The system will be used to see the details i.e.

time and cost of flight.  User if wishes to, can book a ticket online.

. To provide good user interface to users and make the airline reservation system easier.  Saving the user from going to booking offices and provide an online interface for hassle free reservation.

increasing the time for booking where each user has to wait in the queue for a long time and has to travel to the booking office.Currently for the given airline system the work of reservation is done manually by the reservation clerks. .

the integrated service of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is used.  Adobe Photoshop CS4 is used for developing the looks n graphics of the front end  MS Notepad++ is used for the frontend web development i. HTML and coding the CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) and for Javascript. Microsoft Visual Web Develop Tool is used for the main coding which is done using ASP. NET. C#  For the database.e. .

system has used the Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Continued..  The system is web-based application. . Concurrent access to database is allowed.. As stated earlier..

It is followed by specific information of what is in each table. Database is designed to reduce redundancy to maximum level possible. .  Joins are formed instead of cross products to reduce query time and increase efficiency.  Next is the overview of all the table used in designing our project.

ti e. ate. Resi ( reservati ID) serves as t e ri ary key User Reservati . s rce a Fli t ei t e ri ary key Ta le c tai s t e l i a c tact i f r ati a t t e ser. esti ati .Table Name Dlfi t Description C tai s i f r ati a t t e fli t . Pri ary key f r t e ta le ei Useri C tai s t e reservati s e all asse ers f t e fli ts wit rice a all f t e .

 Front-end only calls the stored procedure with the valid arguments  Stored procedure are set of statement used to insert/update/select data from the database. . Stored procedures are used to communicate with the database.

 A registered user uses the username and password to login  A user can register on the website with a unique username (a userid is assigned to it as primary key by the database)  The SHA 1 hashing is used to hash the password and send it to server for security. . Now we will cover all the pages of our project with the code .

e.  The click on Submit button redirects to a confirmation page for checking of details before the user makes the payment. The user can chose its flight details i. date and number of passengers by the drop down menus provided. . source ->destination.

 It allows to cancel the ticket for all or some number when a reservation has more than one passengers . The page requests for the unique resid number given on to the user after the payment at the time of booking.

 A user once logged in can see its booking. .  The page shows all the booking for one user and an option to cancel the booking from here too.

. Simply logs out by saving all the session variables of the user.

Interface layer(HTML/AJAX/ASP.NET without which the product would not have been developed is duly acknowledged here. Business layer(C#) III. Database layer(Microsoft SQL Server 2005) II.  Works efficiently (distributing load on individual systems server or host) with 3 tier architectureI.NET in short) . the product can make wonders happen.NET!!!  The power of ASP.Kudos to ASP.

 Though most primitive to develop a project with a team of two and deliver the end result in time we followed WATERFALL Model The subsequent slide will explain our proceedings at each stage .

graphics in Photoshop  Implementation: Finally adding all the components and connecting through ODBC (Open Database Connection) and integrating it in one  Testing and Debugging : As in waterfall model. database in T-SQL . the final product was tested through a no.of dry runs and testing by passing different arguments and checking against it. Minor bugs are then removed and broken links are patched Met the explicit requirements successfully and GUI developed bound to satisfy the customer. Went through all the phases  Requirement Gathering & Analysis : went through other web based reservation system and collected the basic requirements & analyzed it to develop our project  Design : Decided at the very beginning to use the 3-tier architecture to decrease the load  Coding : Done in C#. .

 Very light-weight as it is intended to be used in server-client model.  Security(authentication) is taken into account. User privileges successfully implemented and tested. .

.  Rushi Bage Technologies. Awarded one of the best entries in recently concluded Get Sharp with C# event by Mr. a Mumbai Based web solution firm has provided 2gb web space to implement it online and develop it fully in the winter holidays and we are looking forward to it . Kiran V Cornelio and his panel of judges.

sight seeing packages as per the interest of user  An administrator login can be provided to update the flight details keeping in mind the security issues for online database access. The company can form alliance with top travel agencies and can provide pick up taxi at the airport. booking of room in hotels.  For a large business more than one servers would require Replication in databases. .