and laterally. Information flows: Through formal and informal structures. upward. Downward.Organizational communication is the process through which information moves and is exchanged throughout an organization. .

Barriers of communication are the hindrances or difficulties involved in the process of communication which distort the message from being properly understood by the receiver. .

Noise Sender Start with a meaning/ message to send Encode Send message Interact with feedback Feedback Receiver message Communication Channels Report/Phone/ Meeting/Computer Receive message Decode and Convert to Meaning Respond .

Types of Communication Barriers y Physical Barriers y Semantic Barriers y Organizational Barriers y Psychological Barriers y Cultural Barriers .

‡ ‡ ‡ Distance: Sometimes distance acts as a barrier to effective communication. .Physical Barriers Physical barriers are often due to the nature of the environment. Defect in the medium: There may be defect in the communication devices being used. Physical noise: Physical noise which creates disturbance in the environment act as barriers in communication.

Semantic Barriers y 1. 3. are the misunderstandings that occur by people trying to communicate an idea. but simultaneously having completely different meanings in mind for the words. 5. They arise due to: Badly Expressed message x x Due to inadequate vocabulary Usage of wrong words 2. 4. Semantic barriers. Symbols having different meanings Errors in translation Technical jargons Unclarified assumptions & interpretations .

Organizational Barriers Organizational Barriers arise due to complex and rigid structure of organization. Factors that contribute to this kind of Barriers are .y y y y Rigid rules and cumbersome procedures Status of superiors Inadequate facilities for communication Complexity in organizational structure .

y Premature Evaluation y Lack of Trust y Poor Retention y Lack of Attention .Psychological Barriers These barriers mainly relate to the mind set of individuals.

rude.) Lack of credibility Timing . etc. shy.Personal Barriers Your style and character(confidence level. pitch. polite. outspoken.) Preparation & presentation Lack of clarity (pronunciation.

Cultural Barriers These kind of barriers arise due to difference in culture and traditions. .

Overcoming the barriers .

communication is« 55% body language 7% words 38% style 13 .Research shows.

Measures to Improve Communication  Communication should always follow the concept of 7-C¶s  Use simple language.  Beware of BODY LANGUAGE and TONE  Be a good LISTNER . words and AVOID JARGON  CLARIFY the idea before communicating  Ensure FEEDBACK  Develop techniques for delivering an effective report in a meeting  Learn to speak one-on-one with a co-worker regarding a problem  Build and MOTIVATE a work team and develop trust.

Puneet Gupta.Presented by . . Piyush Gupta. Rahul Bharti .

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