VISION Vision: To create a commercially viable financial institution that incorporates sustainable development within core business functions Mainstream sustainability through multi-stakeholder engagement both internally & externally Link shareholder value with sustainable development of India (Fourth Generation Sustainability) Engage in strategy development (in thought) and execution (in action) .

entered Indian market in late 2004 when the banking sector in india was already overcrowded by no of public bank y But inspite of late enterent the bank grew up with such a fast pace that it drew the attention of analysist and extend its operations to all over the country . one of the new generation private bank .Yes bank y Yes bank.

Yes bank y In dec 2006 the bank rated as third best private bank in India by business world and won many other awards y Ranked second best private bank in financial express Ernst & young survey of India s best for the year 2006 .

IPO was over subscribed 30 times .Yes bank y The yes bank was promoted by Rana kapoor and Ashok Kapur with assistance from robobank y Kapoor and kapur together own 52.5 % of the initial promoters equity of 20 m y While the Indian promoters had 39 % stake in the bank . robobank had 20 % stake and FII held 20 % y The bank went public in june 2005.

5 bn y Retail banking individual with annual turnover income between Rs.5 bn y Business banking companies with turnover between Rs .Yes bank segmentation Yes bank y Corporate & institutional banking companies with turnover of over Rs. 7.5bn and Rs 7.5bn and Rs 5mn .

one y Competition New Microsoft Office Word Document.PERFORMANCE y The bank growth as per the sensex yes.docx y Growth speaks through figures yes bank.xlsx .

y The knowledge banking approach was its main pillar of differentiation and using it provided specialized service to various sunrise industries through domain expert. .Differentation stragy y The bank differentiated itself from other players in the industry through its unique knowledge banking approach . emphasizing on technology and human resource.

Differentiation The success of yes bank can be attributed to its differentiating strategy The bank differentiated itself on three basic parameters y Knowledge banking approach y Emphasis on technology y Human resource .

. y Knowledge banking--. y The bank provides specialized service to the emerging sectors of the economy through better understanding of its clients business and industry.a unique method of acquiring customer and retaining them.Knowledge banking y Yes bank decided to follow an innovative approach to break into the heavily cluttered Indian commercial banking system.

y The bank identified some sectors of economy which had growth prospect:1. Life science and biotechnology 4. IT 6. Food and agribusiness 2. Infrastructure business 3. Real estate .Knowledge banking y The bank focused on providing the customer with specialized banking service depending upon their requirement. Media and entertainment 7. Telecommunication 5.

Technology y Yes bank was founded with the aim of providing the world class customer service to the customer using latest technology in the industry. y The bank consider technology as a strategic tool to differentiate itself from other banks. y Corporate internet banking y ATMs y Mobile banking y Phone banking .

it used FLEXCURE.Technology y The bank entered into the strategic partnership with Gartner inc. y I-flex solution ltd. y Yes bank use FLEXCUBE to provide key banking solution to its customers. as its core banking system for retail as well as corporate banking. a universal banking solution software. . y Price Water House Coopers to facilitate the confirmation of policies and process with ISO and six sigma norms. to formulate and implement the bank IT policy.

HUMAN RESOURCE y Top management team very experienced. 3. 4. 5. y Higher pay to retain talent y 5% executive ownership clause 1. Key initiatives by bank to recruit and train manpower Yes entrepreneur in action Yes professional entrepreneurship program Yes mentor Yes school of banking Yes university and school relations . 2.

Top management very experienced. Yes bank had access to latest technology. Yes bank had good promoters. Outsourcing its non core business.Statics y Statistics shows that the bank was primarily in metros y y y y y and other places that provided them a sound customer base. . who were knowledgeable and used latest technology. They had the ability to raise funds easily because of foreign shareholding.

India y Significant strengths in agriculture. according priority status y Growth in Organized food retail India¶s share in global production Fruits 15 Vegetables 11 0 % 10 20 India¶s prices as % of world prices F ru its 63 Ve g e ta b le s 40 50 53 60 % 70 . dairy. poultry. etc y Agro-climatic diversity y Production leadership in many areas y Rapid urbanization y Govt. horticulture.

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