State your action as safety and health officer to comply with occupational safety and health Regulation (Control of Industrial major.QUESTION ´ Your factory have chlorine reserve as much as 100 tones per day. This substance the usage run day by day.Accident Hazards ) 1996 .


This plant has a complete range of chemical production.COMPANY BACKGROUND ´ ´ ´ ´ AMTECH CHEMICAL Sdn. No. AMTECH is supported by a team of qualified and experienced staff and maximizes its collaboration with the local universities and smart partnership with selected industry players. . Sarawak and Sabah in Malaysia. 476724W) was incorporated on 5th February 1999 with a current paid up of RM 3 million. Kuala Lumpur. Johor since April 2010. Bhd. We operate from our Head Office in Johor Bahru assisted by our Technical Sales Offices in Terengganu. lab facilities and storage area which can produce about 80-100 tons of chemical per day based on our clients' needs. (Co. AMTECH manufacturing plant is located at the MIEL Industrial Area in Pasir Gudang.


AMTECH PRODUCT LISTINGS Degreaser ´ Demulsifier ´ Scale Inhibitor ´ Corrosion Inhibitor ´ Defoamer ´ Water Clarifier ´ Biocide ´ Paraffin Inhibitor ´ Decontaminant ´ Scavenger ´ Fluorescent Dye ´ .

DEPARTMENT PRODUCTION OF CHLORINE DIOXIDE Raw Material Storage Chlorine Dioxide Production Packaging Warehouse .



-Acute effect to the 2 worker -Major Injuries 2 3 6 A chlorine cylinder -Spill onto the is dropped from worker can cause the hoist during serious injuries. -Inhale by the worker can cause fatality. 3 Risk Assessment S 4 RA 12 Monitoring chlorine dioxide production Packaging Exposure to chlorine dioxide. cylinder changes The chlorine gas pressure exceeds over the normal working gas pressure -Explosion -Fire 4 8 Production Process 3 4 12 .HIRARC Activity Hazard Risk L Maintenance A chlorine dioxide leak occurs.

PRIORITIZE From the HIRARC. ´ The activities are ´ « Maintenance « Packaging « Production process . we can conclude that there are three activities with HIGH RISK result involve in production process.

Control « Effective preventive maintenance program « Effective training program .CONTROL MEASURES ´ Maintenance «A chlorine leak occurs during normal operating status check.

Control « Hoist inspected annually « Cable replaced annually .CONTROL MEASURES ´ Packaging «A chlorine cylinder is dropped from the hoist during cylinder changes.

CONTROL MEASURES ´ Production Process « The chlorine gas pressure exceeds the normal working gas pressure. Control « Fire prevention equipment « Temperature control room « Effective preventive maintenance program .