From the following information calculate total Kms. and total passengers Kms. No.

of Buses 6 Days operated in the month 25 Trips made by each bus 4 Distance of route 20 Kms. (one way) Capacity of Bus 40 passengers Normal passenger travelling 90% of capacity.

A truck starts with a load 10 tonnes of goods from station P. It unloads 4 tonnes at station Q and rest of the goods at station R. It reaches back directly to station P after getting reloaded with 8 tonnes of goods at station R. The distance between P to Q, Q to R and then from R to P is 40 Kms., 60 Kms., and 80 Kms. respectively. Compute (1) Absolute Tonnes-Kilometres and (2) Commercial Tonnes-Kilometres

No. of Vehicles




Capacity (in tones 2 6 5 each) A Transport Company maintains a fleet of vehicles for carrying goods between two places, particulars of which are as follows: Each vehicle makes 5 trips a day covering a distance of 10 Kms. in each trip. On an average 10% of the vehicles are laid up for repairs daily and 80% of capacity of each vehicle is actually used. If the company operates 25 days in a month, calculate the total tonne kilometers per month carried by the company.

A city municipally arranges for the removal of its garbage by means of motor vehicle transport. The following vehicles are maintained: No. of Vehicles Specifications 20 5 tonnes lorries 30 4 tonnes lorries 50 3 tonnes lorries 40 2 tonnes lorries On an average each lorry makes six trips a day and in each trip covers an average distance of five km. Each lorry carries garbage weighing only 60% of its capacity. Taking an annual average, 20% of the lorries are laid up for repairs every day. The garbage clearing work is carried on daily. Assuming 30 days in a month calculate the tonne km.

A transport company maintains a fleet of lorries for carrying goods from Delhi to Panipat, 100 Kms. off. Each lorry, which operates 25 days on an average in a month, starts every day from Delhi with a load of 4 tonnes and returns from Panipat with a load of 2 tonnes. Calculate the total commercial tonne-kms. and cost per commercial tonne-km. when the total monthly charges for a lorry are Rs. 27,000. What rate per tonne should the company charge if it plans to earn a gross profit of 20% on the freightage?

Union Transport Company supplies the following details in respect of a truck of 5 ± tons capacity. Cost of Truck Rs. 900,000 Estimated Life 10 years Diesel, Oil, Grease, etc. Rs. 150 per trip each day Repairs and Maintenance Rs. 5000 per month Driver¶s Wages Rs. 5000 per month Cleaner¶s Wages Rs. 2500 per month Insurance Rs. 48,000 per year Tax Rs. 12,400 per year General Supervision Charges Rs. 24,500 per year The truck carries goods to and from the city covering a distance of 50 kms. Each way. On outward trip, freight is available up to the full capacity and on return trip, 20% of capacity. Assume that the truck runs on an average of 25 days a month. Work out : ‡Operating cost per tonne-km, and ‡Rate per tonne per trip that the company should charge if a profit of 50% on freight is to be earned.

Global Transport Ltd. charges Rs. 900/- per ton for its 6 tons truck lorry load from city µA¶ to city µB¶. The charges for the return journey are Rs. 840/- per ton. No concession or reduction in these rates is made for any delivery of goods at intermediate station µC¶. In January, 2009 the truck made 12 outward journeys for city µB¶ with full load out of which 2 tons were unloaded twice in the way at city µC¶. The truck carried a load of 8 tons in its return journey for 5 times but once aught by police and Rs. 4,200/- was paid as fine. For the remaining trips the truck carried full load of which all the goods on load were unloaded once at city µC¶. The distance from city µA¶ to city µC¶ and city µB¶ are 140 kms. And 300 kms. Respectively. Annual fixed costs and maintenance charges are Rs. 160,000 and Rs. 112,000 respectively. Running charges spent during January 2009 are Rs. 29,440/. You are required to find out the cost per absolute ton-kilometer and the profit for January, 2009.

A transport company charges Rs. 120 per tonne for a 5 tonne lorry load from station A to B. The charges for return trip Rs. 112 per tonne. In the month of March, 2009 a truck has made 10 outward trips with full loads out of which 3 tonne were unloaded twice at C station on the way. It returned without any load once only from C station to A station. The expenses incurred were as under: ‡Annual Fixed Charges 38,400 ‡Annual Maintenance Charges 19,200 ‡Monthly Running Charges 2,404 You are required to find out the cost per tonne-kilometre and profit for the month of March 2009 assuming that no concession is made for delivery at the intermediate stations. Distance from station A to B is 210 kms. and station A to C 120 kms. The truck carried a load of 8 tonne 5 times in the month while returning from B station, but was once caught by the police and was fined Rs. 2,000.

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