Planning. . Directing.Role of MIS in MANAGEMENT MIS providing information support for the organization . Staffing.This includes . Coordinating ETC. Controlling.. Organizing.

Planning :The planning is predetermined course of action . Planning is a process of deciding the goal and formulating the policy to achieve this goal. allocation of resources etc.The support provided for the activities varies form organization to organization. The extent and scope of support which is required to be provided depends upon business environment and originations need. planning is related to. tool strategies . . Planning involves forecasting future estimation and projection making choice among alternatives .

. Organizing in the process of allocating task among the employees . Staffing :Staffing means placing right one at right placing. Staffing in MIS includes selection .Organizing :In order to implimate the plan . the sound organization structure is required. organizing includes interfacing between resources. structure . recording. recruitment. procedure tools and selection among alternatives. motivating. promotion and training.

Coordinating :Effective coordination helps to achieve the goals easily with the help of coordinating techniques. Directing is the heart of Management process. Directing in MIS includes selection of the directing resources and efforts for achieving the goals.Directing:Directing simply means determining the path to achieve the goal. Controlling:MIS support in controlling is observed through feedback control mechanism. Selection of right application can be done. Therefore Information Technology (IT) is a crucial element of modern day MIS . MIS makes use of information technology.

System :The system is term which is derived form Greek word Systema which means that . Definition of system :System is a collective entity for system of a consisting of group of element which are inter related. education system . telephone system . computer system etc. We develop for design a system to achieve different objectives. There are some examples of system in day to day life like transportation system. A system is any collection of component that interact to reserve common goal. it is an organized relationship among the functioning unit or component . . interdependent and interacting.

Thumb rule of a system :System have a specific purpose or objective which of the element which is a part of given system. elements within a system or interdependent and elements within a system are interrelated. Information system. . Can be a system an element in given system can be present an element in one or more system. Static versus dynamic system . Open versus closed system. Types of sytem:.Three types.

Known Unknown O/P --- Subject to known and unknown input and environment disturbance .a)Open Versus closed system:An open system has man interfaces which its environment. The open system may includes functioning of isolation .g. Open system exchanges information material energy to the environment e. Information System. These types of system receives inputs and given outputs to the outside. organization.

A closed system does not exchange information material or energy with its environment.g. attendance of employees etc. in fact a completely closed system is rare one e.i)Open System :Open system are flexible and have interaction with environmental. A closed system is isolated from environmental influences. stock. ii)Closed system:Closed system have no interaction with its environment. cash . No exchange with environment . The closed system do not have the functioning of isolation from the environment. all kinds o accounting system such as .

b)Static versus Dynamic system :i)Static system includes the function which will not accept the changing environment of human activity. .g. business organization are best example of dynamic system. Dynamic system is constant changing system e. ii) Dynamic System:Dynamic system includes functioning which will accept the changing environment of business activity . Static system is not changing system.

It has a combination of person hardware and software . the person is user of information .c)Information system:Information system is a controlled system model. But a certain degree of error is always attached to the prediction. When software and hardware system used to access the information then it is deterministic system and when the combination of software and hardware along with the user make probabilistic system. . The hardware and software Is a closed deterministic system. A deterministic system operates in a predictable manner whereas the probabilistic system operates In a probable manner. But in combination with user it is an open and probabilistic system.

c)Deterministic versus Probability system :Deterministic system operate in a predictable manner and probability system operates in a probable manner.Information system are open system they have considerable interaction with the environment in which they operate. the information system have to be flexible If the information system is not able to adopt the changes in the environment then its existence will be at stake. The environment is constantly changing as and so to adjust with changing environment . .

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