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e.g automobiles.g trash bags .plastic products with a useful life less than 3 years . . electronics. y Durable & Non Durable plastics Durable plastic products with a useful life of 3 years or more . packaging etc. e.Plastic y Definition-Plastics are typically polymers of high molecular mass. Non Durables . and may contain other substances to improve performance and/or reduce costs.

y Plastic bags contaminate food products wrapped in them. is the cause of concern. 60% plastic can actually be considered as environment friendly as it saves our forest and many other resources of the earth. microscopic particle can enter in our Food Chain. 22% of plastic last for a week to three months. y As a result . .Ill Effects Of Plastic y A plastic bag chokes Drains & Sewers. 18% are the items that are discarded immediately after use. The other form of plastics which are meant for 1 time use . y Plastic bags are swallowed by cattle causing diseases & deaths. y Plastic Bags harm Aquatic life by dumping them into sea via drains & sewage pipes.

y Habitual using patterns. y y y y . from so many years we are using plastic bags without even knowing the damage caused by it to us.India is price sensitive country.Why its difficult to ban !! Plastic is easy to store. Easily available. Easy to handle.. wherever we find cheap price we go for that product. Cheapest packaging material.

000. around 500 billion (500.000) plastic bags are used (Source-http://www. y Plastic bags are difficult and costly to recycle and most end up on landfill sites where they take around 300 years to photo degrade y Environmentalists say more than 10mn plastic bags a day are used in the Delhi every day ( .000.Background to ban on plastic y Every y Per Capita Consumption of Plastic in INDIA-6kg standard. So many that over one million bags are being used every minute and they're damaging our environment y India's plastics consumption is one of the highest in the world.

Recycling plastic a costly affair !! The harsh economics behind plastic bag recycling it cost $4000 to process and recycle one tones of plastic bags. Less than 1% of plastic bags are recycled. which can hen be sold on commodities market for $32. .

y The Environment Ministry has banned manufacture and use of plastics carry bags less than 8 inches X 12 inches in size 20 micron in width y Various States have increased the minimum thickness of plastic carry bags to even higher limits of 40. Punjab. Himachal Pradesh. Delhi.Initiative taken by Government y Several Indian states such as Maharashtra. or 70 microns . banned the use of plastic bags. 50. Rajasthan. West Bengal etc. Goa .

Prohibition of manufacture. 2000 is being implemented in Delhi since 2 October 2001.Provision for placement of receptacles and places for deposit of garbage Section 3 . 2010 refused to lift the ban on the use on plastic and polythene bags. Section 5 . sale.000 fine & 5 years Imprisonment) . etc.Ban in Delhi y The Delhi Plastic Bag (Manufacture. or recycled plastic bags for food y The Supreme Court on January 29. The implementation of this Act is undertaken by Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC). y (Rule violation will result to Rs100. Sales and Usage) and Non-Biodegradable Garbage (Control)Act.

has started 'Say no to Plastic Bags' drive. forbidding the use of plastic bags. y They have seized a large chunk of plastic bags from shopkeepers y The civic agency has also issued circulars to restaurants and other places. .Some quick effects of Ban !! y The health department of the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC).

Some quick effects of Ban !! y A Delhi city court slapped footwear major Bata Shoe Stores with a fine of Rs 1 lakh for using plastic bags on April 2010 (Delhi Pollution Control Committee to utilize the penalty money to distribute biodegradable bags among small shopkeepers to create awareness about eco-friendly steps) y Ho ble Supreme court has directed Union Govt to reply whether a ban on paan masala and gutka packets (which chokes drainage systems) should be imposed. .

Mc Donalds VR Re sing plastic trays Take away bags made of paper They serve fries and soft drinks in cardboard or thick paper   Resta rants and Entertainm ent joints   Sarojini agar Karol agh alika azaar Conna ght lace   Organised Retails       ig azaar Safal Spencers Started sing paper bags / charging c stomer for j te/ cloth bag/ enco rage c stomer to bring his own bag     .Effects in various segments Fashion Retailers Shoppers Stop Levis Calvin klein Started sing paper and cloth bags iG Market Areas Separate d stbins are placed to dispose off non bio degradable and bio degradable waste.

Paper Bags at Mobile stores. . y HCL . In order to facilitate this we have engaged all our HCL Touch centres to collect any e-waste the customer wishes to dispose off. Jute Bags for employees usage.Effects on Corporate Segment y Tata-Usage of Paper Cups for tea. coffee serving.initiative taken by the company to dispose of any e-waste in a 100% environment friendly manner.

in/newdelhi/bhagi. y In 125 colonies programme on waste management has been initiated as a pilot project for segregation of waste at source level itself into biodegradable & non-biodegradable and its further recycling (http://delhigovt. the huge pile of collected plastic bags was given the shape of a Dinosaur and kept at Nehru Park.Government and Citizen together y A plastic bag collection drive-cum-competition was launched under which 5000 kgs. For public awareness.nic. Of used plastic bags of less than 20 micron thickness were collected.asp) .

.Improvement in Waste Management y Delhi government has signed agreements with three private companies for collection. Containerized mechanical loading and unloading is done which avoids multiple handling. y Compactor loaders are being used for the transportation of the waste. ensures hygienic environment around the WSD s and also reduces environmental and health risks. y Separate collection bins (dust bins) are being installed for bio degradable and non biodegradable waste at many prominent places in the city. transportation and disposal of municipal solid waste in six zones. reduces spillage. segregation.

y Moreover separate vehicles are used for biodegradable(green) and non-biodegradable waste(blue). awareness programs for household segregation at source level.Improvement in Waste management. y Waste disposal awareness drive .. . School assembly sessions and student rallies.Government agencies are conducting Slum programs. Posters & banner displays. Street play s. training of operational staff etc.


so Government should do partnership with Private companies to find out a low cost alternative to plastics.There should be increase in Public Awareness so that people will be knowing the side effects of Plastic usage.Yet there is a long way to go y Increase in Public awareness. . will minimize plastic usage y Introduce low cost alternatives-The strength of plastic is it s the Cheapest material available.

Asian. plastic usage will be are the backbone of any country. y Educating children at schools.aspx?pid=756). (sourcehttp://www. New YOR (part of USA). Washington D.Europe.lwvmn. at the younger stage if we will educate them about the ill effects of plastics and their alternatives .C. y Tax imposition on plastics Bags .Yet there is a long way to go By tax impositions the usage of plastic bags will decrease automatically many countries who has taken such initiatives are.

Towards a cleaner and Greener Delhi Thank you .youtube.

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