Academic Ranks

I. Dakota Wesleyan University, USA
General types of academic rank: 1. Instructor 2. Assistant Professor 3. Associate Professor 4. Professor 5. Professor Emeritus 6. Visiting Professor 7. Honorary Professor


Qualifications for each rank:
Instructor: ‡ A master degree (or equivalent teaching &

Assistant Professor: ‡ A doctor or terminal degree;
‡ Or master s degree and completion of three years of college teaching.

Associate Professor:
or terminal degree; ‡ Has held the rank of Assistant Professor for at least four years; ‡ At least six years of successful college teaching.

‡ A doctorate


‡ Is a tenured member of the faculty. ‡ Not automatic. ‡ Has held the rank of Associate Professor for five years. ‡ Has tenure and has completed at least fifteen years of service to the University in faculty rank. Professor Emeritus: ‡ Faculty member retiring from active service. the honor should be served for those who have excelled throughout his/her careers as teacher. 3/16/2011 3 .Professor: ‡ A doctorate or terminal degree in the field which s/he is teaching.

pro rata. or fulltime visiting faculty member from another institution. . ‡ Be assigned by the President upon recommendation of the Department Chair & the Vice President of 3/16/2011 4 Academic Affairs and Dean. Associate Professor. or Professor).Visiting Professor: ‡ May be employed as a part-time. ‡ Have no contractual arrangement with the University. Honorary Professor: ‡ May be assigned to individuals who offer educational experiences to the students of the University on a part-time basic. ‡ Be assigned to individuals who hold or have held professional rank (Assistant Professor.

‡ Encourage professional development.Promotion is intended to: ‡ Acknowledge excellent in teaching. Community service.Process for determination of rank promotion: . 3/16/2011 5 . ‡ Promote professional relationships with students and colleagues. and a. ‡ Commitment to the mission of the University. service to the University.

Assistant Professor: ‡ Any faculty member hired as a probationary 3/16/2011 instructor.II. Los Angeles Community College General types for academic rank : Instructor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Professor Qualifications for each rank: Instructor: ‡ Any faculty member when condition for academic rank have not been met. 6 .

Professor: ‡ Four (4) years of full-time service as an associate professor. ‡ Sixty (60) units of college or university credit beyond a 120-unit bachelor s degree.Associate Professor: ‡ Assistant professor with master s degree or higher. ‡ An earned Doctorate 3/16/2011 7 . ‡ Any faculty member with a bachelor s degree and seven years professional service. or four (4) years of full-time service as professional related to the subject or service area. ‡ three (3) year s professional service in Districts.

3/16/2011 8 . Canada and the United State Types for academic rank (Tenured and tenuretrack positions) : 1. A mid-level 3. ‡ After 4-8 years as assistant professor.III. Professor/Full Professor 4. Distinguished Professor/ Endowed Chair Qualifications for each rank: An introductory level position: ‡ After receiving PhD and/or completing a postdoctoral fellowship. An introductory level professor 2.

Distinguished Professor/Endowed Chair: ‡ Is an honorary position in which a full professor s salary is increased by being tied to an endowment derived from the university. 3/16/2011 9 . tenured professor.A mid-level ‡ Usually tenured. or foundations. Professor/Full professor : ‡ A senior. private individuals. firms. professor.

Visiting Assistant Professor 6. Teaching Assistant (TA) or teaching Fellow (TF) 2. Collegiate Assistant Professor/Collegiate Professor/Collegiate Associate Professor 5. Instructor or Lecturer 4.Types for academic rank (Non-tenure-track positions) : 1. Adjunct Instructor/ Adjunct Professor/Adjunct Lecturer/ Faculty Associate 3. Research Professor 3/16/2011 10 .

Qualifications for each rank: Teaching Assistant (TA): ‡ Graduate students. non-tenure track faculty members who are paid for each class they teach. Adjunct Instructor: ‡ Part-time non-salaried. ‡ Whom plays a supportive role involving grading. 3/16/2011Involves teaching undergraduate introductory course. ‡ Teaching fellows teach entire courses. ‡ Does not always requires a completed PhD. review sessions. Instructor or Lecturer: ‡ A full-time at a university that does not involve tenure or a research program in the classical sense. ‡ Not requires a PhD. 11 ‡ . and labs.

‡ Main purpose is to teach and conduct service to the students and university/college rather than conducting research or publishing. Visiting Assistant Professor: ‡ A temporary professor position. ‡ Who is invited to serve as a member of the faculty of another university or college for a limited period of time. 3/16/2011 12 . ‡ Covers the teaching load of a faculty member sabbatical.Collegiate Professor: ‡ Often full-time instructor.

