Project 1- Services Marketing

OutlineIndian Aviation Industry. IndiGo Airlines and their Services. 7 P s of Services Marketing.

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Indian Aviation Industry
Aviation industry in India in 9th largest industry and fastest growing industry in the world.

The number of travellers carried by domestic airlines between January and June 2010 increased 21.86 per cent to 25.71 million, contrasted with 21.09 million in the corresponding time span of 2009, facts and figures supplied by diverse household airlines showed.

With Air traffic extending to augment at over 21 per cent in June, India's largest low-cost carrier Indigo is catching up to restore Air India at the third spot in terms of market share. According to the facts and figures issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Indigo has expanded its market share to 16.4 per cent, close to Air India's 16.9 per cent. Amidst the other airlines, Jet-JetLite bagged 26.5 per cent, pursued by Kingfisher at 21 per cent and Air India. amidst the LCCs, IndiGo is pursued by SpiceJet at 13.3 per cent, Go Air at 5.8 per cent and Paramount at 0.3 per cent. The number of travellersoaring in June this year increased to 4.57 million from 3.76 million in the identical month last year.

has been granted international traffic rights. in a short span of almost five years. IndiGo.‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Indigo Airlines commenced operations on the 04th of August 2006 with their inaugural flight from Delhi to Imphal Founded by Rahul Bhatia and Rakesh Gangwali (an ex-US Airways CEO) of Indian information technology.CEO Bruce Ashby (a former US Airways EVP). travel and hotel group InterGlobe Enterprises. Dubai and Muscat during the forthcoming summer schedule India. by the Government of India. modelled on US low cost carrier JetBlue and bolstered with an investment from president &. InterGlobe established IndiGo the following year. August 12. 2010 After bagging the prestigious Skytrax World Airline Award for being the best low cost airline of India & Central Asia at the World Airline Awards It is still not listed on the stock exchange . Consolidating its position as the fastest growing airline in India with 237 flights. to operate services from several cities in India to Singapore. January 19. Bangkok. 2011 India's largest low fare airline. connecting 25 destinations across the nation.

Airline wise.Market Share .

‡ The general on-time presentation OTP of scheduled domestic airlines in June 2010 has been 78. ‡ JetLite 83.1 per cent. and a courteous. ‡ Jet Airways 80.5 per cent. flights that are on time.5 per cent ‡ Air India household 72. ‡ IndiGo has a simple philosophy: offer fares that are always low. ‡ pursued by flavour Jet Airways 88.91% making it the airline with the least number of cancellations in India. ‡ Go Air 84.7 per cent.6 per cent. IndiGo s Technical Dispatch Reliability is 99.5 per cent. ‡ Kingfisher Airlines 85. ‡ Paramount Airways 86. IndiGo s On Time Performance is one of the best in India. in that order. . hassle-free travel experience.0 per cent.8 per cent.Chair factor ‡ IndiGo Airlines described the highest chair factor of 90.3 per cent.

On time every time .Tag line.

‡Features.4P¶s OF MARKETING MIX PRODUCT ‡Design. ‡Quality. PROMOTION ‡Advertising. . ‡Extras. ‡Discounts. ‡Range. ‡Location. ‡Publicity. ‡Brand Name. ‡Salesmanship. ‡Coverage. ‡Methods of Distribution. ‡Surcharges. PLACE ‡Distribution Channels. ‡Commissions. PRICE ‡List Price. ‡Sales Promotion.



In-Flight Services.PRODUCT MIX Giving a Feel For The Product Inside a Service Wrapper . The airline product includes of two types of services: 1. . 2. or features of products but the benefits they will be offered. Consumers are demanding not products. On the Ground Services.

. .On the Ground Service(1/2).

In flight Service (2/2) .

PRICE MIX Premium Pricing Value For Money Pricing Cheap Value Pricing Low-Cost Pricing APEX Fares .

‡ Tour Operator/ Travel Agent. . ‡ Affiliated with companies. ‡ Consolidation.PLACE MIX ‡ Online 24-hour reservation Systems.

Sales Promotion The Travel Agents. The Scenic Beauty. . Receptionist. Word of Mouth Customer Loyalty Ladder . Media People Are Very Important People in Publicizing The Business. Frontline Staffs Contribute a Lot to The Promotion of Airlines Business. Travel Agents. Tour Operators. Rich Cultural Heritages or Which Would Attract Number of Tourists.Promotion Mix Advertising Airlines Advertisement Needs to Keep in Mind the Image of Country. Publicity The PRO. Tourist Attractions.



‡ Goodwill. ‡ Problem Solving Ability. ‡ Responsiveness. ‡ Reliability. ‡ Initiative.PEOPLE MIX ‡ Competence. ‡ caring Attitude. .

‡ Flight Information. ‡ Facilities at The Airport. ‡ Baggage Handling. . ‡ Meal Service.PROCESS MIX ‡ Reservation. ‡ Deliver Quality Service. ‡ Flight Entertainment.

Cancellations.Complaints(1/2) .

Complaints(2/2) .Cancellations.

Labels or Tag. Tickets. Ambience.PHYSICAL EVIDENCE ‡ On the ground: ‡ Booking offices or ticket counters. ‡ ‡ ‡ Cleanliness. Good Inner-exteriors. . Baggage. Paperwork. In-flight: Aircraft. Uniforms. Seating Configuration. Brand Logo.

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