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Government of India has set up various organizations as autonomous bodies under the Ministry of Commerce to promote International trade A few of them are: Export Promotion Councils Commodity Boards Export Inspection Councils Indian Institute of Foreign Trade Marine Products Export Development Authority Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Limited India Trade Promotion Organisation Federation of Indian Export Organisations Exim Bank

projects and services.Export Promotion Councils    Objective: Objective:to promote and develop the exports of the country There are 11 EPCs under the Department of Commerce and 9 under Ministry of Textiles. Each Council is responsible for promoting a particular group of products. .

To identify opportunities abroad and assist the members to make use of the opportunity to grow and diversify. .MAIN ROLE OF EPCs    To project India's image abroad as a reliable supplier of high quality goods and services. To monitor whether exporters follow International Standards.

To offer professional advice to their members regarding technology upgradation. quality and design improvement. exhibitions and buyerbuyerseller meets in India and abroad To promote interaction between the exporting community and the Government (Central and State ) To build a database to provide international trade data like the exports and imports of the country. etc. . To organise visits of delegations of its members abroad to explore overseas market opportunities To organise participation in trade fairs. innovation.FUNCTIONS       To provide information and assistance to their members in developing and increasing their exports. product development.

They are responsible for production. rubber.Commodity Boards   There are 5 Commodity boards under the Dept of Commerce of India. . coffee. development and export of tea. spices and tobacco.

They assist exporters with overseas marketing. .Functions    Commodity Boards help their members in product development. provide information on export-import policies. formulate policies to promote production and trade. product innovation and technology upgradation. exportThey conduct research. facilitate acquiring of Trade Marks and Geographical Indications. certification services providing licenses for trading etc.

2)Establish standards of quality for such notified 2)Establish commodities 3)Specify the type of quality control and / or inspection to be applied to such commodities.Export Inspection Council EIC is an advisory body to the Central Government. . which is empowered to: 1)Notify commodities which will be subject to quality control and/ or inspection prior to export.

Export Inspection Agencies(EIAs) located at Chennai. Kochi. Delhi.FUNCTIONS   EIC does the pre shipment inspection of various commodities meant for exports. Kolkata and Mumbai help EIC in the pre-shipment inspection and precertification activities .

commodity surveys. 4)collecting and analysing data and distributing its findings to help improve India¶s foreign trade. area surveys. market surveys.  .Indian Institute of Foreign Trade IIFT was setup to professionalize India¶s foreign trade management and increase exports.  IIFT does so by: 1)developing human resources 2)conducting research 2)conducting 3)organization 3)organization of marketing research.

Marine Products Export Development Authority  The MPEDA is responsible for development of the marine products industry with special reference to exports. .

Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority  The APEDA is responsible for agricultural exports. . including the export of processed foods in value added form.

It also by offers guarantee covers to banks and financial institutions to enable exporters to obtain better facilities from them.  Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Ltd. provides the facility of export credit in the country.Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India   . The primary goal of ECGC is to promote export in India by providing a range of credit risk insurance covers to exporters against loss in export of goods and service. .

Chennai. ITPO ensures all regions of India are adequately represented in events in India and abroad.Indian Trade Promotion Organisation    ITPO provides a wide range of services to promote export. ITPO has offices in New Delhi. Kolkata and Mumbai. Bangalore. .

conferences and workshops on trade-related issues trade- .FUNCTIONS     To organize fairs and exhibitions in India To Participate in overseas fairs and organize Indian trade shows in select locations abroad. To Organise seminars. To collect and distribute Information on products and markets among trade and industry in India and abroad.

.Federation of Indian Export Organisations    The FIEO is an apex body among all export promotion organisations and institutions. It acts as a Central Co-ordinating Agency to Copromote export of consultancy services. It is a primary servicing agency that provide integrated assistance to Government recognised Export Houses / Trading Houses.

FIEO empowers new entrepreneurs.FUNCTIONS     FIEO organises seminars and sends trade delegations to overseas markets for export promotion brings out `FIEO News per month for the use of its member exporters and importers. mini and small and medium enterprises with various facets of international trade. particularly from micro. FIEO is a Registering Authority for exporting firms & Select Service Providers .

. etc. Delegations. FIEO can disburse grant to registered exporters for approved promotional activities like participation in Trade Fairs/BSMs abroad.  Acts as an interface between the MSME export sector & the Government & invites the attention of the Policy makers on issues that concern the export sector (at the Central & State levels).

Trade Fairs and Exhibitions across the globe. FIEO conducts Market Surveys. Data Analysis and Dissemination. RTAs/FTAs and exchange of business delegations.   FIEO facilitates bilateral and multilateral trade negotiations including WTO matters. . Market Intelligence. particularly in untapped markets. FIEO organizes Made in India Show.

FIEO issues visa recommendation letter to facilitate issuance of visa of members.OTHER SERVICES   FIEO issues Certificate of Origin. which is required by many countries to establish proof of origin of the goods. .

EXIM BANK   Government of India launched EXIM Bank to enhance exports from India and integrate the country¶s foreign trade and investment with the overall economic growth. . Exim bank has played major role in the promotion of cross border trade and investment in the promotion of cross border trade and investment.

. Exim Bank is managed by a Board of Directors. ECGC. and the business community. public sector banks. RBI. which has representatives from the Government.

Project Finance / Trade Finance Group handles the entire range of export credit services such as supplier's credit.FUNCTIONS     The Bank's functions are segmented into several operating groups : Corporate Banking Group which handles a variety of financing programmes for Export Oriented Units (EOUs). Importers. pre-shipment preAgri Business Group. The Group Agrihandles projects and export transactions in the agricultural sector for financing. to spearhead the initiative to promote and support Agri-exports. and overseas investment by Indian companies. .

Information Technology. Human Resources Management and Corporate Affairs. Corporate Finance. Internal Audit. to enable them establish their products in overseas markets. . Loan Recovery. the Support Services groups. Management Information Services. Legal. which include: Research & Planning. Besides these. Export Services Group offers variety of advisory and valuevalue-added information services aimed at investment promotion Export Marketing Services Bank offers assistance to Indian companies.    Small and Medium Enterprise: The group handles credit proposals from SMEs under various lending programmes of the Bank.