Daily Language Activities

7th Grade Language Arts 2009-2010

The rundown«
1. 2. 3. 4. Each student is required to have a spiral notebook that will be entitled ´Daily Language Activitiesµ All DLA Notebooks are to be kept in the classroom in your period·s designated bin. You are expected to retrieve your DLA notebook upon entering the room and turning it into the bin when exiting the room. Once DLA notebook is retrieved, you are to sit in your seat and complete the given DLA activity found on the overhead. Ideally, you should be copying down the information before the bell rings. Periodic, yet random, grading checks will occur at which point extra credit will be awarded for wellorganized and completed Daily LanguageActivities.


Examples of DLA
(Please copy on given sheet of paper, which will later be kept in your DLA notebook)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Grammar Editing Context Clues Analogies Synoyms/Antonyms Simile/Metaphor Poetry Sentence Structure Parts of Speech «and many more!

Types of Context Clues yA definition or synonym yThe opposite or antonym yThe general meaning of the passage
The odor from the science lab was everywhere. It filled the room, seeped into my clothes and permeated the air. 1) What does ´permeatedµ mean? 2) What context clues help you understand the meaning of the word?

2) The words everywhere. . and seeped are synonyms of the word permeated.Answers: 1) Permeated means to fill or go through. filled.

What do you think the word ´balefullyµ means in the above sentence? 2. 1.Context Clues Continued The dragon glared balefully at Alexandra from its one remaining eye and began to growl. What other words from the sentence helped you to make this decision? DAY TWO .

Menacingly. one remaining eye. Glared.Answers: 1. harmfully. sinisterly 2. growl .

1) The building was razed in less than a day to make way for the new highway. A) show off DAY THREE B) hide C) betray . A) walk rapidly B) wanderC) examine 4) Whenever Leslie buys new clothes. and the mayor has rewarded his benevolence.Determine the meaning of the underlined word using context clues. she likes to flaunt her purchases at school to make her friends jealous. A) builtB) demolished C) cleaned 2) Sam has always helped the less fortunate people in our neighborhood. A) lazinessB) mysteriousness C) kindness 3) I enjoy the lazy days of summer especially when I meander through the shady forest near my house.

A ² ² ² ² demolished kindness wander show off .Answers: 1. B 2. B 4. C 3.

´I·m not a bad boy. Read the following sentence.The usual meaning of the word ´peepµ is to take a quick glance.µ After his parents scolded him. Give another meaning for the word ´peep. the toddler peeped.µ DAY FOUR .

shrill sound or the slightest sound .Answer: To utter a feeble.

´none of this is germane to my question.µ the principal thundered.µ What is the meaning of the word ´germaneµ? How can you tell? DAY FIVE . I don·t want to know the color of Jessie·s blouse or what brand of shoes she wore.´Shannon.

.Answer: ‡ The word germane means relevant or appropriate. ‡ The second sentence in the passage tells the reader that Shannon has offered irrelevant information.

legless reptile Connotation: evil.Denotation: the literal meaning of a word Connotation: the figurative meaning of a word Example: snake Denotation: scaly. danger What is the denotation and connotation for each picture? DAY SIX .

‡ A tulip denotes a type of flower and connotes spring and new beginnings. ‡ Candles denote a mass of wax with an embedded wick and connote hope.Answers: ‡ A rat denotes a type of rodent and connotes filth and disease. .

List at least three things you can learn by looking up a word in the dictionary. DAY SEVEN .

Answers: ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ How to pronounce the word How to spell the word How to break the word into syllables Whether or not the word is capitalized or abbreviated The part of speech of the word Different meanings that the word has. as well as synonyms (same meaning) and antonyms (opposite meaning) The history of the word A sentence or expression using the word correctly ‡ ‡ .

she became a pariah. What does ´pariahµ mean? DAY EIGHT .As soon as the new girl at the pool admitted that she did have six webbed toes. None of the other children would have anything to do with her.

