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OÊ  or Ê  
 is a way for a
company to raise money from investors for its
future projects and get listed to Stock

O 6r An Initial Public 6ffer (IP6 is the selling

of securities to the public in the primary stock
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 IP6 gives a chance to buy shares of a company, directly from the
company at the price of their choice (In book build IP6s

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 IP6 help them to identify their real value which is decided by millions of
investor once their shares are listed in stock exchanges

- IP6s also provide funds for their future growth or for paying their
previous borrowings
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O 6ffer document in draft stage

O The draft offer documents are filed with SEBI, at least 21 days prior to the
filing of the 6ffer Document with R6 SE¶s

O SEBI may specify changes, if any, in the draft 6ffer Document and the
issuer or the Lead Merchant banker shall carry out such changes in the draft
offer document before filing the 6ffer Document with R6 SE¶s

O The Draft 6ffer document is available on the SEBI website for public
comments for a period of 21 days from the filing of the Draft 6ffer
Document with SEBI
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O 6nce the µDraft 6ffer document cleared by SEBI, it becomes

"6ffer Document"

O Prospectus in case of a public issue or offer for sale and Letter

of 6ffer in case of a rights issue which is filed with Registrar
of ompanies (R6 and Stock Exchanges

O An offer document covers all the relevant information to help

an investor to make hisher investment decision
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O Prospectus which does not have details of either price or number of shares
being offered or the amount of issue

O An RHP can be filed with the Ro without the price band and the issuer, in
such a case will notify the floor price or a price band by way of an
advertisement one day prior to the opening of the issue

O In the case of book-built issues, it is a process of price discovery and the

price cannot be determined until the bidding process is completed

O 6nly on completion of the bidding process, the details of the final price are
included in the offer document. The offer document filed thereafter with
R6 is called a ³prospectus´.
O ³Abridged Prospectus´ means the memorandum as prescribed
in Form 2A under sub-section (3 of section 56 of the
ompanies Act, 1956. It contains all the salient features of a
prospectus. It accompanies the application form of public

O ³Letter of offer´ means the offer document prepared by

company for its rights issue and which is filed with the Stock
Exchanges. The letter of offer contains all the disclosures as
required in term of SEBI(DIP guidelines and enable
shareholder in making an informed decision.
O ³Abridged letter of offer´ means the abridged version of the
letter of offer. Listed company is required to send the abridged
letter of offer to each and every shareholder who is eligible for
participating in the rights issue along with the application
form. A company is also required to send detailed letter of
offer upon request by any Shareholder.

O ³Placement Document´ means document prepared by

Merchant Banker for the purpose of Qualified Institutions
placement and contains all the relevant and material
disclosures to enable QIB¶s to make an informed decision.
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O Issued by any financial institution or bank for one or
more issues of securities or class of securities
specified in the prospectus.

O Public financial institutions, public sector banks and

other banks shall file a shelf prospectus with the Ro.

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O Risk factors

O apital structure

O 6bjective of the issue

O Business

O Regulations and policies

O Issue structure and issue procedure

O Financials

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O over page
Depicts full details of issuer, the lead manger and registrars,
the nature,numbers, price & amount of instruments offered and
issue size and particulars regarding to listing, also details of
credit raring IP6 grading if opted

O Risk factors
View of internal and external factors faced by the company,
ompany also makes note on forward looking statement
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O Part I
(A Introduction
It covers the summary of the industry and business of issuer
ompany, the offering details in brief, summary of
consolidated financial & operating data .General information
about company.
(B About the issuer company
Issuer company¶s business, history& orporate structure, Key
industry regulation and policies , Management , Promoters.
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O Part II
( Financial information
Provides financial statements ,Management¶s and Discussion
Analysis, financial information of other group companies.

(D Legal and other information

Disclosure of 6utstanding litigation, Government approvals
licensing arrangement, etc.
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(E Regulatory and statutory disclosures
It includes, authority for issue, prohibition by SEBI

(F 6ffering Information
Discloses terms of issue, issue structure, issue procedure

(G 6ther Information
It includes Articles of association of company, material
contracts and documents for inspection.
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O Part III
(H Declaration
Declaration by directors on true and fair view of the
red hearing prospectus and its compliance to DIP
guidelines of SEBI