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‡ Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance is a joint venture between Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd., its affiliates and Old Mutual plc. ‡ The company is one of the fastest growing insurance companies in India and has shown remarkable growth since its inception in 2001. ‡ A company that combines its international strengths and local advantages to offer its customers a wide range of innovative life insurance products, helping them in taking important financial decisions at every stage in life and stay financially independent.

‡ Kotak Mahindra group is one of India¶s leading banking and financial services organizations, with offerings across personal financial services. ‡ The Kotak Group employs around 20,000 people and has over 1,350 offices across 370 cities and towns in India. Kotak also has offices in London, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Dubai and Mauritius. ‡ Old Mutual plc is an international savings and wealth management company based in the UK. ‡ Old Mutual plc employs approximately 53,000 employees worldwide and is listed on the London and Johannesburg stock exchanges.

Vision and Mission Statement
‡ Apart from common beliefs, values and objectives we believe in the vision of a better tomorrow. ‡ Our Customers will enjoy the benefits of dealing with a global Indian brand that best understands their needs and delivers customized pragmatic solutions across multiple platforms. ‡ The most preferred employer in financial services. ‡ The most trusted financial services company.

Our Strengths
‡ Financial Acumen - Holds a stable and diversified portfolio and has received some of the highest ratings in financial strength from industry¶s independent rating agencies. ‡ Disciplined fund management - Years of experience in asset management, and a strong track record in managing funds - backed by the acclaimed expertise of Old Mutual plc. ‡ Unrelenting Customer Focus - A highly committed sales force, with customer satisfaction as the key driving force - a major differentiator. ‡ Transparency in Services - Daily declaration of fund performances, regular performance benchmarking, well regulated asset management, and monthly newsletter on market updates.

Products ‡ Individual Insurance Plans
Protection Plans Savings & Investments Plans Retirement Plans Child Plans

‡ Group Life Insurance Plans
Kotak Group Shield Kotak Group Assure Kotak Term Grouplan Kotak Superannuation Grouplan Kotak Credit-Term Grouplan

Protection Plans
‡ Kotak Loan Protection Plan: Kotak Loan Protection Plan is a protection plan that helps share the burden of your loan. When you take this plan along with your loan, it serves like a safety net so that you are not worried about your family, and the repayment of your loan in case of untimely death. This plan provides a reducing cover that is matched to your liability with minimum paperwork. ‡ Kotak Term/Preferred Term Plan: Kotak Term Plan/Kotak Preferred Term Plan is a pure risk cover plan and truly an economical means of providing you with a high level of financial protection, offering further reduced premiums for women. Kotak Preferred Term Plan offers special premium rates to non-consumers of tobacco, for a sum assured of Rs. 25 lakhs or more.

Savings & Investments Plans
‡ Kotak Wealth Insurance: Kotak Wealth Insurance is a unit-linked insurance plan that provides you with investment growth to take care of your family's goals and comprehensive protection to help your family and you meet unplanned events head on. ‡ Kotak Secure Invest Insurance: Kotak Secure Invest Insurance is a unit linked life insurance plan and lets you enjoy the upside of the market while safeguarding the downside by way of Capital Guarantee. Therefore, on maturity, if the market value of your units is higher, you reap the benefits with the peace of mind whilst in a bear market your investment is protected by Capital Guarantee. In addition, the returns are totally tax-free.

‡ Kotak Money Back Plan: The Kotak Money Back Plan offers the key benefit of cash lump sums at periodic intervals of five years, ensuring that you are able to meet any of your financial obligations which arise from time to time. Such investment plans not only provide life cover but also entitle you to a guaranteed addition and bonus on maturity. This money back plan not only lets you enjoy regular cash flows during the policy term, but it also gets you a substantial life cover, which increases every year. ‡ Kotak Surakshit Jeevan: Kotak Surakshit Jeevan, an enhanced protection and long-term savings plan, makes sure your family remains financially independent even if you are not around. It is an insurance plan that helps you keep pace with changing needs at every step of life, be it protection for your family or savings for the future. It will double protection after 5 years.

Retirement Plans
‡ Kotak Capital Multiplier Plan: The Kotak Capital Multiplier Plan is the only plan of its kind that allows you to enjoy returns even beyond maturity. This plan is best suited for you... If you are looking for an investment plan for your child and want a flexible money-back plan that gives you the power to decide the amount and time of withdrawals. If you are planning for your retirement and require a plan that allows you to withdraw any amount as per your need and at the same time invests your money prudently to get you bonuses on the balance in your account. If you think that from time to time you will have extra cash, which you would like to invest in an instrument which is safe and which will get you attractive returns.

‡ Kotak Retirement Income Plan: The Kotak Retirement Income Plan is a savings plan designed to meet your post-retirement needs. It is a plan that gives you "Jeene ki azaadi". It gives you the choice to remain independent even after retirement. The Kotak Retirement Income Plan is a participating plan. The plan comes in two forms: (i) With Cover (ii) Without Cover. You can choose to retire at any age between 45 yrs and 65 yrs. Option of Early retirement due to ill-health. You can make top-ups into your policy at any time before retirement.

Child Plans
‡ Kotak Child Advantage Plan: The Kotak Child Advantage Plan is an investment plan designed to meet your child's future financial needs. This child plan allows your kids the freedom to realize their dreams. This is a participating insurance plan. ‡ If you have a child below 17 years and are looking forward to plan his/her future. ‡ If you want to ensure that your child is secure even if you are no longer able to support him/her. ‡ On maturity you would receive the higher of the basic sum assured or the Accumulation Account*. ‡ The amount available in the Accumulation Account is invested in various financial instruments (as per IRDA regulations) which implies that your money works hard to earn more for your child.

Group Plans
‡ Kotak Group Shield: Kotak Group Shield is a comprehensive solution that helps protect your customer¶s assets and savings in the unfortunate event of death, illness or disability. To your institution, it reduces the risk of default and provides financial security thereby enabling you to enjoy a competitive advantage. ‡ Kotak Group Assure: Ensuring against nonrepayment of loans due to death, illness and disability. Various plan options ensure that you can satisfy all customers. High non-medical underwriting limits. Ease in getting Group Insurance. Financial security to customer¶s family creates loyalty towards you.

‡ Kotak Term Grouplan: His group term insurance provides life cover for employees, by paying a lump sum benefit to the beneficiary on the death of an employee. The plan is offered on a yearly renewable basis and is non-participating. This group term insurance is secured via a single policy on the lives of all the employees of the group. ‡ Kotak Superannuation Grouplan: The Kotak Superannuation Grouplan (KSGP) is a uniquely flexible product that addresses the needs of both the employers and the employees. Under this group life insurance plan, individual employee accounts are invested in one of the many investment portfolios on a unitized basis as per each employee¶s choice. Parameters such as eligibility criteria for fund membership, vesting guidelines, contribution rates, transfer rules and voluntary contributions are all designed as per each employer¶s unique needs.

‡ Kotak Credit-Term Grouplan: This plan provides life cover to a group of borrowers of the credit institution (banks, retail finance providers etc.) with the Life Assured being the borrower and the Credit Institution being the beneficiary. It is a nonparticipating yearly renewable plan .The plan can be compulsory (for all borrowers) or voluntary (subject to certain conditions). In the unfortunate event of death of the borrower during the term of the policy, the outstanding loan amount would be repaid by Kotak Life Insurance, relieving the borrower¶s family of the loan liability and eliminating risk of loss due to death of the borrower to the Credit Institution.

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