.Answer: ‡ The word pariah means outcast.

capitalization. 1. and punctuation. weve began to study the rocky mountains but we wont spend to much time with that range DAY NINE .Editing Rewrite the sentences using correct grammar. were currently being learned the various mountain ranges in south america 2.

continent) 2. comma before but in compound sentence. proper noun . We¶ve begun to study the Rocky Mountains.too) . but we won¶t spend too much time with that range. We¶re currently being taught the various mountain ranges in South America. proper noun . (Apostrophe .contraction. (Apostrophe . homonym .mountains.teach. verb.begin.contraction. verb .Editing Answers and Explanations 1.

franks father brought the dog home at 930 am and then he proceeded to bathe it 2. capitalization. betty please get off of that ladder and set hear DAY TEN . and punctuation. 1.Editing Rewrite the sentences using correct grammar.

comma ² before and in compound sentence) 1. please get off and sit here. periods abbreviations. Betty.. Frank·s father brought the dog home at 9:30 a. homonym ² here) . and then he proceeded to bathe it. (Apostrophe ² possession. off ² not off of.time. verb ² sit. (of) that ladder (comma ² direct address.Editing Answers and Explanations 1. colon .m.

i went to youre house yesterday to give you the short story entitled the open window DAY ELEVEN . if mother is touring the west at easter shell probably stay in mayberry hotels 2. capitalization. and punctuation. 1.Editing Rewrite the sentences using correct grammar.

I went to your house yesterday to give you the short story entitled ³The Open Window. familial name. proper noun ² short story.Editing Answers and Explanations 1. holiday. comma ± introductory adverbial clause. (proper nouns ± geographical area. hotels. quotation marks ² short story) . If Mother is touring the West at Easter. she¶ll probably stay in Mayberry Hotels.´ (homonym ² your. apostrophe ± contraction) 1.

DAY TWELVE . and punctuation.Editing Rewrite the sentences using correct grammar. on december 2 1982 my father visited st paul to see my sister at hamline university 2. 1. because kay did good at school this year dad is letting her go to mexico next Fall. capitalization.

commas ² day/year/rest of sentence. school. common noun ² season. period ² abbreviation) 1. On December 2. (proper nouns ² person. (proper nouns ² month. comma ² introductory adverbial clause. country. my father visited St. familial name. adverb ² well) . Because Kay did well at school this year. Paul to see my sister at Hamline University.Editing Answers and Explanations 1. Dad is letting her go to Mexico next fall. 1982. city.

the kilties drum and bugle corps are the better of the three marching bands 2. some of the different drum corps is the kilties explorers and elks i believe DAY THIRTEEN .Editing Rewrite the sentences using correct grammar. and punctuation. 1. capitalization.

(proper noun ² organization. Explorers. capitalize pronoun I) . The Kilties Drum and Bugle Corps is the best of the three marching groups. commas ² series. and Elks. (subject-verb agreement. superlative degree ² the best. I believe.Editing Answers and Explanations 1. parenthetical expression. Some of the different drum corps are the Kilties. subject verb agreement) 2.

etc. .) ‡ Provide two reasons why music is used to convey mood in movies.Conveying Mood (the emotional element of a story/movie) through Music ‡ Think back to a favorite movie and explain how music has helped to establish the mood of the scene (fast tempo music during a scary scene. slow sappy music during an emotional moment.

Emotional Appeal« ‡ Just like an author uses word choice and vivid imagery to set tone and mood. editing. movie makers use dialogue. . music and lighting to establish a certain mood within their films.

He now thinks he has learned to drive. I say all he has really learned is how to push the gas pedal. ‡ What story do you think the narrator will continue to tell? ‡ What phrase tells you about the brother·s driving? DAY FOURTEEN . Since there is a new dent in the car·s bumper.My brother passed his driver·s test last week.

´Since there is a new dent in the car·s bumper.µ indicates the brother·s inexperience with driving. . ‡ The phrase.Answers: ‡ The narrator is likely to tell the story about the dent in the car·s bumper.

‡ What does this sentence tell us about Jamal? DAY FIFTEEN . and the jelly was always grape.Jamal lived in a world where the peanut butter was always smooth.

Answer: Jamal is a creature of habit. or his parents are creatures of habit .

