Hettich India Recruitment Drive

In 2006. East West Phalia (NW Germany) in 1966. the second generation of Hettich family started the production of furniture fittings under the name of Paul Hettich GmBh. Today.     2 . Major shareholders are Anton Hettich and his sons. Dr. the ownership has gone back to 3rd generation of Hettich family . producing cuckoo clock movements. Andreas Hettich and Rainer Hettich. Andreas Hettich and Anton Hettich chairs the group¶s advisory board. Shifted operations to Kirchlengern.Hettich History   Started in 1888 by Karl Hettich at Black Forest . with 82% stake. In 1930. the operations are handled by Dr.

started in 2010. Mid-sized company  Hettich has a presence in over 110 countries with production 18 plants in North and South America.  Customers are the furniture industry.  37 subsidiaries around the world.Hettich Today  Global Market leader in the furniture fittings & hardware industry. specialist dealers. Europe and Asia.  100% family owned. 3 . DIY stores and Home improvement stores. 3000 of them in Germany.  5800 employees worldwide.  Sales in excess of USD 1 billion worldwide. artisan businesses . 37th is Turkey. close to customers everywhere.

Hettich ± Head Quarter Production in Kirchlengern. 4 . Germany: about 150.000 sqm.

Hettich.Market Segments  Only fittings company to have presence in all market segments 5 .

Hettich .Values 6 .

Big brands-Hettich customers Brands which have presence in India Other Big brands 7 .

Chennai.Hettich India  Started Operations in India with the dawn of new millennium in 2000 ± 01 with its head quarters in Mumbai. through a highly competent team of techno-commercial executives. Hettich climbed to the leader position in first 5 years of its operations in India. . viz. Recruiting people at an average of 40 every year at various levels. Carpenters & End Customers. Hettich India has grown at a continuous growth rate of 40% ACGR year on year since 8      its inception. Channel partners. Bangalore. Hyderabad. Interior Designers. Growing along with dedicated and winning team of160+ employees across India. Project Managers. Having five regional offices in Delhi. Soon to open in all major metros in the country. Pune. Contractors. Kolkata. Furniture and kitchen manufacturers and providing solutions to Architects. Catering to three major segments in Indian markets.

looking after key positions. Average qualification : Engineer/ MBA or both Average Age : 33 years The various departments in Hettich India:  Sales  Commercial ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Billing/ Invoicing Credit Control Logistics Accounts  Marketing  Technical Services  9 HR & Administration .Hettich India ± Employee Profile Hettich India has mix of employees coming from different back grounds    The manpower includes IIM and IIT graduates.

Indian Industry ± snap shot  One of the most fast moving and booming industry in present decade. growth in organized retail and change in demographic structure.  Even though its unorganized segment. It is expected to grow by 20% in coming times. still European brands have made their mark. 10 .  Main driver for the growth is increasing housing projects.  Fittings industry has also grown directly in proportion to furniture industry.

with their diverse qualities.  Each person. is valuable to the team.Working @ Hettich India  Each job is shaped by the person who does it.  Each team is a building block in our success.  Every success depends on committed people working constructively and creatively together. 11 . These statements underline our conviction that competent employees who are proactive and ready to take responsibility are the central factor in our national and international success.

Career @ Hettich India  Clearly defined growth path for all inductees and employees.  Biannually performance reviews and incremental growth in responsibilities viz-aviz performance. Growing them for international exposure. 12 . is what we focus on.  Long term association with employees.  Start career as management/ graduate engineering trainee and developing you to assume responsibilities.

13 . requiring candidates wanting to make career in high pressure and result oriented field.  Technical Services ± All India: Servicing opening. which require suitable applicants::  Sales profiles ± All India: Hardcore sales opening. Candidate should have knack of making natural sales. Must have liking for details and stickler to time frames. wherein the incumbent should have good technical understanding.Vacancies @ Hettich India Some of the positions.

Life @ Hettich India  Work with smart people  Open and Transparent culture  We do everything to make you productive  Innovation and creativity are encouraged 14 .

Hence. we spend time in making sure that we hire right people So that we get right people for right job´ 15 .Human Resources @ Hettich ³Our employees are our most important capital.

Hettich Selection Process To apply:   Send in your resumes in required format to HR Short listing of resumes. based on pre-defined parameters Elimination Point -1  Short listed candidates are sent online psychometric test Elimination Point -2  Further short lists are informed about campus interview schedule Personal Interview round with panel of interviewers Elimination Point -3 At our office: At Campus:  At Our office: 16  Final round with Managing Director at Mumbai .

salary is not a constraint. 2. 4 Lakhs + ( all inclusive)  For exceptional candidates. Other benefits: Medical Insurance Higher education sponsorship Opportunity to move at global positions abroad      17 . 3 Lakhs ( all inclusive) Probation: 1 year CTC (on confirmation): Rs.Emoluments @ Hettich  Selected Candidates will be intimated by HR through email Emoluments for Freshers will be: Stipend: Rs.5 Lakhs ± Rs.

Join us and be a part of growing organization Thanks for your attention 18 .

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