Energy Audit Methodology Steps .

– Typically.Types of Energy Audit • Preliminary audit • – It involves minimal interviews with site operating personnel.  . and a walk-through of the facility to become familiar with the building operation and identify glaring areas of energy waste or inefficiency. a brief review of facility utility bills and other operating data. only major problem areas will be uncovered during this type of audit.

site energy audit or complete site energy audit expands on the preliminary audit described above by collecting more detailed information about facility operation and performing a more detailed evaluation of energy conservation measures identified.  .General Audit   The general audit alternatively called a mini-audit. Additional metering of specific energy-consuming systems is often performed to supplement utility data.

Investment-Grade Audit • In most corporate settings. upgrades to a facility's energy infrastructure must compete with nonenergy related investments for capital funding. In fact. investors often demand guaranteed savings. The projected operating savings from the implementation of energy projects must be developed such that they provide a high level of confidence.   ` .

Energy Profile • Energy Profile can be made based on: –Usage –Cost –Function .



Post Audit Analysis .

Format of Energy Audit Report .

Sahibabad.Case Study • Energy Audit at Steel Making Industry. QS 9000 Certified company • Study Conducted by Petroleum Conservation Research Association • List of Recommendations • Identified total Energy Saving Consumption of around ` 578 lacs at a investment cost of ` 223 lacs . UP • Cold Rolled Steel Manufacturing Company • ISO 9002.

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