Rebecca decided to take as many study halls and easy classes as possible. She has made it through high school that way.In high school. ‡ What do you think will be the most probable outcome for Rebecca? DAY SIXTEEN . Now she wants to go to college.

she may struggle in college.Answer: Because Rebecca did not prepare in high school. .

ready for jelly or honey. Make up a good title for it. Toast popped up out of the toaster. DAY SEVENTEEN . The eggs burped gently in the butter as they cooked.Read the following paragraph. The bacon sizzled on the stove.

Answer: ‡ Breakfast. My Favorite Meal ‡ Mom·s Breakfasts Are the Best ‡ Who Has Time for Breakfast? ‡ Breakfast Foods for Dinner .

I love thunderstorms. I love the sweet smell in the air before the storm. ‡ Can we tell from this passage that the author likes summer better than winter? DAY EIGHTEEN . The thunderclap resounds. Then the first jagged shard of lightning breaks the sky. I love the ominous rumbling coming closer. Awesome.

we know that the author likes thunderstorms. . which occur in different seasons.Answer: No.

was the primary language. not English. roughly 15% were African-American. Spanish. Rather than fighting the Native Americans. Make a prediction: What is the author·s opinion about cowboy movies? How can you tell? Write a concluding sentence to the above paragraph. There were Native American cowboys. Latino cowboys and African-American cowboys.The cowboys of the Old West were not what the movies would have us believe. DAY NINETEEN . most cowboys were on good terms with them. In fact. Not all of them were white.

*Cowboys were actually a varied group of people with a job to do. The author believes that cowboy movies are not very accurate or true. *Cowboys were a diverse group of workers. 2. .Answers: 1. The author lists facts about cowboys that movies ignore.

When he died in 1890. however. the world did not appreciate his genius.000. Yet in 1987. he had sold only one painting.Vincent van Gogh was a PostImpressionist painter who used vivid colors and large brush strokes. How much money did van Gogh get for his painting Irises? DAY TWENTY . his painting Irises was sold at auction for almost $54.000.

Answers: None! .

1. we broke the worlds record for water skiing on lake tahoe in nevada DAY TWENTY-ONE . capitalization. jay never had no right to lie that book their did he 1. and punctuation.Editing Rewrite the sentences using correct grammar.

comma ² interrupting clause. apostrophe ² possession. proper nouns ² lake. We have broken the world·s record for water skiing on Lake Tahoe in Nevada. homonym ² there.Editing Answers and Explanations 1. state) . question mark) 2. did he? (single versus double negative. Jay never had any (had no) right to lay that book there. (verb ² break. verb ² lay.

To someone standing on Mars. There are strong winds on Mars that create dust storms. the sky would look pink. Which statement is true. based on the above passage? A) Iron rusts on Mars. B) The sky is pink because of rust in the air. C) Storms on Mars cause everything to rust. Suspended in the dust is iron oxide rust. DAY TWENTY-TWO . D) Everything you see on Mars has rust on it.

.Answer: B) The sky is pink because of rust in the air.

He watches the mice he feeds on running to hide under the dead vegetation beneath his tree.The hawk squints at the lone bowman moving slowly closer to his tree. The hawk does not fly away. A) Is the hawk afraid of the bowman? B) What words let you know how the hawk feels? DAY TWENTY-THREE .

the hawk is not afraid of the bowman. B. He does not fly away. (He knows that he is in no danger.Answer: A. and his prey is safe.) . The hawk can see the mice that he feeds on running to hide under the dead vegetation. No.

I think it was his eye! He had the eye of a vulture .From The Tell Tale Heart . For his gold I had no desire.. Object there was none. but once conceived. it haunted me day and night.a pale blue eye. I loved the old man. with a film over it. He had never wronged me. What bothers the narrator about the old man? B.µ A. my blood ran cold.. Is the narrator going to do something good for the old man or harm the old man? How can you tell? DAY TWENTY-FOUR . He had never given me insult.Edgar Allan Poe ´It is impossible to say how the idea entered my brain. Whenever it fell upon me. Passion there was none.


The passage opens with the narrator discussing a haunting idea he has. The passage ends with the narrator claiming that the old man·s eye makes his blood run cold. . the narrator is considering harming him. B) Even though the narrator says he loves the old man.Answer: A) The old man·s pale blue eye bothers the narrator.

