Agricultural/Fishery E-Appliance ProjectAgricultural & Fishery Products Market Information Reporting System

International Group Institute for Information Industry
Dec 2007


 System Objective & Background  System Introduction
– Scope of Listed Products – Services & Features – Process

 Benefits to the User

To Provide Farming & Fishing Communities, Government, and Private Sector with Immediate, Up-to-date, Accurate Market Information on all Fish & Agriculture Related Products

System Continually Developing
 1974 - Established APM Info. Reporting Center
- BBS Technologies

 1996 – Redeveloped APM-IRS.
- Internet & Web-based technologies

Traditional Markets now become Information & Pricing Centers as well as Collection, Selling & Distribution Centers.

Provides Complete Island-wide Market Picture Within 2 Hours All Markets Closing



Daily Information on 1,500 Products Livestock Fruit in 6 Sectors from 73 Island-wide Wholesale Markets
Flower Poultry

Accurate Daily Information

on 1050 Fruits, Vegetables & Flowers.
 Fruits
– 11 Market Reporting Stations – 138 Fruits in 54 Main Categories

 Vegetable
– 12 Market Reporting Stations – 103 Vegetables in 5 Main Categories

 Flowers
– 4 Market Reporting Station – 810 Flowers in 16 Main Categories

Accurate Daily Information

on 366 Fish, Livestock, & Poultry.
 Fisheries – 20 Market Reporting Stations – 359 Product Prices in 6 Main Categories  Livestock – 23 Market Reporting Stations – 3 Main Products  Poultry – 3 Market Reporting Stations – 4 Main Products

Provides Complete Information
 Complete Island-wide Picture of Markets  Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly Comparative Data for Trading Volumes, Amounts, Rankings  Product, Market, & Location Searches  Market Data Analysis Information Reports  Forecasting Reports  Pricing Methods & Formulas  Weather Information

System Features

 Provide Remote Terminal Software Maintenance Services  Allows Voice & Fax-based Data Retrieval
(Non-computer Literate Users)

Accessed By Many Users
– Small Farmers & Fisherman – Farming & Fishing Organizations & Associations – Market Owners & Buyers – Food Processors & Sellers – Food & Beverage Industry – Consumers – Government & Local Authorities

System Process

 Select Key Products and Identify Major Wholesale Market  Collect & Summarize Major Transaction Data from Market  Send Transaction Data to Reporting Center  Summarize, Analyze & Format all Transaction Data for Internet, Voice & Fax.  Publish Transaction Data through Internet & Fish/Arg. Orgs.  Allow Automatic Telephone and Fax Callback System

System Structure
Council of Agriculture

Flowers Wholesale Market Poultry Wholesale Market

Agricultural Products Market Reporting Center

Provincial Dept. of Agri. & Forestry

Fisheries Authority

Dial Up Reportin g Stations
Fish Wholesale Market Meat Wholesale Market Agricultural Products Market Data

County District Agri. Improvement Stations Mass Media Farmers’ & Associations

Interne t

Processing Center

Service stations

ProductionMarketing Teams Wholesale Markets

Fruits & Vegetables Wholesale Market


Information Education Stations

Benefits to Government
 Enhances Gov. Decision-making Efficiency  Enables Gov to Plan Better, Short & Long Term.  Allows to Gov. React Quickly to Sudden Changes (Disasters, Typhoons etc.)  Allows Gov. to Watch Price Trends and move to ensure balance benefit between farmers and consumers.

Benefits to Food sellers
 Enables Sellers to Grasp Market Conditions  Empowers sellers when Ordering & Shipping  Helps ensure a Balance of Supply & Demand  Enables Sellers to improve National Purchase Plan

Benefits to Fishermen
 Empowers Fisherman  Enables Them to Understand Complete Fishing Picture Products, Prices, Places (Markets)  Provides Product and Market Choices for Fishermen out of sea, fishing and returning.

Benefits Farmers
 Empowers Farmers  Enables Them to Understand Complete Agriculture Picture
Products, Prices, Places (Markets)

 Provides Choices when deciding on Ordering, Selling, Planting, Harvesting.

Benefits Large-scale Consumers

 Provides Vital Reference Data for Purchase Policies & Schedules for Hypermarkets, Schools, Military, Gov.

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Fish Products Market Price Reporting System

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