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Asad Ahmed Khan

Muhammad Ali

This circuit is designed to determine the water level

especiall in a water tank.

Ms the water level increases from the base of the tank the number
of glowing LEDS increases subsequentl .

Mmount of water present in a water tank can be easil measured.

w idge Rectifie

T ansisto

T ansfo me
220 V ACM 12 V AC


ircuit elements used are as follow

47 ohm Resistor.
 k ohm Resistor.
Sound wuzzer.
wridge Rectifier.
22 V  Source.

This is ke element in circuit. It is used as switch.
The important propert of this Transistor Is, this transistor give out put
from collector onl when its base voltage is at some ʹve potential than
its emitter.

k ohm Resistors
s described before, Transistor    can onl be turned on if base
is at low voltage than emitter. In order to set the voltage bellow 2 V
we put k ohm resistor, setting base to some low voltage.
wridge Rectifier
wridge Rectifier is actuall a bridge of Diodes
47.This is used to convert 2 V  coming from
Transformer) to 2 V D which is supplied to circuit.

Light Emitting Diodes, Placed in circuit, to show
level of water in Tank. These diodes are operated at . V

47 ohm Resistors

47 ohm Resistors are installed in the circuit because
LED is Operated at . V, and we are having 4.7 V there,
so in order to decrease the voltage across LED we placed
47 ohm resistors

º Œhen an wire is dipped in water that wire will be
connected to wire N through water, establishing a
negative voltage across the base of transistor. urrent
begins to flow from collector. In this wa , LED glows.

º fter successive connections of wires with N,

respective LEDs will glow, and when wire F will be
connected to N , then there will be sound alarming ou
that water has attained maximum level and after this
water will flow over.


This ircuit has a number of practical uses in dail life.

ÿow no need to go on the roof to check the water level.

ÿan be used to measure underground storage of water.
ÿŒater level Indicator works to maintain a constant water level.
sed in different Plants and Industries)
ÿlarm starts ringing as soon as tank becomes full.
It helps to check overflow and wastage of water
b warning the person when the tank is about to brim.
ÿIt can also be used to calculate incoming and out going water
in large reservoirs.
ÿIt is used to predict the arrival of floods.