Look at the titles below. A) Mayor Jones Insists No Tax Hike B) Halloween Costumes Can Be Too Frightening C) Ohio·s Water D) My Funny Summer Vacation DAY TWENTY-FIVE . entertain or describe. inform. Determine if the author·s purpose is to explain.

Answer: A) Inform B) Explain and describe C) Inform D) Entertain and describe .

Make arrangements with neighbors. Be sure they have keys to your home along with specific information as to what pets are there. You should decide ahead of time who will be responsible for pet care if an emergency strikes. where they are located. In a crisis. and the ordeal will be less stressful if the crate is a comfortable and familiar place.It is best to prepare an emergency response plan prior to any crisis to help protect your pets. A) What is the main idea of this paragraph? B) List some details that support the main idea. Train your pet to a crate. DAY TWENTY-SIX . and instructions for any medication needed. your pet may need to be transported. Choose the best room in the house to leave your pet if necessary.

make arrangements with neighbors.Answer: ‡ A) The main idea is the first sentence of this paragraph: ´It is best to prepare an emergency response plan prior to any crisis to help protect your pets.µ ‡ B) Some details that support the main idea include: ´decide ahead of time who will be responsible for pet care. choose the best room in the house to leave your pet.µ . and train your pet to a crate.

Ming. ´Meow-Wow. over to her empty water dish.µ Ming complained. she stalked. drawn-out meow as Susie opened the front door. ´Meow-wow.µ Make a list of all the details that show that Ming is upset with her human DAY TWENTY-SEVEN . Susie·s beloved Siamese cat. quivering tail held exclamation point high. Her blue eyes glared at Susie. uttered a long. When Ming knew she had Susie·s attention.

she glared. she complained. the position of her tail.ANSWER: The details that show that Ming is upset are the long. drawn out meow. . she stalked.

She watched the clock tick down the seconds³waiting for the moment when they could re-claim the field from the football team. shivering in her sparkling outfit. Why is Alicia cold? Why is she at the football game? DAY TWENTY-EIGHT .Alicia stood on the 50-yard line.

Answer: Alicia·s outfit is flashy. She is at the game because she is in the band. but not warm. color guard or drill team. .

Persuasive Essays 4. Setting. On what pages can you find information about comma usage? D. Writing a Narrative 3. How many chapters are in this book? B. Plot 2. What is the title of the fifth chapter? C.What chapter has information to help you understand where a story takes place? DAY TWENTY-NINE . Preparing for the OAT 1. Correct Grammar 5. Theme. Study Tips 4 ² 21 22 ² 25 26 ² 32 33 ² 37 38 ² 43 A.Use the table of contents below to answer the questions.

Answers: A. Chapter 1 . Study Tips C. Pages 33 ² 37 D. Five chapters B.

Ohio Citizens for the Arts was established in 1976. Hundreds of individuals throughout Ohio work to get money to fund the Ohio Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts. It is an organization working to increase support for the arts in Ohio. This Ohio organization has served as a model for the country and has helped to create art organizations in other states. Ohio Citizens for the Arts addresses issues affecting the arts and arts education in Ohio. DAY THIRTY .Read the paragraphs and write a two-sentence summary of the text in your own words.

created in 1976. .Answer: Ohio Citizens for the Arts. This organization speaks out on issues about the arts in Ohio and has helped other states develop similar programs. is an organization of many people who try to get money to help support the arts in Ohio.

1) Is Jeff a member of the football team? 2) What have the other players done? 3) Why are the other members of the team angry at Jeff? 4) What does ´perfidyµ mean? DAY THIRTY-ONE .Jeff·s perfidy in refusing to shave his head along with the other seniors alienated him from the rest of the football team.

4. Everyone else shaved his head. . Yes. 3. 2. Jeff refused to go along with the team. Jeff is a member of the football team.Answers: 1. The word perfidy means violation of trust or loyalty.

µ DAY THIRTY-TWO . Because the animal sold for a guinea (a form of English money) and grunted like a pig. The guinea pig is not from New Guinea.Read the following passage. rather. Sailors brought the animals home to England and sold them for their meat. it is from South America. it was nicknamed the ´guinea pig. Explain how the guinea pig was named.

