Village Volvo

0 Founders: 2 former Volvo authorized dealer

mechanics 0 Differentiators:
0 Quality repair service on out-of-warrantee Volvos

at a reasonable price 0 Custom Car care service.

0 Facility: Butler building with 4 work bays, and

office and customer waiting area, storage room. 0 Well equipped waiting room (television, comfortable chairs, coffee, soft drink vending machine, reading material

0 Appointments for diagnose and repair of specific problems 0 Service process: 0 Customer interacts with service manager 0 Diagnosis -> Estimated cost 0 Owner to be consulted before any unexpected work to be done.Village Volvo 0 Types of service: 0 2 Fixed slots each week for quick routine services. 0 Worn out parts kept separately for inspection 0 High focus on cleanliness .

Village Volvo 0 Custom Care Vehicle Dossier (CCVD) 0 Maintains warranty records of services 0 Other problems that might need attention in future 0 Value addition: 0 Recycling of parts and waste products 0 Network of other vendors and service providers 0 7 to 8 AM & 5 to 6 PM: customer contact hours   .

Village Volvo 0 Under Consideration: 0 Shuttle service is being considered 0 Considering to offer a minicourse to help customers to attain their 200000 miles Volvo Medals 0 .

Office. Engine Fluids. local newspaper •Repair tools and equipment •Auto parts. Coolant Facilitating Goods Infor mation •CCVD – History record on each vehicle serviced •Discussion with Mechanics & Service Manager •Scheduled Appointments 5 . chairs .Village Volvo’s Service Package Supporting Facility •Building with 4 work bays. magazines. vending machine. Storage Room •Waiting Area – Television set.

Village Volvo’s Service Package Contd… Explicit Service •Smooth running automobile post service •Clean car Implicit Service Assurance that repair done by reputed mechanics Information at each step to customer •Information on unexpected problem and cost •Replaced parts put in a box (assurance) •Warranty on service •Comfortable of waiting room •Quality of discussion– making the customer understand the preliminary diagnosis and the final repair outcome • 6 .

.. Different personnel – Customized Approach 7 .... drop-in time. Service consumed at the same time it is produced . Intangibility Repaired parts are tangible (product) Automobile repair service is intangible Heterogeneity .. .. Different vehicles. timely feedback.Facilitate diagnosis.Characteristics of a Service Firm Interaction with mechanics and service manager and test drive Customer Participation ...... cost estimation Simultaneity.... Perishability Bay area capacity..

Characteristics of a Service Firm – Nature of the service Act Direct recipient of the service People Things Nature of Service Act Tangible actions HOSPITALITY (Waiting area) VEHICLE REPAIR Intangible actions INFORMATION & DISCUSSION .

Relationship with Customers Type of relationship between organization and its customer Membership relation No formal relationship Nature of Service delivery Continuous Discrete Transaction CCVD INFORMATION DATABASE REMINDER POSTCARD 2.000 MILES MEDAL .00.

Customization & Judgment in Service Extent to which customer contact personnel exercise Judgement in meeting individual customer needs Extent to which service characteristics are customized High Low CUSTOMIZED REPAIR INTERACTION WITH SERVICE MANAGER  High Low .

Nature of Demand and Supply Extent of demand fluctuations over time Wide Narrow Extent to which supply is constrained Peak demand Can usually be Met without Major delay REPAIR WORKS ROUTINE MAINTENANCE Peak demand usually exceeds capacity .

Method of Service Delivery Availability of service outlet Single site Multiple site Nature of interaction between Customer and service organisation Customer travels To service firm VILLAGE VOLVO Service provider Travels to customer Transaction is At arm’s length .

0 Standardize processes and Mechanics should be trained to follow the standard procedures for common faults and issues. electronics) 0 Introduction of job sheets for fault registering ease. . Transmission.back office operations (as a factory) 0 Routine Maintenance 0 ‘line flow’ 0 Standardized services 0 Repair Work 0 Creation of departments/allocation of work bays for specific maintenance works (Engine.

Differentiating From Volvo Dealers 0 Reasonable cost 0 High customization of service 0 Pick-up & delivery service 0 Networking with other vendors and dealers 0 Focus on creating a memorable personal experience for customers 0 Try to assign same service manager to the same customer each time 0 0 .

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