The Industry:

Shampoo is part of Fast Moving Consumer Product (FMCG). FMCG are the products that consumer use on frequent basis. Shampoo is one of the most frequently moved products which are used for cleaning of hair. With the world Shampoo Industry, NewZealand also plays a part in Manufacturing of Shampoo. Some Industry in New Zealand is in Manufacturing of main surfactants like alkanolamides, betaines, cocoamidopropylbetaines, amine oxides that are used in Shampoo. New Zealand also imports the same product from countries like Australia, Asia and rest of the world.


Furthermore, FMCG goods are also said to be the goods that has low manufacturing and low consuming cost that·s why they are called quick movers. This Industry is also as other FMCG Industry is both adaptable and responsive. Proctor & Gamble, Unilever are couple of best example of the FMCG Industry as they are in the top 5 organization operating in the FMCG arena.

and ranks as one of the Anglo-Dutch conglomerate's ´billion dollar brands". produced by the Unilever group.Š Š Sunsilk is a hair care brand. Sri Lanka and Thailand. Sunsilk is sold under a variety of different names in markets around the world including Elidor. Brazil. The brand is strongest in Asia. Latin America and the Middle East and is the number one hair care brand in India. Bangladesh. Bolivia. Seda and Sedal. Sunsilk shampoos. . Sunsilk is Unilever·s leading hair care brand. primarily aimed at women. conditioners and other hair care products are sold in 69 countries worldwide. Argentina.



and ranks as one of the AngloDutch conglomerate's billion dollar brands". The content of the plan is our unique marketing strategies that will be implemented on how to sell our products to the people. assessment of the concept in terms of its acceptability. Sunsilk is Unilever·s leading hair care brand. credibility and perceived benefits. The New Sunsilk Shampoo aims at fulfilling the needs of its target market by offering a high quality. that it offers a healthy choice shampoo alternative to the targeted consumer. especially in the provinces and how we formulated a shampoo pack that is affordable to consumers . produced by the Unilever group. Sunsilk shampoos. primarily aimed at women. conditioners and other hair care products are sold in 69 countries worldwide.Š Š Š Sunsilk is a hair care brand.


Š Š Š Š Š Situation analysis Marketing strategy Financial projections Implementation control References .

5 billion in 2008 Š Š .Š Sunsilk shampoo maintains its # 1 position in the market. Product is being used most of the time. we formulate a more economical and affordable package of Sunsilk Unilever employed 174.000 people and had worldwide revenue of ½40.

Š .Š Men should be considered also. Cover the whole market irrespective what class they belong. since some men use SunSilk also.

professionals and belongs to premium and middle class. The New Sunsilk Shampoo is a high quality product in terms of hair protection. systematic distribution network. transparent communication system. in all major and small cities. Company has advanced technology and well skilled professionals. Participative management style Very good distribution network all over India. .STRENGTHES: Š Š Š Š Š Š HINDUSTAN UNILEVERs India Limited is one of the largest organizations in India. Company totally owned. The target market is educated.

Competitor has strong promotional activities. ‡Customers are offered better alternatives by the competition. ‡Advertisement flawsDevaluation of product Poor promotion of free samples No unique identification of product .

‡Consumers are becoming more quality conscious ‡Current capacity utilization is 80%. which can be further broadened with the increase in demand. ‡Customer base is increasing with effective marketing.OPPORTUNITIES: ‡Population expanding at a rapid rate. ‡Baby shampoo is another area where HINDUSTAN UNILEVERs can make huge gains. ‡Shampoo plus conditioner and anti-dandruff shampoos are another area where HINDUSTANUNILEVER can earn huge profits. . ‡Rural areas are a large prospective market where they can introduce Sunsilk.

‡Partial Government policies. .‡Political and Economic factors. ‡High rate of competition. ‡Local and Foreign competitiors.

feel good and get more out of life PURPOSE Our corporate purpose states that to succeed requires "the highest standards of corporate behavior towards everyone we work with. and the environment on which we have an impact. the communities we touch. . We meet everyday needs for nutrition hygiene and personal care with brands that help people look good.MISSION: Our mission is to add Vitality to life.

It helps inthe growth and retention of the black color of hair.PRODUCT: Š Currently. New sunsilk withFruitamins has natural extracts from fruit that contains Vitamins. Š Š . to nourish it leaving hair strong and beautiful. Green Sunsilk with Fruitamins Vitamins from fruit Extracts: Thin and limp hair needs extra body and volume.These vitamins help in giving extra body. New Sunsilk with BioProtein extracted from Vegetable milk has nutrients that deeply penetrate each hair strand. giving it a richblack shine. shine and amazingmanageability to the thinning and lifeless hair. Black Sunsilk with Melanin from Plant Extracts Dull hair needs a rich black shine. New Sunsilk with Melaninextracted from plants serves this purpose very effectively. the range consists of: Yellow Sunsilk with Bio Proteins from Vegetable Extracts: Normal hair needs wholesome nourishment.

Orange Sunsilk with active nutrients from Citrus Extracts: The advanced formula of orange Sunsilk is the result of the latest research. New Sunsilk with yoghurt proteins makes the dry hair full of life. Its especial ingredients moisturize each hair right to its tips leaving it shiny and beautiful. extra shine and style. This shampoo is especially designed for oily hair type that looks flat and greasy due to the excess of moisture.Š Š Pink Sunsilk with yoghurt proteins : Dry hair needs wholesome conditioning. New sunsilk with active ingredients from citrus extracts cleans the excess oil off hair while its nutrients deeply penetrate each hair strand to nourish it .

