WHAT IS PALMISTRY? ‡ Palmistry is a study of the lines and signs of the hands ‡ Palmistry began in India about 5. subconscious and superconscious .000 years ago with the Vedas Palmistry ‡ to better understand themselves ‡ to know where our weaknesses ‡ a method for developing self-awareness: conscious.

emotions.THE MOUNTS. imagination and sensory awareness. SUPERCONSCIOUS ‡ Luna: perception. ‡ Venus: the condition of the body. and close relationships ‡ Mars negative: physical energy ‡ Jupiter: what role we want to play in life . creativity.

‡ Saturn: to extract a deeper meaning of life ‡ Sun: success. intuition and spontaneity . happiness. and charisma ‡ Mercury: communicative abilities.

endurance. persistence.‡ Mars positive: mental strength. and a calm mental state. ‡ Rahu: the kind of environment we are likely to attract in the present ‡ Ketu: the kinds of circumstances we attracted in the past .

moderately raised and well-formed positive and balanced Low or flat mounts a lack of the qualities of the mount High or over-developed mounts overexpression of a mount's qualities .AND THE MEANING IS ‡ If the mounts: clear.

and major events . self-control. Head line: how we think. SUBCONSCIOUS 1. health. Life line: how we life.MAJOR LINES. and character (brain) 3. mental health. Heart line: how we feel and some aspects of health (heart organ) 2.

Mercury line: effortless ability to communicate with others 3. CONSCIOUS 1. Saturn line (destiny line): desire to structure our lives 2.MINOR LINES. Sun line: a result of our efforts 4. Girdle of venus: creativity .

fuzzy or chain-type lines negative outlook. gaps. islands. spots and crossbars problems Broad. a dissipation of energy and low morale . crosses.AND THE MEANING IS ‡ If the lines: Deep. clear and smooth best and positive in the area of life represented by the line Breaks.

LEFT OR RIGHT HAND? Left hand: ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ or the weak hand past events what happens to us what goes on in our private lives Right hand: ‡ or the strong hand ‡ future ‡ the will to make any changes ‡ how the world sees us ‡ ambitions .

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