Store Billions of time more information.  High computing speed.  Information is encoded within µDeoxiribo- nucleic Acid¶.  First Demonstrated By Adleman in 1994. 


DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid DNA represents the genetic blueprint of living creatures DNA contains ³instructions´ for assembling cells Every cell in human body has a complete set of DNA DNA is unique for each individual 3 .

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Merge Annealing Melt Separation by length -Electophoresis. Separation by sequences Copying / Amplification Append Detect 5 .

6 .Development of logic gates made of DNA.

 Logic operations are obtained by the breaking and making of new linkages. it uses BASE4 computation.  7 .  All the operations are done using certain enzymes in a controlled way.The information is stored in the form of nucleotide sequences.  Unlike conventional computers which use BASE2 computation.  Enzymes such as ligase are used as the hardware and the single or double stranded DNA molecules as the software.

Specifications One pound of DNA has the capability to store more information than all the electronic computers ever built. One cm3 of DNA can hold approximately 10 terabytes of data DNA computer the size of a teardrop would be more powerful than the worlds most powerful supercomputer 8 .

 He then carried out this experiment successfully ± although it took him days to do so!  DNA computers moved from test tubes onto gold plates.  9 .Began in 1994 when Dr. Leonard Adleman wrote the paper ³Molecular computation of solutions to combinatorial problems´.

DNA computer on a Gold Plate A DNA chip First practical DNA computer unveiled in 2002. 10 .

 Biological computer developed that could be used to fight cancers.  First practical DNA computer unveiled in 2002.In 2000 a memory device in E.  Self-powered DNA computer unveiled in 2003. Used in gene analysis. coli out of two inverters was built.  11 .

Transformation of data Manipulation of data Computation ability 12 .

Size Representation of data Material Methods of calculation 13 .

Parallelism Memory capacity Low power dissipation Clean. cheap and available Small size 14 .

Application specific Manual intervention by human is required Requires constant supply of proteins and enzymes 15 .Occasionally slow Information non transmittable DNA has a half-life.

DNA-to-DNA applications Storage and associative memory 16 .

especially for medical purposes as well as data processing applications.DNA computers have enormous potential. 17 . It is still science fiction but implanting computer programs in to living creatures may not be far away.

com 18 .gene.dna.howstuffswork.com www.dna.http://www.com www.htm/ www.

19 .

20 .

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