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Objective Introduction to verka Introduction to Labour Welfare Definition of Labour Welfare Labour Welfare in Verka Milk Plant Reseach Methodlogy Survey Analysis Observation s Suggestion s Conclusion

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Free Powerpoint Templates Page 3 . laws and policy of labour welfare. ‡ To know the constituents of labour welfare.Objectives Main objectives of the study are as follows: ‡ To gain the knowledge about the concept of LABOUR WELFARE . ‡ To know the rules. ‡ To study labour legislations pertaining to Industrial Relations.

Milk Plant Bathinda was commissioned in September.Milk. Paneer. ‡ Milk Plant set up with a twin objective of providing remunerative milk market to the milk producers in this area and also supply good quality milk products to the consumers at reasonable rates . ‡ In Milk Plant.Introduction to Company ‡ Histroy:. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 4 . ‡ Main Products:. Ice Creams. 1. Bathinda about 177 workers and authorities work in the production plant and about 35 people work in the administrative section. Lassi and etc. Milk Cake. it was handed over by the State Government to The Punjab State Co-operatives Milk Producers Federation Limited (MILKFED) . 1980. 1974 with a total outlay of Rs. Khoa. Ghee. Table Butter.6 Crores by The Punjab Dairy Devlopment Corporation limited . Skimmed Milk Powder. On 1 March. Whole Milk Powder.

Free Powerpoint Templates Page 5 .Introduction to Labour wefare ‡ The term labour includes any person who puts in physical or mental effort perform any task. ‡ Labour welfare means setting up of all the minimum desirable standards and provisions of facilities like health. education. job security. ‡ Welfare consists of actions or procedures especially on the part of governments and institutions striving to promote the basic wellbeing of individuals or the society. food. housing. recreation and so on for labour. medical assistance. insurance. clothing.

knowing their wants and enabling them to fulfill their wants. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 6 .Definition of Labour Welfare ‡ Labour Welfare means working out things for well-being of the Labours.

The Apprentices Act. All the principles of labour welfare are accepted by the plant . The Maternity Benefit Act.1948. 1948. 1961. 1961 .The Plantation Labour Act. 1923 . Agencies of Labour Welfare In Verka Milk Plant 1 Central Government:The central Government has passed various legislation for the welfare of different types of workers which are same applicable in verka some important legislation are The Factories Act . The Minimum Wages Act.Labour Welfare in Verka Milk Plant The concept of labour welfare is fully adopted by the verka plant in order to satisfy labour needs. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 7 . 1951 . 1972 . The Payment of Gratuity Act. The Workmen Compensation Act. 1965. The payment of Bonus Act.

Bonus. recreational activities and training of workers and other welfare centers. Medical Benefits. The state government runs health and family planning centers.2. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 8 . allowance (like travelling allowance. The Co-operative Milk Producer Union Employ Service Rules:The another main agency of labour welfare in verka is the The Co-operative Milk Producer Union Employ Service Rules are provide the main provision regarding the labour welfare are pay. vocational guidance. rural allowance). Home travelling Concession 3. The state government also keep a vigil on the employers that they are operating welfare schemes made obligatory by the state or central govt. State:The State Government provides various welfare facilities to workers. provident fund. Gratuity. centers for education. house rent allowance.

General Manager organizes a meeting of worker union after every 15 days in which problems of labour are discussed.4. 5. The worker unions in verka held the care of all the aspects of welfare. Employer:Employer is the main agency of labour welfare in the verka. General Manager of the plant consider labour welfare thing important. Other The another agency of labour welfare in verka are 1Labour welfare officer 2Employee welfare committee Free Powerpoint Templates Page 9 . 6. Worker Union always seeks better cooperation from the employer in providing welfare facilities. Worker Union:- Worker union is the main agency of labour welfare in the verka milk plant. He is act as care taker of all the aspects of labour welfare. The Union may go against the authority if any unsound policy or rule regarding welfare is passed.

The secondary sources were used to gain basic and extra information regarding labour welfare. interaction with operators and guidance from officers.Some of the primary sources of data collection are personal interviews.Primary sources:. Secondary sources:. 2. These are direct and indirect sources which are referred to as primary and secondary sources.Research Methodology There were various sources of data collection used for this study. internet source and the various rules of Milkfed. These sources are as follows: 1. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 10 . The secondary source used was past records of workers.

Age Free Powerpoint Templates Page 11 . Name 2. questions are following:1. The analysis and findings of this survey are as follow and sample size is 50.Survey I have conducted survey on labour welfare on verka milk plant by asking questions to labour by personal interview.

3. Are you know about what Health Provision your organization have to provide you? Free Powerpoint Templates Page 12 .

4. Is Good Health Facilities improves the efficiency of workers? Free Powerpoint Templates Page 13 .

5. Are you known about what safety Provision which your organizations have to provide you? Free Powerpoint Templates Page 14 .

Are you satisfied with these Safety Facilities? Free Powerpoint Templates Page 15 .6.

Which type of Working Environment is provided you at workplace? Free Powerpoint Templates Page 16 .7.

Which type of Rest Rooms. Washing Facilities and Canteen Facilities are Provide to you? Free Powerpoint Templates Page 17 .8.

Are you stratified with your compensation? Free Powerpoint Templates Page 18 .9.

10. Is there is proper evaluation of Labour welfare Facilities? Free Powerpoint Templates Page 19 .

11. Do you want something more from organization for your welfare(labour welfare)? Free Powerpoint Templates Page 20 .

Various agencies are responsible for providing labour welfare like Government.Analysis After study of various aspect of labour welfare we come to analysis that Verka consider. I analyse that . Free Powerpoint Templates Page 21 .worker union in Verka . state . increase in their wages. recreational activities and etc. All the employee from upper level to lower level are treated under the same roof of welfare. labour welfare is the subject of paramount importance. a little more cleanliness is required at workplace. employer. most of labour wants some more welfare facilities like they Co-operative Work Culture.

· Experience of working comes by working under somebody else s supervision and initially no formal training is provided to any worker.Cooperation can be seen from upper level to lower level. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 22 .Observation s There were many things which can be observed. The main observations are: . · HR department is less active. · No specific qualification is required to work as a workmen or an operator in the plant.Workers are promoted on the basis of experience. .

One important suggestion is that should provide trainees with proper training and should give the knowledge regarding actual working in the HR department as it is the core department of any organization.Suggestion s Special program must be started for creating awareness among the Labour related to labour laws. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 23 . A little more cleanliness is required in the area canteen and in production area. There is a need of promoting recreational activities. ‡ There are some of the parts in the plant where electricity is wasted. This thing should be taken care of.

recreationla and so on which satisfy the labour at during employing and after employing. So in the end we can say that labour welfare is properly establishead in the VERKA MILK PLANT . we can say that scope of labour welfare is vary wide. Various agencies of labour welfare are play a vary active role e. job security. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 24 . Setting up minimum desireable standards and provision of facilities like housing. Government makes rules and laws which are follow in the verka and the have there own rules which emphasis on welfare other agencies like worker union are also very active. The concept of Labour welfare has its own importance in the plant.g. medical assitance. education.Conclusion This summer training gave a lot to me. BATHINDA . I got the opportunity to closely experience the Working in the big organizations. With this summer training we got the exposure to industrial environment. insurance.

THANK YOU SHIVANI Free Powerpoint Templates Page 25 .

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