.Answer: The guinea pig is from South America and was nicknamed ¶guinea pig· because it sounded like a pig. It sold for a guinea in England.

µ I whispered. D)´Tell Grandpa we know that Grandma·s an angel now. Dad held his suitcase.µ Which of the following could NOT be the next sentence? A)´I hope this is your fastest sales trip yet. C)I wanted a puppy. holding my own suitcase.µ I said. Dad. but I wasn·t allowed to have one.´I knew it was time. Mom stood quietly next to the open door. B)I went to Dad·s side. My sister sobbed into the fur of her favorite kitten. DAY THIRTY-THREE . knowing that our family was now broken beyond repair.


C) I wanted a puppy, but I wasn·t allowed to have one.

Compare and Contrast

Compare: examine to find similarities Contrast: examine to find differences
Read each item below and determine if it compares, contrasts or does both.

A) Huck Finn didn·t go to school, whereas Tom Sawyer·s aunt forced him to attend school. B) My old cat is as playful as my new puppy when they are outside chasing butterflies. C) Although my older brother and I enjoy going to baseball games together, my brother prefers to sit behind third base. I enjoy the view from center field seats. D) My study habits, like my sister·s, need to be improved upon since tests often cause us problems.

A) contrasts B) compares C) compares and contrasts D) compares

Match the propaganda techniques with the statements.
A) Bandwagon B) Emotional word repetition C) Testimonial D) Bait and switch E) Glittering generality

1) My famous movie star sister, Sally Sheridan, uses White Smile Toothpaste every day. She says her teeth have never been so white and bright. 2) The entire football team is voting for Rex Joules for student council president. You should vote for him too. 3) Thomas Jones is a great American. Vote Jones! 4) We just sold the last DVD player that was advertised in the paper, but you should look at this model. It has many more features, and it only costs $10.00 more than the one advertised. 5) Preserve your memories with our newest, acid-free scrapbooking material. Pictures are the most precious thing you own. If your pictures become ruined, so do your memories.

Answers: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) C A E D B .

Identify a commercial you have seen or heard that uses each propaganda technique: Bandwagon Everybody is using Product Z! Join in! Testimonial Endorsement by a celebrity DAY THIRTY-SIX .

The famous McDonald's billboards displaying how many hamburgers the restaurants have sold ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ . no wonder it's #1!" Pretty much almost any internet/cable TV/satellite TV/phone ad out there. America Online used to do this in its commercials a lot: "So easy to use. Car ads also fall under this heavily. "Looking good is every woman's right. it's a fact that they will claim to be the best or "prove" they are cheaper by showing random pricing between them and the competition.BANDWAGON ‡ ‡ An old commercial for anti-wrinkle facial cream used. "America's largest network." Cell phone commercials are notorious for this. usually resorting to magazines claiming how they say the car is the best. If there are identical services between companies." or "No wonder so many people choose our network. Each carrier carefully devises some supposedly statistical reason why they're better than every competitor without actually resorting to using the same false statistical reasons as said competitors." or "America's fastest growing network" are a couple of common ones.

Emotional word repetition ² repeats the same word or feeling. "You will feel so much better" is an example.Write a commercial for each of these propaganda techniques. There is no explanation of how this product could make you feel better. Buy our alarm system to provide protection for the ones you love.µ ´Protectµ and ´familyµ / ´ones you loveµ are repeated. Glittering generality ² uses slogans or simple phrases that sound good but provide little or no information. choose a product from the list. For your commercial. ´Protect your family. You must make up a name for the product that you select. Tennis shoes Soap Skateboard Makeup Rollerblades Magazine Soda pop Perfume Cereal Restaurant DAY THIRTY-SEVEN .

´ A) When teenagers make that statement.³But Mom²all of my friends will be going to the concert. is it usually completely true or is it more likely that some people are going? B) Why do people use ³all´ or ³never´ when they in fact mean ³some´ or ³not often´? C) Does Mom fall for this? DAY THIRTY-EIGHT .

Answers: A) This statement is not completely true it is more likely that some people are going. B) It is a persuasive technique (bandwagon) to make the event seem acceptable. C) Usually Mom does not fall for this. .