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Ambuj Puri: B-37 Mayank Sharma: B-40 Siddharth Anand: B-53 Priyanka Gupta: B-59

market faith in brand depends on image made by washing machines .P.CASE FACTS ‡ Mr. Tridip Roy: Crysta Industries: V.Customer service ‡ Problems: ± Loss of customers making repeat brand purchases ± Consumer interest declining because of new entrants ‡ New product launches planned: ± Refrigerator ± Dishwasher ‡ Believes ± that Crysta s success lays in customer bonding ± For future launches and success of new products. .

Difference in customer service matters for her. . .Respondent Product Problem Kavita Khanna Washing Machine Customer Service Customer Complaint Handling (answering machines to record complaints) .Believes that all washing machines do the same thing: wash clothes.

improper handling while servicing of product. inexperienced: 4 months old and used to sell plastic products earlier (was the person hired for sales or customer service) Putting the blame on the customer for not calling in for previous missed services .Respondent Archana Tuli Product Water Purifier (Brand: Purifo) Problem No prior information for visit to customer (inconvenience) Incompetent service personnel More focus on sales rather than customer service Incompetent service personnel: service contracts (what all is covered and what is not).

The sms gives an option to reply if in case one has not received the bill. . that too 3 yrs old and one who can spread bad word of mouth? Airtel: track their couriers and also through repeated sms notifications check whether the customer has received the bill. Bank manager ready to listen to customer complaints Despite the fact that customer never missed any previous payments for 3 years and in some cases paid even 4 days in advance. Charged Rs 675 interest for delayed payment  Bank responded only after 6 written complaints.Respondent Ritikant Sharma Product Credit card (Monet bank) Problem Received the bill 10 days later than the promised date. still there was no consideration. Bill Continue to show overdue interest. 675 worth losing a customer. Was Rs.

Respondent Divya Mathur Product Washing Machine (Crysta) Problem  No response for earlier calls from last 6 months  Repetitive collection of personal details Casual attitude of customer care executives No proper quality check prior to part replacement (also scaring the customer that there is a faulty supplier) .

Respondent Radhika Iyer Product Water Purifier Problem Service provider changed by the company without intimation Call up the company to get details about nearest service agent No proper database of customers: door to door sales person without any prior record of visits. (best before. Macroni  Directions to cook were not accurate and some were ignored Mayonnaise Missing important information. storage) .

. Pagers and mobile communication devices are for important messages and personal communication  Advertisers today offering cheap bulk sms and tele-calling at odd hours µdisturb¶ the customers and hence instead of a prospective customer. get a defaulter.  Mobile Phones.Respondent Dipankar Baruah Product Pager Problem Non Personal messages (ads) being promoted as personal messages with long beeps.

A good sales man can make all the difference in a brands image. repeated follow ups are made to complete that sale Sales personnel are one of the most important contact points for a company. They are supposed to help the customers and properly plan a purchase so that customers are satisfied. 3) Printer was still not actually repaired These days sales personnel to complete their targets offer discounts and offers to complete a sale.Respondent Beryl Dias Product Problem Laser Printer  Inconvenient Repair services (after sales customer service and attitude)  Inconvenience increased because: 1) Agent lost complaint papers 2) Forgot to intimate company about the part needed. . Nothing else matters. Their only concern is complete of a sale. Once someone makes a enquiry somewhere.

 The customer had a need.  She was ready to buy the product. .Respondent Vaidehi Chari Product Dish Washer Problem  limited availability of the product  dealer: insufficient information about the specifications of the product Attitude towards customer: walked away to attend another  A prospective customer was lost.  End sale was because of a recommendation by a satisfied customer and not because of salesperson knowledge or promotions or discounts.

Respondent Product Problem  delay in problem resolution the first time Second time occurrence of same fault within 3 months Service charge repeated despite the same problem Improper resolution (old part used) during the 1st time Callous attitude towards customer service Shalome Vaz Music System .

 In almost all the cases above.Respondent Mrs. Roy Product Problem Refrigerator Less product usage know how to the service engineer  No booklets on usage.  Manufacturer focusing on sales only and not on building relations or addressing the customer problems/complaints properly. value addition done by the company like ziplock bags. customers were lost because of bad handling by customer service agents or contact points between the company and the customer  No company knew how to handle the customer. Not making the customer . deep freeze boxes or even cookbooks. They were just bothered with the sale.

CRM ‡ CRM is the development and maintenance of mutually beneficial long-term relationships with strategically significant customers . .


‡ Company should maintain a data base of the customers and update it on a regular basis. etc.CONCLUSIONS ‡ Collect Feedback about Customers. . ‡ The sales person should provide information about the product to the customer at the time of selling. ‡ Provide new product updates to the customers through Tele-calling. ‡ After sales service should be provided promptly and on a regular basis. E- mails.

‡ False promises should be avoided ‡ Create customer complaint cell for complaint redressal ‡ The service personnel should communicate prior to visiting a customer. ‡ Provide them necessary training and resources for their development. ‡ Proper information regarding usage and handling of the product should be provided for the future reference. ..CONTD.


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