over? LARRY: I don't know. How can you just sit there Deepmalaa Shrestha.) SANDRA: Do you love me? LARRY: Of course I love you. Lecturer.Different languages A one-sided conversation might go like this: SANDRA: How was your day? LARRY: OK. Do you know where the TV schedule is? SANDRA: (upset) Why don't you talk to me? LARRY: (Stunned and silent. SANDRA: What happened? LARRY* The usual. SANDRA: How could you love me? We never talk any more.

Summary: At this point. Deepmalaa Shrestha. When he came back he would act as though nothing had happened. Nov 29th . Larry would get up and go for a walk. Lecturer. MBA 2nd Tri. but inside she would withdraw her love and warmth. Sandra would also act as though everything was fine.

" "It's no big deal. What is it?" "I'm fine" or "It's fine. I could help." = "But you seem upset.SIX COMMON ABBREVIATED WARNING SIGNALS When a woman asks "What's the matter?" A Man Says "I'm OK" or "It's OK." = "But something is upsetting you. What is it?" "It's all right" or "I'm all right." = "Are you sure? I am happy to help you." = "But it is a problem." = "I want to help. I think we should talk. Let's talk. Nov 29th .' = A Woman Responds "I know something's wrong. Lecturer. MBA 2nd Tri." Deepmalaa Shrestha." "It's no problem. I know something is bothering you." "It's nothing.

1)Meaning of I am OK-. Deepmalaa Shrestha. Even if it upsets you. I can deal with my upset She hears-I am not willing to share with you my upset feelings. Lecturer." 2) "I am fine -If I do I will ask She hears-"I don't care about what has happened. I do not trust you to be there for me. I don't care. MBA 2nd Tri. Nov 29th .

Nov 29th ." "If you don't like your job." "You don't love me anymore." "That's ridiculous." "It's not always a mess.  TEN COMMON COMPLAINTS THAT ARE EASILY MISINTERPRETED Women say things like this Men respond like this    "We never go out." right now. That's why I'm here." "But I am listening to you   "Nothing is working." "I am so tired."  "I want to forget everything." "That's not true." "Everyone ignores me. Lecturer." "Are you saying it is my fault?" "Of course I do. I can't do anything. then quit." "I'm sure some people notice you." Deepmalaa Shrestha. MBA 2nd Tri." "No one listens to me anymore. We went out last week."   "The house is always a mess.

You should do more. I feel so hopeless." 2) "I am so tired. and just boring. unromantic.1) "We never go out" -I love being with you Male hears: We never do anything together anymore because you are lazy. Picking you was mistake. I can't do it all. MBA 2 Tri. Mars hears: "I do everything and you do nothing." nd . Lecturer. Nov 29th a big with. I want a 'real man' to live Deepmalaa Shrestha. -I can't do anything" -I am so lucky to have your support.

I just want to feel you understanding the pressures I feel. Nov 29th ." Mars hears: I have to do so much that I don't want to do.3) "I want to forget everything" . I want a better partner who can make my life more fulfilling Deepmalaa Shrestha. Lecturer. MBA 2nd Tri. I am so unhappy with you and our relationship. Tomorrow I will get back to being responsible and handling things. It would make me feel so much better. It helps me to relax.