Game Testing

Supervisor Prof.Dr. Prof.Dr. Arby kashak Presented by Eng.Mai Kamal

Why Game Testing ?
‡ Entertainment in general is a field of great importance to everyone (Schell, 2001); ‡ Today, the video game industry is one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment . ‡ The video games industry costs a multibillion dollar per year . and According to the Digital Interactive Software Association (IDSA), revenue from computer and console games practically doubled from $3.2 billion in 1994 to $6.02 billion in 2000 when more than 219 million games were sold (IDSA, 2000). Now, the gaming industry is becoming as widespread and popular as computers and televisions and is also matching the same levels of complexity and


‡ Poor testing results in a buggy game or software that gives rise to a long stream of repeated testing and project delays. The primary function of game testing is the discovery and documentation of software defects (bugs). .Game Testing ‡ Game testing a subset of game development. is a software testing process for quality control of video games.

Game Tester ‡ Game tester is a member of a development team who performs game testing. ‡ Game Tester will not be playing the game for personal fun or enjoyment but he attempts to ³break´ the game. . ‡ Testers are responsible for checking that the game works. ‡ Game Tester have to play the same part of the game over and over again spending hours upon hours testing every minute detail laid out in the initial project.

2.Box testing .Box testing (White-Box testing).Testing Types 1. . Clear. Black.

know the rules and the game flow).g. For examples: ‡ testing the ³user interface´ (e. ‡ the ³look and feel´ (e.g. For Black Box testing. .. and the actual game play.. the tester must know how to play the game (e.Box testing Black Box focuses on the functional or the playability aspects of the game. the graphics and animation).g. the selection menus and the use of buttons).BlackBlack.

Box testing Clear Box is focus on the architecture and integration aspects of the game software. the tester must . sound.ClearClear. For examples: ‡ the use of a database ‡ the interaction/integration of game components like (the rendering engine. ‡ pipelines. and so on). the AI engine. For Clear Box testing.

) As part of the testing requirement development process.g. The tester must understand most of the game requirements and translate them into functional terms (e. the testers read the system documentation. Testing Planning and Testing Requirements: Identify the Testing Requirements: A requirement is an objective that must be met. what things are testable and what not. gather all the visual and . what are the targets and measures. what needs to be tested. etc..Testing Strategy 1.

e.Testing Strategy cont. texture. crowd. 2. frame rate). These parts include: ‡ The menu and the menu functions. ‡ Sound and the sound effect (in conjunction with the facial animation. realism.g. terrain or world. lip sync. ‡ Animation (the like and feel of the movement. etc. objects. . Art (character model. Game Components: Systematic game testing means examining every part of a game. and the animation sequence).).

and ‡ The scoring progressive levels of difficulty. ‡ World/level/scene. ‡ Camera (cinematic view. zoom in and out. ‡ The event/object triggers. ‡ The player attributes.Game Components ‡ Music. ‡ The condition to advance to the next level (what are the rules?) ‡ The use of environmental objects. . ‡ The action attributes. ‡ Game flow and logic. replay).

‡ Title screens. ‡ The AI logic (for both defensive play and offensive play. ‡ The use of multi-button actions (also called . player movement and positioning). ‡ SFX (Special effect) ‡ Any movie clip.Game Components cont. ‡ The game pad. ‡ Statistics (pre-game and in-game like player statistics and high score). ‡ NIS (Non-Interactive Sequence).

cycling through the available options on the screen.e. etc. and ‡ The game options (game start/menu selection.) . i. ‡ The use of digital and analog mode ‡ Legal text. hints. game pause. pause menu options. ‡ The shock/vibration effect of the game pad. ‡ The ease of use of the button functions.Game Components cont. and scrolling.

‡ Negative Testing ( Stress Testing or Load Testing): is testing the durability and the level of tolerance resistance of the game. or . Test Plan Development for Game testing: There are two types of test cases: ‡ Positive Testing: is testing the functionality of the product. 3. ‡ Negative Testing used to know how game responds .Testing Strategy cont. and reacts correctly. Examples: Load a game without a MEMORY card.

.‡ Running a game for more than 48 hours in order to test for memory allocation and management. ‡ Check for freeze case (a game will become non-playable after a long-playing time ).

Software Testing Processes 1. 2. Incremental Focus Testing: test pieces of code by feeding values/input to an isolated module. Data Analysis: examine the data in the database. and analyze the intermediate result from the module. 3. Path and Flow testing: verify if the correct sequence of objects or components is executed for an end-to- . Code Inspection: review the source code. or analyze which part of the system uses or modifies any item of data. 4.

.Software Testing Processes cont 5. Artificial Intelligence Analysis: generate the run statistic of the programmable moves and plays of the AI components. 6. Algorithm-Specific testing: test a specific game scenario or feature.

Game Testing Methodology 1. Sound Testing : is simply listening to the . Test Programs : 3. ‡ A very important part of the job will be for a software tester to write test programs. Debugger and Code inspection: ‡ A lot of time is going to be spent on debugging the game. ‡ Debug: is ability to step through or into parts of code and understanding what is happening and how to set and change variables as well as run a function at any time during the program. 2.

If the exe size grows too large then the game will take longer to load. If there are significant changes between the new day and day before. 4.Game Testing Methodology cont. Something could be wrong. . make a note of it. ‡ The software Tester often requires to write a ³sound test´ program to play all the individual sound files from inside the game. Memory management: ‡ check the current status of the memory.

It could be used solely for display.Game Testing Methodology cont. ‡ Run-time statistics. It is used by the game engine to remember certain . or it could be used by the AI engine to simulate the actual game play or for randomization. Database and Game Statistics: The main purpose of the database for a game is: ‡ Player or team statistics. 5.

‡ The software tester should know how to use PVCS Tracker to track and report bugs. A tester could write a program to test that the overlays are being called correctly. Overlays: ‡ Make sure the overlays are loaded correctly. and identify if any one does not get used at all.Game Testing Methodology cont. and know the use of the standard template to create/ customize a new defect database for a new project. 6. 7. It would be preferred if you could have administrator rights to tracker to set up others with accounts and manage the database Bug Tracking Software : .

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