One crucial concern for valuebased pricing is strict management of cost in order to be able to make a profit at the value-based price. HINDUSTAN UNILEVER then uses target costing in order to achieve the required profits . The research department determines this price usually by using focus groups. since the rupee is denoted in this value. Sunsilk is also available in Rs 45 and Rs 169 price bottles to cater to the demands keeping in mind the wants of this particular customer segment. The price of Re 1 and 2 for Sunsilk shampoo sachets shows how the price also reflects a concern to make the purchase more convenient. The primary importance of this value-based pricing is that the product demand will be much higher if its price is in line with the customer·s perception of its value.Š Š Š HINDUSTAN UNILEVER claims to practice value-based pricing in which the customers· perception of the product·s price provides a starting point for developing the marketing mix of the product. After the initial price is determined.

‡Easy to manage. e. ‡Conditioning benefits. the advertising objectives are set avoiding to the advertising strategy for each product.g. ‡Makes the hair appear clean and shiny. Creating a personality of the brand. ‡Effectively communicate brand promise Š . ‡Unique shampoo for every hair type.Š Š Š Build top of the line consumers· awareness. soft hair. Sunsilk advertising objectives since it was being relaunched were: ‡To increase the usage. silky. ‡Imparts a feeling of freshness-due to fragrance. Besides having these general objectives.

They are carefully selected and their performance is constantly evaluated. OUTLETS.Š Š Distribution Objective: ´To reach as many towns and villages as we canµ HINDUSTAN UNILEVER has 150 distributors whose function is to sell to wholesaler s directly. There are different distributors for different areas. RETAILER Š Š Š .


Sunsilk·s competitor brands are Clinic Plus. promotional campaigns like ´lifecan·t waitµ. But our survey reveals that respondents still view Sunsilk as a mass market brand. Customers were offered free hair care and styling consultations by Sunsilk hair experts Jawed Habib and Samantha Kochhar. it is a product of Unilever. Sunsilk is trying to move up the value chain by being a mid premium brand and not a mass market brand. Knowledge:Sunsilk comes second in knowledge with an 80 percentile. As per the analysis. Garnier. Pantene and Fiama DiWills.Sunsilk is high on knowledge because of various reasons. Š . It is an old brand. Presently.). Thus. Sunsilk has always taken many initiatives to reach customers like the Sunsilk Gang of Girls. Clinic plus enjoyed the top position because of its mass appeal and the association of Clinic (Clinic All Clear with anti dandruff. Sunsilk is high on knowledge.Š Š The results of the survey and study conducted The survey revealed that shampoo is a product in which consumers care about their choice between different brands.

it has wide variety of variants to cater to different consumer preferences. a Unilever product. Differentiation:Sunsilk is second on differentiation with an 80 percentile. enjoys third position with a 60 percentile.Š Š Š Š Esteem:Sunsilk is not very high on esteem. It is a quality product at affordable price. Shampoos like Garnier are seen more as a premium product. Relevance:Sunsilk brand is highest on relevance. Moreover. used since many decades. affordability and constant innovation Š . The reason probably could be it is seen more as a mass product and lesser as a premium product. The product is relevant among wide masses because of its quality. Sunsilk is a popular brand. It does different things like the gang of girls. This could be on account of various reasons. There are a variety of reasons due to which Sunsilk enjoys differentiation. offers expertise of hair care experts like experts Jawed Habib and Samantha Kochhar.

Š Š Š Š Innovative campaigns such as ¶Hairapy· and ¶Life Can·t Wait· were launched to attract women to the brand Sponsored short films that were broadcast during popular television shows. Media platforms used Print media .

Music videos Š Free sample distribution Š Demo campaigning Š Promotion of the products in the sunsilk range through movies such as ´Fashionµ Š .

Š Š Š Hoardings Sponsorships Advertising .

000 .00.000 20.00.000 15.00.000 50.000 1.PARTICULARS Electronic media Print media Promotional visit Broadcasting media Ambassadors Production exepenses total TOTAL COST 2.50.00.

000 2.30.000 1.000 .000 40.MARATHI) V-CHANNEL M-TV VH1 TOTAL TIMINGS 13:00-17:00 13:00-17:00 17:00-21:00 9:00-12:00 AMOUNT 50.000 40.MEDIA SONY TV STAR PLUS ZEE TV (HINDI.00.

00.00.30TH OCT 1ST.000 15.00.000 15.19TH.000 10.000 10.5TH.23RD NOV 3RD.25TH OCT 3RD.000 .17TH OCT AMOUNT 15.27TH OCT 30TH NOV 5TH.15TH.19TH.00.00.00.MEDIA TIMES OF INDIA HINDUSTAN TIMES DNA LOKSATTA MUMBAI MIRROR FLYERS TOTAL DATES 1ST.000 90.25TH NOV 17TH.000 10.00.

000/150=1333666.50.00.66 UNITS HENCE BREAKEVEN POINT WILL BE ACHIEVED ON SELLING 1333667 UNITS Š .Š Total Expenses/ Price Per Unit 20.