‡ No salary commitment from their institution. ‡ Salary from external funding sources such as grants and contracts. 3/16/2011 13 .Research Professor ‡ No obligation for teaching .

3/16/2011 14 . ‡ Obtains a master s degree within five (5) years of commencing employment.VI. or publishing advertisements. Egypt General types for academic rank : Teaching Assistant Senior Teaching Assistant Assistant Professor Associate Professor Professor Qualifications for each rank: Teaching Assistant: ‡ Top ranking students of the most recent graduate.

3/16/2011 15 . ‡ Must either leave the university. supervising graduation projects.‡ Must either leave the university. master s thesis. and doctoral dissertations. or be transferred to any administrative department that s/he is qualified for. Assistant Professor: ‡ Once a senior teaching assistant obtains a doctorate. Senior Teaching Assistant: ‡ Must obtain a doctoral degree within five (5) years. ‡ Duties include delivering lectures. and receives tenureship. s/he is hired as an assistant professor. or be transferred to any administrative department that s/he is qualified for.

3/16/2011 16 . in terms of publications and thesis and dissertation supervised. in terms of publications and thesisses dissertations supervised. ‡ Based on the scholarly contributions of the application. Professor: ‡ After at least five years as associate professor.Senior Teaching Assistant: ‡ After at least five (5) years as assistant professor ‡ Based on scholarly contributions of the applicant.

which required at least a bachelor s degree.V. Sweden General types for academic rank : Adjunkt Doctor (Doktor) Graduate Assistant/Forskarassistant Lecturer (Lektor) Associate Professor (Docent) Professor Qualifications for each rank: Adjunkt ‡ Often part-time. 3/16/2011 17 . ‡ Similar to the adjunct instructor in the USA.

Lecturer/Lektor: ‡ Requires a PhD. ‡ Similar to the Assistant Professor in the USA. Graduate Assistant/Forskarassistant ‡ Requires a PhD. typically involving publication of scientific articles and successful defense of a doctoral thesis. and which is typically undertaken following a PhD in order qualify as a Docent. ‡ Broadly similar to the USA. 3/16/2011 18 .Doctor/Doktor: ‡ The title entails a research education. ‡ Equivalents to PhD.

‡ serves as main supervisor of PhD students which have successfully obtained their PhD. ‡ Serves as the main supervisor for PhD students and as a member of an examination committee for evaluation of a doctoral thesis. a strong publication record. proven teaching skills. 3/16/2011 19 .Associate Professor/ Docent: ‡ Requires PhD and typically entails having documented scientific independence in the form of additional publications. and training in both teaching and scientific mentorship. ‡ Requires teaching experience. Professor: ‡ Requires a PhD degree.

‡ A Bachelor s Degree Holder.IV. Philippine General types for academic rank: Instructor I & II Assistant Professor Associate Professor Professor College/University Assistant Qualifications for each rank: Instructor I : ‡ Common Criteria for Evaluation (CCE) points and below. who graduate with academic honors. 20 3/16/2011 .

‡ S/He is given three years to finish the appropriate Master s degree course. ‡ CCE points of at least 88 points. otherwise known as Teaching Effectiveness. ‡ Qualitative contributions in instruction. ‡ CCE points of at least 66 points and qualitative contributions in instruction. Assistant Professor: ‡ Master s Degree holder. otherwise known as Teaching Effectiveness. 3/16/2011 21 . Instructor II: ‡ A Master s Degree Holder in the area of specialization.

and ‡ Qualitative contributions in research. extension and production or in at least two of the four functional areas. monographs. ‡ Doctorate holder. and ‡ Books. Professor: ‡ CCE points of least 159 points. compendiums and major bodies of published work. extension and production or in at least two of the four functional areas. ‡ Qualitative contributions in research.Assistant Professor: ‡ CCE points of at least 124 Master s Degree in the area of specialization. 3/16/2011 22 .

‡ Supervision. . ‡ Be known for intellectual maturity and objectivity in 3/16/2011 23 judgment. invention and other significant original contributions. tutoring or coaching of graduate scientists and technologies.‡ Scientific articles in publications of international circulation. and other works of similar nature. College/University Assistant: ‡ Outstanding scholar as shown in the quality of his/ her publication and research done in the principal field of study or in allied fields. ‡ Discoveries. or has manifested performance of his/here executive leadership role. ‡ Research recommendations transformed to public policy benefitting the country.

titles. ‡ Have contributed to the advancement of his/her field of specialization. etc. Good Luck!! 3/16/2011 24 . chairs. Thank for Your Paying Attention. awards. ‡ Have been accorded various forms of honors.‡ Have high reputation among his/her colleagues and other scholars for mastery of the subject of his/her specialization.

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