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Agenda .What .Causes .Effects 3/14/2011 2 .

I e eral it occ rs i o ays of mmer seaso 3/14/2011 3 .Heat Waves ef : eat wave is a prolo e perio of excessively ot weat er wit i mi ity.Heat Waves are relative to t e re io al temperat re . .

.Cities f High Te erature Regi n 3/14/2011 4 .Effected Area¶s .Desert. and Mediterranean-ty e cli ates. se i-desert.

Extensive usage f .Wild Fires er t kee things c l ent like Rail ay 3/14/2011 5 .Hy erther ia resulting in dearths .Physical Da age .Ex ansi n in etallic equi Tracks. .Heat Waves Effects: .Agricultural l ss .S ci l gical effects . .

Gl bal War ing .Layers de leti n .Causes f Heat Wave: .V lcanic Eru ti n 3/14/2011 6 .Extre e Te erature near equat r .

40. 3.5 48 45. 2.8 3/14/2011 7 .500 15.2 40 37.000 1. 40.000 Eur ean heat ave S uthern India heat ave Russian heat ave Eur e India Russia 2003 2003 2010 P rtugal S ain France Netherlands Ger any.Deadliest Incidents Heat Waves Event L cati n Date Rank Death t ll 1.

P tential t change Directi n Unex ectedly.It can ju Divisi ns.Kn n as Wild Fires Bush Fire Grass fire Hill fire Peat fire. . .Unc ntr lled fire in c bustible vegetati n that ccurs in the c untryside r a ilderness area.F rest Fires . vegetati n fire. . ver large ater b dies and 3/14/2011 8 . .S reads at Large size and S eed. veld fire and ild land fire .

busti n. lightning is the aj r s urce.S r ck falls.Other arts f rld its hu an causes. .United States. 3/14/2011 - Discarded cigarettes S arks fr equi ent P er line arcs Cigarette Butts ntane us c 9 . and N rth est China.F rest Fires Other Cause: Causes: F ur aj r natural causes . .Lightning .S arks fr .V lcanic eru ti n. . Canada.

Cli ate Changes .Hu an Infecti ns thr ugh S .L ss f life .Gl bal War ing ke rld F rest Fires Recent F rest Fire in Melb urne.L ss f Green . Australia in 2009 By Fuel and Che ical Du ± Hu an S urce 3/14/2011 10 .Effects: .

. 3/14/2011 11 .Traditi nal Blizzards . heavy sn fall.Blizzards A severe c nditi n characterized by .It brings White ut hich reduces visibility t zer .T aj r ty es. and . te eratures.Str ng inds hich bl s ld sn already resent.Where ab ve c nditi ns reflect. .Lasting f r 3 h urs r re«. .It aralyzes the regi n r areas f its ccurrence.Gr und Blizzards .Visibility ± a r xi ately < than 1/4th ile . l str ng inds. .Wind ± a r xi ately > than 35 iles er h ur .

3/14/2011 bining 12 . . Lake Effect Blizzard. Saskatche an blizzard f 2007. Effects: . Causes: l bal ar ing inds in L pressure c ith the isture.Different Blizzards ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Iran Blizzard ± Deadliest in Hist ry N rth A erican Blizzard ± In 3 Chunks .St r s and Cycl nes.Shutd n n r al and easy g ing f life. Hall een Blizzard r Arctic regi n.Da ages r ads and ec n ics .

Other ty es: .Slush fl . 3/14/2011 13 .  They are classified by their destructive tential and r h l gical characteristics. .Avalanche  Sn fl ing d n the sl e ra idly.  Occurs in untain us terrain.Wet sn r is ther al Avalanche.  Mixes Air ater ith the descending sn .P er cl ud .L se r int release Avalanche.Slab Avalanche . Maj r Ty es: .S in drift Avalanche.

Avalanche Causes: . Deadliest Avalanche ± 1910 ‡ March 1 .Terrain .Te erature .Fl ds .Destructi n t r erty and life .Water .62 railr ad rkers ere killed in the R gers Pass avalanche in British C lu bia.L ss f Vegetati n.Hu an Disturbance . .Wellingt n avalanche killed 96.Heavy sn fall Effects: .Natural breakage.Wind r Fast fl ing Air . ‡ March 3 .Sl e . 3/14/2011 14 .

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