Library Information System

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What is Library Information System
y A Library lends books and magazines to member, who is registered in the system. Also it handles the purchase of new titles for the Library. Popular titles are bought into multiples copies. y The library can easily create, replace and delete information about the tiles, members, loans and reservation in the system.

Problem Definition
y Old books and magazines are removed when they are

out of date or in poor condition. y If a member asks for a book/magazines then
1. 2.

The book is issued if available Otherwise, it is reserved for that member so that he can get the book when book is available.

Inception Phase
y Vision & Scope y Module Description y Use Case Diagram y Class Diagram

Vision & Scope
y At present the system manages the basic operations and

information about members and books in the library.

y The module which we are adding with the system is to reserve a

book or magazine that is not currently available in the library, so that when it is returned or purchased by the library, that person is notified. and their timely removal.

y Another module is to keep track of outdated or damaged books y As a future scope the system can be added with more modules to

perform the operations with periodicals, newspapers, cd s, dvd s and audio tapes available in the library.

Use Case Diagram

Library Inventory Manager

Class Diagram

Elaboration Phase
y Sequence Diagram y Activity Diagram

Sequence Diagram for Removing Book

Sequence Diagram for reserving books

Activity Diagram

Construction Phase
y Collaboration Diagram y Component Diagram y State Chart Diagram

Collaboration Diagram for Removing Books

Collaboration Diagram for Reserving the Books

Component Diagram

State Chart Diagram

Transition phase
Testing of Product in customer environment 2. Deliver the final product to end user

Essential Derivatives y Deployment Diagram

Depl y ent Di gr

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