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Not Convinced! Here are a few facts that will make you believe«. .

The Writing is on the web Forrester: By 2009. online marketing activity will be more ubiquitous that anything except in-person events (including sales calls!)  DMA: In 2009. online marketing efforts will be the dominant media for B2B initiatives  CMO Council: B2B decision makers spend 5+ hours every week researching product information online  Knowledge Storm: 89% of business & IT professionals state that online content has a major impact on their vendor preference and selection  .

The Writing is on the web World Internet population has crossed 1 billion mark in 2008 39.5% of world internet users are from Asia Asian e-commerce will grow by 23% a year for the next decade Overall Asian online shopping penetration rate is about 70%     .

Online Classifieds .080 2007-08 (Figures in Rs Crores.) 7. Crores) 5.580 850 540 20 170 7.105 820 30 255 9.500 1.Industry Highlights ± Market Growth & Size The current and projected market size of consumer eCommerce in India MARKET SIZE FOR THE YEAR Online Travel Industry Online Non-Travel Industry .eTailing .Paid Content Subscription .Digital Downloads Total B2C/ C2C E-Commerce Market 2006-07 (Figures in Rs.000 2.210 Source: Internet & Mobile Association of India .210 1.

818 2009 130.381 127.955 58.145 44.894 41.782 2.583 475.393 168.099 51.032 2.984 25.959 160.171 Source: Zenith Optimedia .335 37.691 31.437 2.870 23.963 501.888 530.047 54.249 60.516 27. cinema and outdoor media  For the first time will exceed 10% of the global ad investment Global Advertisement Spend By Medium 2006 Newspapers Magazines Television Radio Cinema Outdoor Internet Total 123.356 35.359 36.126 35.264 US$ million 2007 2008 124.185 424.472 1.031 52.Industry Highlights ± Market Growth & Size  Already overtaken radio.999 446.366 56.347 1.427 180.829 60.588 198.110 39.414 29.518 189.496 2010 134.180 27.

6 8.7 8.5 5.0 12.4 2010 25.4 5.8 12.8 11.4 5.5 6.4 2007 27.7 37.1 11.7 9.4 37.5 7.7 7.4 2009 26.5 5.4 11.3 0.5 Source: Zenith Optimedia .8 10.8 8.1 2008 26.2 0.5 5.2 37.Industry Highlights ± Market Growth & Size Share Of total Ad Spend Globally By Medium 2006-10 (%) US$ million 2006 Newspapers Magazines Television Radio Cinema Outdoor Internet 29.9 11.9 7.7 0.9 0.9 0.5 37.9 37.

What does it suggest? .

Every business has to become an e-business ! e- .

³How can enterprises harness the power of internet? ´ .

³For any business the challenges are the same´ .

How do I attract new prospects? How do I convert them into customers? How do I retain them? .

The Problem Solver The answer is three simple E¶s:  Entice the potential customer Educate them about your product/service Engage them through an efficient workflow solution   .

Reinventing Marketing & Sales Entice .

no cost per click  Search engine marketing (SEM) .cost per click .Search Marketing Strategies Key internet marketing strategies  Search engine optimization (SEO) .

crawler-based listings of search engines .Search Marketing Strategies What is SEO? SEO is the act of modifying a website to increase its ranking in organic (vs paid).

lycos . Aol. the SE then indexes the pages and ranks the websites  Major SEs that index pages using spiders: Google. Altavista. Msn. makes copies of the pages and stores them in the SE¶s index  Based on this data.Search Marketing Strategies How do organic search listings work?  A spider or crawler which is a component of a SE gathers listings by automatically "crawling" the web  The spider follows links to web pages.

Search Marketing Strategies How SEO elements affect organic listings Title tag Meta description tag (or first para of text if no meta des has been added) Keywords .

Google Paid placements .Search Marketing Strategies Paid placements .

Search Marketing Strategies SEO Process ‡ Step 1: Website Analysis ‡ Step 2: Objective Setting ‡ Step 3: Competitor Analysis ‡ Step 4: Keyword Research And Optimization ‡ Step 5: Web Page Optimization ‡ Step 6: Submission ‡ Step 7: Link Building ‡ Step 8: Preparation Of Reports & Analysis ‡ Step 9: Fine Tune .

Reinventing Marketing & Sales Educate .

A computer application used to create. and Web content. video files. manage. image media. . edit. -The content managed may include computer files. electronic documents. search and publish various kinds of digital media and electronic text. audio files.Content Management Strategies Content Management System (CMS) .

Content Management Strategies .

.Blog Marketing Strategies Blogs .Various Tools and services make it so easy to create and maintain blogs .What makes a web page a blog is the format and the frequency of updates. .Blogging is a platform for instant publishing.Blogs get published to web as quickly as you can type. . simple and streamlined web pages that funnel your thoughts .Blogs are fast.

and can be viewed by any employee.Blog Marketing Strategies Internal Blogs This will be accessed through the corporation's Intranet. They encourage: o employee participation o free discussion of issues o collective intelligence o direct communication between various layers of an organization o a sense of community .

Blog Marketing Strategies External Blog External blog can be accessed by the companies target customers and will offer following benefits to a company¶s website: oCreating transparency oVery helpful Search Engine Optimization oNew content being made readily available at a fairly regular rate oInstant feedback and communication oGetting linked to and promoted by other bloggers in the community .

Reinventing Marketing & Sales Engage .

o AIRTEL o Shaadi.Assignment Prepare a Web Marketing Plan for: -You are the web marketing team of one of the following o HDFC Home Loans o Suzlon oMaruti Swift oCRY .

Assignment Your Web Marketing Plan Should describe the following .How will you define your Target Audience? Demographic and Psychographic profile? -What Messaging strategies will you use? (Educate) -Which Online Media are most suitable? (Entice) -How will you convert them into registered users? (Engage) Brainstorm and generate ideas using what you just learnt .