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Case Study
Brand had grown by $1.2 billion. Much of the growth was attributable to new personal care categories, and exactly how much could be credited to The Campaign for Real Beauty.

Internet post questions about Unilever¶s sincerity, its objectivity, its motives and Dove¶s strategy as follows, ³Taking up the cudgels for reality is a risky strategy for Dove.

³We want to challenge the definition of the beauty.We believe that beauty has become too narrow in definition. We want to defy the stereotype that only young, blond and tall are beautiful.´
-Philippe Harousseau, Dove¶s Marketing Director-

Dove: The Functional Benefit Era
1957 : ³Dove soap doesn¶t dry your skin because it¶s one-quarter cleansing cream,´
-¶Ogilvy and Mather advertising agency¶-

1970 : Popularity increased as a milder soap. 1980 : Dove beauty bar was widely endorsed by physicians and dermatologists to treat dry skin. 1990 : ³Litmus test´ ± Opened up to markets in 55 countries ± Sold in 80 countries. 2000 : The brand depended on claims of functional superiority backed by the moisturizing benefit and become a Masterbrand in February. 2002 : Campaign for Real Beauty. 2005 : Self ± Esteem Campaign. -To build the Masterbrand needed to do something2007 : A process of exploratory market research, consultation with experts, conversations with women, and message testing led to: ³The Campaign for Real Beauty.´

Dove: The Functional Benefit Era
Campaign for Real Beauty 
Message : Real beauty ca only be found on the inside and every woman deserves to feel beautiful.  Image : Real beauty is portrayed by women who do not have ´runaway modelµ.  Result : A dialog between Dove and itrs customers about the definition of beauty.

Self esteem fund: Carried forward the real beauty campaign. Series of Commercials launched to promote this. Evolution launched first on ´You Tubeµ later on ´Super Bowlµ

A Brand With a Point of View
Unilever¶s surveys: 3,000 women in 10 countries was the fact that only 2% of respondents worldwide chose to describe themselves as beautiful

Wrinkled? Wonderful?

44 and hot? 44 and not?

Flawed? Flawless?

Grey? Gorgeous?

It showed the face of a young woman as cosmetics, hair styling and Photoshop editing transformed it from plainness to billboard glamour.

Oversized? Outstanding? ³Hates her freckles.´

Dove·s mission is to make more women feel beautiful every day by broadening the narrow definition of beauty and inspiring them to take great care of themselves.

From Brand¶s to the Consumer¶s Point of View
In 2006 the Dove announced a contest, titled: ³Real Ads by Real Women´, to invite consumers to create their own ads for Dove Cream Oil Body Wash.

When you¶re using Dove Cream Oil Body Wash, take note of what you feel, smell, see and hear: 
Are you reminded of any pleasant experiences or interesting places?  Look up ³luxury´ in the dictionary. What does it mean? What could it mean?  Explore the world around you. What luxuries do you find in your world?

Media Planning

When the advertising agency brought the Evolution advertisement idea to Unilever, it was prepared to go forward without paid media at all.

The ad was released to YouTube and Good Morning America

Public Relations

Generate broad awareness for the Campaign for Real Beauty and establish an emotional connection with women

Build coverage and interest with more than 200 local news programs and more than 60 national broadcast and print outlets

Build advocacy and generating discussion among the media elite also developed a strategic partnership with an advocacy organization.

Established the global Dove Self - Esteem Fund to raise the self-esteem of girls and young women

Organizing for Brand Management
A brand is a name, term, sign, symbol or design, intended to identify the goods or services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competitors.

Unilever began to split responsibility for a brand between two groups:

Brand Development: Take responsibility for developing the idea behind a brand, for innovation and for evolving the idea into the future.

Brand building: Charge with bringing the brand to life in their Marketplace.

Organizing for Brand Management
Brand Personality
Self-acceptance & Confidence : Highlights the commitment to breaking down stereotypes and enabling women to celebrate real inner beauty.

Feminity & Mildness : The name of the brand, the logo and even to the tagline as well as the product, everything about it is simple an feminim.



o o o o o Unconventional strategy Effective advertising, Free publicity Continuously evolving the campaign Strong emotional touch Cross-selling Possibilities

Weakness / Criticisms 
Contradictory in nature Objectification of women Women featured were comparatively slim Use of idealized images in other brands under the same flagship Contradictory Japanese campaign

Opportunity / Recomendation 
Target male customers Maintain better standards of quality Unified advertising throughout the globe Continuous innovation

R i s k o f b e i n g a b r a n d f o r ´ f a t girlsµ I n v o l v e d m a r k e t i n g r i s k C o p y b y t h e c o m p e t i t o r s U n d e r m i n i n g t h e a s p i r a t i o n o f consumers S u s t a i n a b i l i t y o f c a m p a i g n i n long run

Success Of The Campaign 
Sales of firming lotion in UK rose by 700%  Sales in the US went up by 11.4%  Total Sales for the Dove Brand rose 6%  No. of visitors to website increased by 200%  Grand EFFIE award for advertising effectiveness  Positive response from the masses

Our Learning 

Taking the initiative Interactive advertising Cause based marketing


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