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 Provides the soldiers a facility to transmit live visual images of enemy from their phones to their team members and thus ensuring better safety.  ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ .Imagine a device thatEnables people to communicate and transfer data free of cost.  Provide wireless control of and communication between devices.  Replaces a handheld transceiver used in military applications which often needs a base station and a repeater.  Personal security application on mobile phones for theft prevention. planning and execution.

 But change is in the air.Many of these capabilities exist today piecemeal in labs. but hardware that runs fast enough to enable these advanced capabilities still costs far too much to enable high-volume deployment. Why haven·t we progressed further. faster in delivering these capabilities to the mainstream?  The communication industry prides itself on rapid improvements in system performance. . running on expensive. workstation-class computers that cost as much as tens of thousands of dollars. affordable mainstream devices that can support these advanced capabilities can be developed by exploring the advantages of Bluetooth.

 Also the integrated circuit developed by Toshiba. supports video signal encoding and decoding in the MPEG-4 format. compressing them using MPEG-4 format. but the actual purpose was always suppressed by the other communication techniques.Over the past decade we have come across various versions of Bluetooth .  . one of the five founding members of the Bluetooth SIG.Every time we just saw a new version with a better and a faster data rate. Toshiba·s setup involves transferring images grabbed by a digital camcorder. and beaming them via Bluetooth wireless technology to another device.

using frequency ²hopping spread spectrum technology to migrate the effects of interference and fading. the Bluetooth specification employs such link level functions as authentication and encryption.  Frequency hopping makes signal interception extremely difficult in the first place.The radio link used is very robust.  . cell phones etc.  Radiation emissions from devices using Bluetooth wireless technology are no greater than emissions from industry ²standard cordless phones.

the mac address of the device can be dialed. the connection incurs no usage charges from a carrier.  Thus the above discussed idea can be implemented by developing a new device or a handset. Thus only the communication technique is changed not the user experience such as.  Instead of dialing a sim number.By using the application of ´voice over Bluetoothµ devices can be built which can connect directly to another similar device for the purpose of acting as a ´walkie-talkieµ.. Referred to as the intercom scenario.  .



It was found that the range of Bluetooth can be expanded by just increasing the power of the output signal. Also we carried out experiments to check the radiation level of the signal and we were surprised to see that the radiation emissions from devices using Bluetooth wireless technology are no greater than emissions from . fm . Also the Bluetooth module will not interfere or cause harm to public or private telecommunication network. . Tests revealed that a signal of 200mw covered a range of approximate 700 to 800m .microwave signal etc .` ` ` ` A number of experiments were carried out to test the proposed algorithm. .cell phones . The Bluetooth wireless technology provided strong security and it was difficult to hack the signal .

Finally would like to summon up by saying that a device can be actually built and implemented.Also people can enjoy the benefits of free communication without any frequent maintenance and care. . Thus this device offers more features than a old radio based transistors.half wave communication devices .` The experimental results showed that the concept of using bluethooth wireless technology as a duplex communication is possible and can be used to replace the old walkie talkies used by the military which are unsecured .

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